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The staff of Impulse Gamer has interviewed dozens… well, lots of people from movies to comics and technology plus everything in-between. Click on a link to enjoy an exclusive interview or article.

New Interviews

Freya Josaphine Hollick Interview (QMF 2017)

Karrie Shirou Interview (PAX Aus 2017)

Karrie Shirou Interview from tinyBuild… Hello Neighbour! (PAX Aus 2017)

James Alderman-Bates Interview, Chroma Shift (PAX Aus 2017)

Leah Waymark Interview (Dumb Ways to Die @ PAX Aus 2017)

Screwtape Studios Interview, Damsel PAX Aus 2017

Ed Orman Interview (City of Brass), PAX Aus 2017

Timothy Bermanseder Interview (PAX Aus 2017)

Joshua Williams Interview (PAX Aus 2017)

EarthWork Games Interview (Forts) with Nick Smith, PAX Aus 2017

Kailah Cabanas interview (Puppeteer on TORUK – The First Flight)

Daniel Crispin Interview (Acrobat on TORUK – The First Flight)

Florencia Sofen Cosplay Interview


Matt Simmons, Gran Turismo Sport

Rhiannon Poley Interview, Marketing Manager at Mighty Games Group (PAX Aus 2017)


Jessica Gethin Interview (The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses)

Scott Lowe Interview – Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Phil Kakulas from The Blackeyed Susans Q&A

Mr Crayfish Interview


Brooke Elliott Interview (Drop Dead Diva)


Bogdan Botezatu Interview (Senior e-Threat Analyst from Bitdefender) … The Ransomware Phenomena

Nick FitzGerald Interview (Senior Research Fellow at ESET)

Alexander Doetsch Interview … The Last Kingdom Season 2

Osamu Mieda Interview (Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada)

Ainsley Melham Interview (Aladdin the Musical)

Hiba Elchikhe Interview (Jasmine from Aladdin the Musical)

Christian Slater Interview (Mr Robot Season 2)

Doug Thomson Interview (LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion)

Gio Coutinho Interview (Rooster Teeth)

Laura Crawford on Attraction to characters in RPG’s (Why do we choose who we are?)

The Legendary Interview with Kevin Sorbo (Andromeda the Complete Series)

Alayna Cole Interview (Gaming & Sexuality, Gender and Relationships)

Ran Zheng Interview, General Manager of ZQRacing

Element Cosplay Interview … Yennefer of Montreal!

Kyra Kitsune Cosplay Interview

Mark Millar Interview … from Batman to Netflix and being Reborn!

Caram3llo Cosplay Interview

Lilith Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … ABI

Adam Robertson Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … Little Reaper Games, Grim Balance

Katie Huang Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … Qinoto

Taylor Kurosaki Interview (Studio Narrative Director, Infinity Ward) … behind Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

James A-Bates Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … Chroma Shift

Nicholas McDonnell Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … The American Dream

Ben Droste Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … The Eyes of Ara

Johnny Galvatron Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

Daniel Sun Interview (PAX AUS 2016) … Armed with Wings!

Tony Curran Interview (Defiance Season Two: Datak Tarr)

Liam McIntyre Interview (Gears of War 4)

Jordie Lane Interview (QMF 2016)

Danica Rockwood Interview

Karli Woods Interview

Brian Horton, Studio Art Director at Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward

Shaun Colligan Fitbit Interview

Francine Caroline Cosplay Interview

Abby Darkstar Interview

Bel Chan Cosplay Interview (Roberta Barros)

Peter Petrides Interview (Plantronics … Untangling the future of wireless headphones)

Holly Wolf Interview … Samus has arrived!

Piri Lee Goodman Interview (NICA, Empty Bodies)

Luke Thomas Interview (NICA, Empty Bodies)

Jessica Hackett Interview (Journey of a Thousand Smiles, Melbourne Fringe 2016)

Christina Faye Interview … A Marvel of Cosplay!

Kawaii Besu Interview … the real Widowmaker!

Patchwork Paws Cosplay Interview

Jacqueline Goehner Interview (From Princess Zelda to Witchblade)

Supervisor Cosplay Interview (Sorano Suzu)

Dr David Kreps Interview (Robots & Sexuality)

Mark Gorrie Interview (Director, Norton Business Unit, Pacific Region) … on online harassment

Astronaut Marsha Ivins Interview (A Beautiful Planet 3D)

Adam Bhatti Interview

Alien Orihara Interview … why cosplay is fun!

Ardsami Cosplay Interview … Your Overwatch Tracer is here!

Hagane Cosplay Interview featuring Deniz & Mirai

Danielle DeNicola Interview

Cosplay Anastasya Zelenova Interview … Anastasya Wins!

Russall S. Beattie Interview (The Empire Strips Back)

Martha Palacios (aka Mar D Caos) Interview


Shappi Workshop Interview (Aleksandra)

Kael Interview (The Empire Strips Back) … strong in the ‘burlesque’ you are!

Heather Favretto Interview … into the looking glass with Shadowland

Maid of Might Interview … the Supergirl of Cosplay!

Julian Checkley Interview (Creature designs that that could tear the arms off a Wookiee)

Carl Murr Interview (Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza)

Ellen Lily Photo Interview … Cosplay Fashion!

Simon Patterson Interview (Creative Producer of Spectacular)

Greg Pak Interview … The King’s Way!

Zombie Bit Me Interview – Shantel Knight (Cosplay, Gamer and Deliciously Undead)

Elena Samko Interview Cosplay

Mary Raine Interview (Illisia Cosplay & Photography)

Vavalika Cosplay Interview

Ástor Alexander Interview … turning gaming into fine-art!

Miles Tost Interview (CD Projekt Red) on The Witcher, Geralt & Beyond

Peter J Snee Interview (Director of Ghost Stories)


Hikara Kat Interview … cosplay just got REAL!

Rachel Wonder Interview … two words, Captain Marvel!

Coleman Cosplays Interview … Flawless Cosplay Victory!

Coralea Jade Interview (Geeks Guild Entertainment)

Molly Daniels Interview (Tomorrow, When the War Began)

Nicole Salera Interview (Impulse Gamer)

Anna Rose Holmer Interview

Will-O-Wisps Cosplay Interview

John Cho Interview (Star Trek Beyond)

Nebulaluben Interview … the cosplay is strong is this one!

Jane Abbott Interview (Watershed)

Matthew Luu Interview … and why PC gaming is better than console gaming!

TJ Cosplay Interview … our Rogue & Wonder Woman of Cosplay!

Tom Loske Interview (Roccat)

Nick Savvides Interview (Cyber Security Expert at Symantec, the makers of Norton)

JusZ Cosplay Interview … from Coffee Addict to Wonder Woman!

Madeleine ‘Zhiana’ Rose Interview

Thor of Oz Interview

D-Link’s Graeme Reardon Interview (DIR-895L AC5300 MU-MIMO Ultra Wi-Fi Router)

Paul Foot Interview (MICF 2016) … our Emperor of Comedy!

Lucie Bee Interview … let’s talk about Cosplay

Yon (Tripod) Interview – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

Alexander Bobko Interview (Head of Global Marketing Projects, Wargaming)

Jan van de Stool Interview (MICF 2016)

Dilruk Jayasinha Interview (MICF 2016) … a reformed gamer gone comedy!

Alice Tovey Interview (MICF 2016)

Sam Simmons Interview (It’s all about Shamanism at the MICF)

Kit Harrington Interview (Jon Snow, Game of Thrones Season 5)

JSG Cosplay Interview

Ross Steeves Cirque Adrenaline Interview (The Arts Centre Melbourne)

Justin Hamilton Interview … he’s a Hoot (MICF 2016)


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