Published on January 10th, 2024 | by Andrew Bistak

Nick Robertson Interview (Leave to Enter)


Fresh of the back of a critically acclaimed Melbourne Fringe season, Nick Robertson, one of the most exciting new voices on the Melbourne comedy scene, announces his first Australia/New Zealand tour with their debut solo show Leave To Enter.

Welcome back to Impulse Gamer Nick! So tell us about your new show?

It’s a storytelling show! I love telling stories. It’s a full-hour story about the time I (the most Scottish looking person, with the most Scottish last name) was deported from Scotland. It features my obsession with Candy Crush, a fatherly Uber driver, and some poor advice from my mother. It’s ridiculous, heavy and a real roller coaster.

What inspired you?

The darlings at the British Home Office by confiscating my passport, playing the Backstreet Boys at a very inappropriate time, detaining me in an airport for ten hours and sending me back to Australia.

When creating a new show, how do you come up with the gags and what will be funny?

When it comes to shows, there’s always an overarching story I want to tell. I’m a storyteller. In my first year of comedy, a friend once told me, ‘If you’ve told the same story at three different parties, that’s material for the stage’ and that’s how I go about developing a show. If you have someone hooked by a story, you can bring them into your world and from there it’s the WAY you tell the story that brings the funny out. The funny is in the details.

Freo, Adelaide Fringe, New Zealand Fringe and MICF? How @#%$ing cool is that? What are you most looking forward to?

Honestly it’s so so so cool and terrifying and exciting and everything everywhere all at once. Hmm… most looking forward to? Am I allowed to say watching the sun set over the water in Freo? I’m from Queensland, the East Coast could NEVER.

Lastly, who is the funniest city and why?

Edinburgh by far. There’s a street in the Old Town that’s pronounced ‘Coh-burn’ Street but it’s spelt ‘Cockburn’ Street and that’s funny. Oh that and the fact that I got to write a whole show about how ridiculous their border control is. Maybe the next show can be about Cockburn Street.

Tour Dates

Fringe World, Fremantle: Fri 19 – Sun 21 Jan, Fremantle Comedy Factory
Adelaide Fringe: Mon 26 Feb – Sun 3 Mar, Secret Basement @ WEA
New Zealand Fringe, Wellington: Thu 7 – Sat 9 Mar, New Athenaeum Theatre
Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Tue 9 – Sun 21 Apr, Chinese Museum.


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