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Alana Wilkinson Interview (Low Light Queenscliff 2019)

Low Light Queenscliff is almost amongst us and to celebrate, we catch-up with Australia’s very own Alana Wilkinson whose music has been described as equal parts vulnerable folk singer and vitriolic pop-punk poet.

Growing up, what genres of music inspired you?

I grew up in a really musical family. My dad is a keyboard player and my mum is a singer, and both had a huge range of musical tastes that filtered down through my little ears and into my musically spongey brain. I listened to everything from The Seekers to Led Zeppelin and Doris Day to The Spice Girls. No genre was off limits in my house and so my inspirations came from all over the place. Not very specific, I’m sorry!

On your smartphone, who are you listening to at the moment and what draws you to them?

Currently, I’m listening to a lot of throw-back soul music. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and George Benson. I’m meant to be working and then all of a sudden I find myself groovin’ about the house, singing love songs to my plants and pretending I’m very great at piano solo’s. I’m drawn to the grooves and the voices, the stories, the clever instrumentation and incredible production of it all.

How would you describe your own genre?

I think ‘folk’ with a little bit of ‘soul’ and ‘pop’… I quite like the idea of the ‘singer-songwriter’ genre because I’m both of those things and then I can write in whatever other genre I feel like writing in and it’ll always just be ‘singer-songwriter’. I’m a story teller, so it really depends on whose shoes I have on that day!

In creating content, what is the biggest challenge?

FORGETTING TO TAKE PHOTOS! I will have the best week of gigs and writing and meeting beautiful people and be so wrapped up in its magic that I forget to take photos. Content, man. It can take us out of moments and that sucks.

Most rewarding aspect?

The most rewarding aspect for me is just being on stage and connecting people to their weirdness. Ultimately, that is why I started singing and writing and playing. I get to be myself on stage even more than off stage which makes it a safe place to get weird, overshare and connect with people.

What about you most looking forward to the Low Light Queenscliff?


Lastly, what does the rest of 2019 hold for you?

2019 looks like it holds a couple of festivals, lots of writing, recording demos for the next EP and more shows, but heck – you never really know, I might wake up tomorrow in a dragons body and then my plans might change. I’ll keep you posted!

Check out[0]=46 to find out more about Alana Wilkinson  at Lowlight Queenscliff

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