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September 25th, 2013 | by Admin

The first “official” PC Game was Microsoft Adventure in 1981 and since then, the evolution of PC Gaming has grown ...

F1 24 Preview

May 23rd, 2024 | by Marc Rigg

The 2024 Formula One season is well underway, and with that, the latest iteration of the officially licensed game by ...

Mullet Madjack PC Review

May 22nd, 2024 | by Paul Stuart

Mullet Madjack is the literal epitome of everything that makes an indy title great. It’s original, over-the-top, and a niche ...

Galacticare PC Review

May 21st, 2024 | by Marc Rigg

Galacticare by Brightrock Games is the latest in the ever-popular hospital management sim genre. What sets Galacticare apart from other ...

Lunar Lander Beyond Review

May 14th, 2024 | by S. Masoud Kazemi

Lunar Lander was one of the earliest games that I managed to get my hands on when I was a kid. The tricky ...

Sea of Stars Review @SabotageQc

May 11th, 2024 | by Marc Rigg

The classic turn-based RPG in the vein of classic Square-Enix (formerly Squaresoft) titles aren’t as common these days as perhaps ...

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