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Michael Boyd Interview – Australia’s got Magic!

We catch-up with Australia’s very own magician and illusionist Michael Boyd. Michael Boyd was born in Melbourne where his magician grandfather taught him all about the world of magic and by the age of 13, Boyd joined the Young Magicians Magic School to hone his craft. Following high school, he hit the road performing three shows a day until getting his big break on the TV show “Pot Luck”. Since then, his career has skyrocketed and he’s now one of the most acclaimed in the country. With Michael currently touring Australia with MYSTIQUE, we catch-up with him to talk… magic!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Michael. The first question we have to ask, how did you get drawn to magic and why?

My Grandfather was a Magician and travelling showman in the 1930s… as a Child he was my hero and taught me the family business, I love watching the faces of the audience as they experience wonder.

How would you describe your style of music (Magic)?

My style of magic is a mash up of traditional Magic with a modern twist, its all about presentation and delivering a unique experience with lighting, music, choreography and costumes – I love the theatrics.

From the magic world (alive and deceased), which magicians have you been drawn to?

Obviously my Grandfather was my hero but I also love the great magicians of the past like Thurston, Dante and Carter, David Copperfield was a also an inspiration growing up and even now when I see his show I still go….. How did he do that ?

Tell us a little about your show Mystique? 

Mystique is a magical journey with so many amazing elements, comedy, drama, beauty, and fantasy – it’s a roller coaster ride with so many forms of classic magic and many new illusions that will keep you guessing – it’s all about the element of surprise.

What was it like being a Finalist on Australia’s Got Talent (AGT) and do you feel this was a huge push for more magic in our country?

AGT was a fantastic opportunity and I loved being a part of the show, it not only promoted and propelled me as an artist, but also raised the art of magic in the public eye.

As a magician, what’s been your greatest accomplishment (so far)?

I always say my greatest accomplishment is being a single sole parent father and still living my dream as a Magician – my daughter and I have traveled the world together and still made every show happen – important to know there are no boundaries as an artist and as we say in the magic world anything is possible.

How do you prepare your “tricks” and walk us through some of the preparation?

The new illusions come in form Las Vegas and can take up to 12 months to perfect from the design, build, then learning the secrets and perfecting them, then the costumes, choreography, music and lighting come in, it’s a really creative process that keeps the show fresh – I love it.

Levitation? Care to teach me?

Hahahah we all dream of floating but it can take years to learn.

Have there been any “uh-oh” moments while performing in front of a live crowd?

Yes….. your relaying on mechanical props, precision timing with the assistant and sometimes …. it goes wrong, and it’s like the audience seeing you naked and they really don’t want to see it!  I’ve learnt to keep going and cover so most times the audience is unaware as we have the advantage you don’t know what is supposed to happen ;)

What’s your favourite act and why?

I love the parts with audience participation as you never know what is going to happen and the audience becomes the star of the show.

On your passport application, occupation? (I’m hoping it says Magician)

Unfortunately it says Entertainer … but would be good for immigration officer and may get through faster if it said Magician.

If someone is looking to delve into the arts of magic, where do they go to look? Besides Google?

Best to go to the local library and get a book on Magic , or of course you can always purchase the Michael Boyd – box of tricks available after the show at the Merchandise stand ;)

Lastly and looking into your crystal ball, what does the future of Michael Boyd hold?

We are always working on new Illusions and shows…. but in the depths of the Future is a show about my life as an Illusionist, stay tuned as it will be revolutionary and inspirational.

For more information please visit and Michael Boyd is currently touring Australia with his show Mystique.

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