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Mikeeey Interview (uTure 2022) @JustMikeeey @utureshow

We catch-up with Mikeeey, one of the uTure Show’s 2022 finalists and winner to chat all things streaming and more!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Mikey! So how did you get into streaming?

The main thing that interested me about streaming is that you get to interact with your audience live and build a deeper bond than you can just through a typical YouTube video. The roughest part of streaming was back when I first started because I had no audience to interact with since I had a very small following but I’m so glad that I didn’t quit because now I have people to who support me when I’m live and it feels so rewarding!

What were your biggest challenges in becoming a video game influencer?

I think my biggest challenge has had to have been the initial start of creating content. There’s nothing that sucks more than spending hours creating a video that you’re very proud of then NO ONE watches. Getting past the period of time where no one cares, and there’s nobody to motivate you to continue is rough but your passion, work ethic, and genuine love for making videos is what will help you past that stage.

Can you tell us about the equipment you are using?

My setup consists of a prebuilt PC, a Rode Podmic, Consoles, Dual monitors, and my Go XLR. Honestly the piece of equipment that I personally love the most is my Go XLR. The voice effects, mixing capabilities, and sound effects are just so fun to me.

How is your online persona different from other influencers?

I believe that my energy and overall vibes just makes people smile. I just get on camera and be myself, and say how I feel. A lot of my community really appreciate how genuine I am on camera.

Favourite platform?


Tell us your funniest streaming story?

I think my funniest moment on stream was when I got jumpscared and fell out of my chair while playing Nun Massacre.

Most embarrassing?

Dancing for Donations…

What advice would you give up and coming streamers?

Be yourself, create a schedule for streaming and stick with it, stay up to date with what’s new and trending for growth purposes, do what you genuinely like on stream because it would be hard to fake enjoyment for hours live. One of the most important things you need to do as well is that you need to make videos for your streams and create then transfer your following from other platforms since it can be difficult to grow purely off streaming.

And how do you become known in such a very crowded platform?

You need to hop on trends fast and be one of the most creative and fun people to do it. Simple and clickable titles and thumbnails are key as well, you can’t even make a impression on people if you can’t get them to click.

Who’s your favourite streamer and why?

My favorite streamer is definitely PhysicalGamerz. I grew up watching his videos for a while and fortunately I was able to meet him and even work with him not too long ago.

Lastly… how do you relax?

By purposely not checking my phone mainly. Honestly I still struggle to take a genuine break because I’m so passionate about what I do I just always have ideas or feel motivated to do something to build my career. Something that helps a lot too is spending time with friends or family.

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