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Kirsty Webeck Interview (Silver Linings)

Comedy is back in Melbourne and we catch-up with the delightful Kirsty Webeck to talk comedy!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Kirsty! Tell us what are you most looking forward to at the MICF?

Being back on stage each night, seeing my mates and seeing some world class comedy*.

*getting late night Lord of The Fries

COVID, Pandemic, Lockdowns… how did you survive?

I started an awesome online show with my mate Janet McLeod which turned into a beautiful community. Kirsty Webeck’s Zoom Comedy Hour was a smash hit. It brought a bit of positivity, light and laughter to an otherwise rough time. The community it created still buoys me to this day. I also spent a lot of time in the dog park with my puppy and my hilarious friend Yvie Jones.

And your funniest lockdown story (if that’s possible)?

The first thing that springs to mind is coming home from the supermarket one day and being greeted by my then 4 month old puppy who had gotten into the washing machine, chewed up some of my undies and somehow wrapped the waist band around and around her head. She was standing at the door with these wild, pulled back eyes.

Tell us a little about your new show, SILVER LININGS?

People are describing it as the spark of positivity that they need at the moment. It’s a super fun, light-hearted, joke-filled 55 minutes designed to just let people have a fun time for a while. I am overjoyed that the feedback indicates that the show is doing exactly what I sought out to do. Think a few silly stories about pets in lockdown, falling out with a wellness centre and a disaster at indoor soccer.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

My life and my constant desire to just make people laugh and enjoy themselves. I just brainstormed the funniest things that had happened to me in recent times and built the show around them.

What do you think will resonate most to your audience about SILVER LININGS?

I’m not sure that there’s a particularly poignant message to be found within that may resonate with people but I know that people are really enjoying a positive, fun-filled and kind 55 minutes of standup.

Compared to other festivals, what makes the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so different?

It is the only festival in Melbourne that mobilises the whole city and creates an unmistakably excited atmosphere. There is an undeniable buzz in the air every year when the festival is on. While Melbourne has a plethora of outstanding festivals that run year round, I never feel that same hype and energy that you can feel on the streets of Melbourne during MICF. It’s also the only festival these days that can keep me out until 2am.

Who are you most looking forward to catching up or seeing at the MICF 2022?

LAURA DAVIS. We are so lucky they are out here. They are a criminally underrated ex-Melbourne resident who is one of the best standups of our generation. Not just here in Australia. Not enough people attend their shows and it keeps me up at night. Everyone I recommend Laura to thanks me at regular intervals for years to come. Also, Ivan Aristeguieta, Cal Wilson, Geraldine Hickey, Claire Hooper, Flo and Joan, Queerly Beloved, Charlie Lewin, Daniel Connell, Alice Fraser, Luke Heggie, Jude Perl, Joel Creasey and Scout Boxall. Can I just copy out the program guide? There are genuinely too many to list. That is a non-exhaustive attempt.

Lastly, how would you sum up your show in a Tweet?

Silver Linings is a super fun, postivie and laidback standup show that will leave you feeling better than when you arrived.

Check out Kirsty at and be prepared to laugh… lots!


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