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Caram3llo Cosplay Interview

We interview Caram3ll0 Cosplay (aka Sarah) who is an East Coast Cosplayer from the United States, a gamer and model.

Welcome to Impulse Gamer! So tell us how you became involved in cosplay?

Oh man, we’ll actually in 7th or 6th grade (9+ years ago) my friends and I were watching Death Note and we just randomly decided to make some closet cosplays and boom! I’ve been doing it since then.


Tell us where your cosplay inspirations come from?

They literally come from all over.

Video games  (ones with beautiful artwork or storylines mainly), other talented artists who have Facebook pages I follow, Etsy users etc. Anything and anyone could literally inspire me! I see the art and beautiful in everything.

What does your boyfriend think about your cosplay?

I’ve been cosplaying for years now, so my boyfriend already knew what he was getting himself into lol. He seeing I love this hobby and he supports me 110%.

Harley Quinn – Shot by Rsellos

To date, what’s been your favourite cosplay character?

Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII. I’m “known” as lightning to most people in the community, she’s just waifu.

Most challenging?

My zero suit samus cosplay! Full latex cosplay, gotta put lube all over my body, it’s just extremely uncomfortable lol.

Poison Ivy

What advice would you give people wanting to cosplay?

Just do it! Go for it! It’s a wonderful community filled with people who enjoy the same weird, nerdy stuff as you! Start off small, and work your way up to the fancy stuff! Just have fun doing it!

Officer Caitlyn –
Paul Williams Photography

How about things NOT to do?  

Do not judge others!

Don’t make fun of others who are a bit bigger, a bit smaller, a bit tall, a bit short, for their race, their age, the quality of their cosplay, if they bought it, if they made it etc. We all are here to have fun and enjoy the hobby, don’t be a meanie.

Tifa Lockhart

If you had unlimited time and money, what character would you create?

I have so many lol. I would love to re-create Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2.

What’s the coolest thing you own?

All my cosplay weapons! They’re brilliant!


Most geekiest?

Not sure if it counts as “geeky” but I have an alpaca plushie collection, ranging about 15+ alpacas in my room. Don’t judge.

Harley Quinn vs Juliet Starling… who would win and why?

Wow, good question. Harley knows aerobics and is extremely smart but Juliet’s whole life and family have been about fighting and prepping for the zombie apocalypse. So, I’d say Juliet.

Samus – Dolly Love

Which game are you playing at the moment?

I’m super picky with games, so I don’t really pick up to many new ones, I stick to my favorites. I’ll always be playing Skyrim, for the rest of my life lol.

So what else does 2016 hold for you?

Hopefully, new cosplays, a lot of conventions, good and new friends and great memories!

Lightning – Vaughn Photography

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