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Holly Boorman Interview

Holly Boorman AirSelfie ambassador and new media influencer with over 50,000 Instagram followers all over the world on her @hollyleelu account “I use one all the time. Whenever I can’t find a photographer it’s AIRSELFIE to the rescue. My favourite beach is Sydney’s Kutti Beach and my friends and I hang out there all the time to take our incredible instasnaps with the Harbour in the background. AirSelfie? I wouldn’t leave home without one. Its almost better than my imaginary boyfriend that I will never have #singlelife”

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Holly! You have an amazing range of talents from digital marketing to graphic design and photography to name a few, which one (if could pick one) is closest to your heart and why?

My favourite would have to be content creation, because it enables me to create small but exciting magic moments.

Digital marketing has become so important in today’s day and age, how do you think this landscape will change over the next 10-years?

Hugely, it’s changes tenfold within the past 5 years. We’re seeing a shift again, from still images to video and moving images. It’s the rise of YouTube and short videos. That’s not to say photos don’t carry the same impact, I think people appreciate a video/YouTube etc more as it’s more genuine and interactive.

What about social media?

Instagram will keep evolving and be a key tool for digital marketing and YouTube is going to have a huge impact, the movement is already happening.

Selfies… why do you think selfies have become so popular?

I think it’s a way to document your life and what you’re doing. A lot of people take selfies when they’re happy and doing something exciting.

What’s been your funniest selfie?

Ones with my best friend are always hilarious.

Tell us your top tips in capturing the perfect selfie with your smartphone?

Make sure you’ve got natural sunlight, not too harsh – the perfect time is in the morning or late afternoon.

There’s a new product for capturing selfies, the AirSelfie which you’re an ambassador for… can you tell us about this new product?

It’s fantastic, using your phone to fly the little Airselfie and capture your moments without having to use the old school hold your hand out is a game changer and it’s fun.

How do you think the Air Selfie will change the way we take selfies?

It will be able to capture a lot more of what you’re doing and give you the freedoms to get a shot you can’t take with holding your arm out. Plus it creates beautiful videos.

What’s been your experience with the AirSelfie and your favourite aspect about it?

It’s been grand! I take it to a lot of gatherings and events and people react really well to it, they find it fun and want to use it and get involved.

Lastly how would you sum up the AirSelfie in a Tweet?

Creating magic moments anytime, anywhere ????????

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