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Coralea Jade Interview (Geeks Guild Entertainment)

Welcome to Impulse Gamer! So tell us what drew you to cosplay? 

Croissants. You could say that cosplay drew me…like a French girl.

What’s the coolest thing about cosplay? 

I’ve worn some pretty revealing outfits in the middle of Sydney’s winter. So that could be considered pretty… cool… eh eh? Alright, I’ll cool it with the puns. It’s always fun to just make new friends and chill at cons. It’s a shame when some other attendees give you a frosty reception or a cold stare though. Just kidding, most of the cosplay community could melt your heart :)


Most annoying? 

Puns. Excessive pun users should be PUNished.


What’s been your favourite cosplay so far? 

Lucy Quinn is a bit of a joker, who just likes to get hammered and Cubone loves to bone so those two are pretty great.


If you had an unlimited budget, what cosplay would you create?  

The million dollar man. It just sounds expensive, you know.

Tell us about your experience about Sexpo? 

I don’t think I could leave a place with bags full of dildos and porn and find anything bad to say about it. It was great! (In all seriousness, it was an incredible event with the sweetest attendees and I would advise any adult cosplayers to check it out!)


Are you going back to Sexpo next year? 

I’ll be back at Sexpo every year! You’ll see me when I’m 90, probably wearing some kind of bondage pokemon cosplay, swinging my saggy old tatas around the place :P


Who would win, Harley Quinn or Mary Jane

Well, I mean Harley Quinn is a sociopathic clown who doesn’t bat an eye at beating someone’s face in with a bat, while Mary Jane just bangs Spooderman. I think HQ has a pretty epic advantage there. Though she does have a soft spot for redheads, so maybe she’d ask MJ to throw on some leaves so she can shake them off later ;)


What about in cosplay? :) 

HQ has a bit more depth to her character, in terms of personality AND design, so HQ wins again. Also, lez be honest, fanservice fun with Pamela Isley makes it 1000% worth it.


What was it like being a “Sith Lord” with a red lightsabre? 

I dunno. Maybe I’ll tell you when I cosplay one!


Who is your cosplay partner in crime?

Well Crescent Rose Cosplay is my cosplay partner in the streets, and Shredwell is my cosplay king in the sheets.


What’s the coolest thing you own? 

Well, I’m pretty proud of my vagina. Not everyone has one of those. I’ve also got my SEGA Megadrive, my Super Nintendo, and my Nintendo 64, so those are alright too. A lot of similarities between all of the above. You can put things in them, but if it doesn’t work, you can blow them and that generally gets things going :P



My snake’s name is Starscream, which is a tribute to my favourite old-school transformer, so I guess that’s kind of geeky. I also still have all of my old Pokémon and Yugi-oh cards, Dragonball Z tazos and my street sharks figures. Moby Lick was probably my favourite. Pretty much the Steven Tyler of the ocean.


What game are you currently playing? 

I’m actually playing the original Assassin’s creed again because I want to catch up on the series before the movie comes out. Michael Fassbender can bend my fass any day if you know what I mean… It’s cool… sometimes I don’t even know what I mean.


Besides being some amazing cosplay characters, what do you do in your secret identity? 

Well a few years ago, I spewed a child out of my uterus, so sometimes I’m required to feed her and teach her how to life. That can be pretty time consuming. I also like to write and edit articles for an amazing gaming site that may deny knowing me from time to time when they read my interviews.


Where can people find out more about you? 

The back of public toilet doors is always a good place to start, but if the paint is peeling, you can search out GeeksGuildOfficial across all of the social networks.

Lastly, what else does 2016 hold for you?

Picture response applies!





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