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Steve Hili Interview @SteveHili #MICF @micomfestival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back for 2023 and so is Steve Hili as the Sexy Environmentalist!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer! So how did you get into comedy? Did it find you or did you find it?

I went to Uni in Malta (I am Maltese) and after Uni me and some mates had a mad idea to set up a radio station. Which we did. We were lads living a dream and having a blast! From radio I got asked to be in some theatre shows and then someone asked me if I fancied doing comedy. I had always fancied myself as a comedian but there was no scene in Malta back then. I said yes – did my first gig and was hooked. I moved to London and got into the scene there and before I knew it I was gigging full time.

Tell us about your new show and what can we expect?

The show is called the Sexy Environmentalist and it is about… well, sex and the environment. I have always done material that is focused on sex and relationships but I’ve also been getting into green issues lately.  But given who I am I think I was seeing things from a bit of a different perspġective.  I think that the green movement needs to start embracing sexiness as a way of attracting people to it – we all know sex sells right? At the moment a lot of the messages that come out of the green movement focus on trying to make people feel bad or guilty for their choices  – it is like being a catholic again  – and that sucks (I should know, I was brought up as a catholic!)  I think sexiness is the way to go – Make Stormy Daniels the leader of the movement rather than Greta Thunberg! That is what I say!

Where do you get your inspirations from?

From everywhere. The news is so absurd it sometimes feels as if it is trolling us – but it is a great source of inspiration! Also when it comes to jokes about growing up catholic I just need to close my eyes and remember what my childhood was like! That is a constant source of material. Comedy inspiration comes from the early alternative British comics- RIk Mayall, Alexei Sayle etc. Current comedy heros include Ali Wong and Bill Burr.

What does the MICF mean to you?

It is one of the biggest platforms in the world to do my stuff but it is so much more than that  – the buzz that it creates around the city, the creativity that it unleashes, it is amazing. I love Australia anyway – I ahve always felt welcomed and weirdly at home here. I love it.

What is the funniest thing that has (so far) happened to you?

In my life? Big question. Probably having a circumcision operation. That in itself wasn’t funny but the fact that my parents had nto told me that I was going in for one was. I thought I was having an eye operation (I’ve got a lazy eye). Ironically, when they did chop my foreskin off, that is the only time my eye ever focused!

If you could catch up with two comedians from anywhere or any time at a pub, who would they be and why?

Richard Pryor and RIk Mayall. I could say that I would have an  amazing conversation with them about the nuances of humour and how to achieve the perfect mix of smut, social commentary and relatable vulnerability in a joke. But the truth is I would be so in awe of them I would just sit and stare until they asked security to thrown me out for making them uncomfortable.

Steve Hili The Sexy Environmentalist (UK)

Acclaimed by The Guardian and Vice, and fresh from his UK tour, award-winning London smart-arse Steve Hili attempts a last-ditch effort to save the planet with a high-octane hour of filth, activism, and even an intervention from THE Stormy Daniels. (Who, Steve argues, would be a better leader of the green movement than Greta Thunberg.)

As seen/heard on Discovery, Sky, BBC Radio 4, SBS, Colourful Radio, Capital Radio and XFM.

‘The energy of a dog that needs to be taken out.’ Vice

‘Hilarious and eye-opening… the show was perfect, the comedian was perfect and youmust see it ASAP.’ ★★★★★ – Voicemag

‘Sterling work.’ The Guardian


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