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Ran Zheng Interview, General Manager of ZQRacing

If you were at PAX Australia this year, you may have noticed all the amazing gaming chairs at the event and that’s because it was sponsored by ZQRacing. ZQRacing are responsible for some of the world’s best gaming chairs and we caught up with their general manager Ran Zheng to discuss their passion, motivation and of course, their gaming chairs.

How did you become involved in ZQ Australia and what’s your position?

I have been with ZQ Australia right from the very beginning in November last year. I work closely with our director, Ms Qin Zhang, to form the business structure and introduce our beloved ZQRacing gaming chairs to the world.

What’s your favourite video game?

I used to be a big gamer, but I haven’t got much time to play now. I like to think I still have a gamer’s heart, though!

Like most kids born in the 80s, my gaming experience started with Tetris, Super Mario Bros, and Battle City. When I grew up a bit and played many more games, I found that player vs. AI was fun to start with, but I lost the enthusiasm soon after I cleared all the levels and got most of the achievements.

But, teamwork and competition between players has always brought me great excitement and now my favourite games are DOTA and League of Legends as a successor. My most unforgettable memories of gaming are tied to DOTA back in my university days.

On many weekend nights, I go and sit down with my friends in one of our houses and everyone brings their computers to form a mini League. We could end up playing all night, and it’s great fun! The only problem with DOTA is the old ‘battlenet’ system.


Let’s talk about your gaming chairs! Given the lack of choice in the Australian Market, was it a challenge in introducing these chairs into the local market?

There are several respected international brands present here, like DXRacer and AKRacing, but we noticed a lack of Australian companies in the local market. So, we made it our mission to be the No.1 Australian brand for Australian gamers.

Yes, it is a bit of a challenge to do everyone right in the beginning. Especially when we’re trying to redefine the market with product variety, top quality, lifetime structure warranties and exceptional customer service. But we are doing alright so far, and I don’t see why we couldn’t do better.


What are some of the features of the ZQ Racing Chairs?

ZQRacing chairs are designed and made with regard to ergonomics, aesthetics and functionality to help relieve physical stress and provide exceptional spine support for greater health and better quality seating hours.

Some of the main features include:

  • Tubular steel frame for seat base and back with maximum strength like your car chassis. We are confident to give a lifetime warranty on them.
  • High-density cold-cure moulded foam, custom made accurately to form the angles and shapes. It offers substantially greater compressive strength, hence more support and less flattening during long hours of sitting.
  • Easy cleaning fabric, full reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, head and lumbar cushions, high weight rating of 150Kgs, and 2-year comprehensive warranty.

Tell us what sets ZQ Racing Chairs apart from its competitors?

We have a wide range of chairs in lots of different styles and colours. We are strong in quality, and we offer hassle free services. We’re more focused and devoted to the local market, and we’re going to keep investing in local e-sports communities and charities.

Out of all your ZQ Racing Chairs, which is your favourite and why?

They are all fantastic chairs. Choosing my favourite is hard. I think it all depends on which one suits you better. We have big and wide ones like the Alien, Alien XL and Rebel, which seat like a throne. Hero and V6 grab you tighter like a racing car seat. Gamer and E-sports have the best value for money, and if I have to choose, the Hyper Sport series is the one I would use for myself, it’s just super comfy. Thanks to extra thick foam padding on the side of the lumbar and shoulders, it’s very adaptive to fit and support your different body with the same level of comfort.

At present, gamers can purchase your chairs online with discounted shipping. Will you be opening stores or making your products available in shops across Australia?

We have received lots of interest from shop owners, and we are having constructive discussion with some major distributors in Australia about building a re-seller network. Yes, you may soon see our chairs in shops across Australia.

You had a massive presence at PAX AUS this year, what was the feedback like from the gaming community?

Yes, PAX Australia was massive. The second people seated on our chairs they loved them. We had so many people trying our chairs at the freeplay areas and then visiting our booth to purchase.

We had people coming back with mates to try and buy. We had people sitting at our booth that just didn’t want to leave. We ended up with two lanes in front of our booth, one waiting to be seated, and one for paying.

Many say ours are the most comfortable chairs they’ve ever sat in. One of our customers said: “ZQ Racing chairs… I just found them so bloody comfortable. I think everyone did … I sat my mate down in one, he bought one, then I sat another mate down in one and he bought two.”


Lastly, what does 2017 hold for ZQ?

2017 is going to be even bigger for us. We will sponsor and present the next PAX and OZ Comic Cons across the country. We’re also going to sponsor some major Oceanic e-sports teams and become more involved in the Australian e-sports community.

We also plan to have a customisation system on our website that gamers can use to build their dream chair and make it unique to themselves.  And, you may see our chairs in shops across the country very soon as well!

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