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Alice Skye Interview: Vault Sessions

We catch-up with Alice Skye, an up and coming Indie musician with an Aboriginal background about her new collaboration with the Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault to discuss their new project called Vault Sessions.

Growing up, what music genres did you gravitate to?

I have older siblings so a lot of what I listened to was guided by them. Missy Higgins, Regina Spektor and The Cranberries were big ones for me as a kid. I loved piano and anything that included it, but also loved a lot of 90s/00s female lead bands like Garbage and The Breeders.

What about now, where do you get your inspirations from?

I’m very inspired by a lot of the amazing people around me. And I listen to a lot of Mitski, Lucy Dacus and The Cranberries (still).

Tell us a little about your own style of music?

I genuinely don’t know how to.

How does it differ from others?

I suppose that it’s my stories I’m telling.

Top personal music highlight so far?

I think recording the second album – I never wanted it to end.

Have you been doing much writing during lockdown?

Not really! There’s a part of me that feels guilty about it but I find it easier to write when I’m in the middle of things. Usually recording into my voice memos when I’m at the supermarket or in transit or out doing something. I find it harder to sit down and say “okay I’m gonna write a song today”.

Okay… Vault Sessions, tell us a little about your session?

It was so great to be at Arts Centre Melbourne and in a room of people that clearly love doing their job and haven’t had the chance much over the last month – which was the same for me and Sam not having played any gigs, it made it a really nice environment to be in. It’s definitely a different experience and doesn’t feel as natural as playing live and being in a room with other people, but I’m super grateful to be given the opportunity to connect virtually. We also had the opportunity to dress the stage the way we wanted and having Triana Hernandez, who worked on my latest film clip, was really fun. Also any chance I get to play a grand piano is a great time.

What are you most looking forward to about Vault Sessions?

I’m actually so excited to see both Ziggy and Cash Savage’s sets. They’re both amazing artists and live performers I’ll definitely be attending

Lastly, when COVID-19 finally ends, what gig would you love to play at?

The ‘first show back’ is actually kind of daunting as well as exciting. We lost a few international shows that were a pretty big deal to me. We would have been flying out to Canada next week to do a tour along the west coast – I really hope when things are safe and possible that we can travel there.

Images by Teresa Noble

For more information on Vault Sessions with Alyce Skye, please visit and her Facebook page at

Alice Skye Streaming on Thursday 23 July, 7:30pm (AEST)
Available until Thursday 6 August, 7:30pm (AEST)
Watch on Facebook or YouTube
Run time: 37 minutes

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