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James Clark Interview @micomfestival #MICF

Welcome to Impulse Gamer James! So how did you get into comedy? Did it find you or did you find it?

I was in a talent show when I was nine. I wore my t-shirt back-to-front, backwards cap and two different coloured socks and ended up winning despite my three forgettable one-liner jokes. The adorable-ness factor probably helped.

Tell us about your new show (Comedy for Corporates: Work-Life Balance is for Losersand what can we expect?)

‘Comedy for corporates: work-life balance is for losers’ looks at the world through the eyes of time-poor working professionals who complain a lot about their job, but would never leave it. Audiences can expect a fun, relaxed evening of great comedy and hopefully some useful advice on finding happiness.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I used to do shorter contract work a lot, which gave me exposure to multiple industries and companies. I’ve met plenty of interesting people along the way. Also my parents.

What does the MICF mean to you?

Great comedy festival, great time to be in Melbourne.

What is the funniest thing that has (so far) happened to you?

I was mugged by a duck. This duck was massive to be fair. I was sitting in a park eating a sandwich and the duck waddled on over about got 20cm beak-to face with me. It stared me down menacingly and quack ready, until I gave it the whole sandwich.

If you could catch up with two comedians from anywhere or any time at a pub, who would they be and why?

Norman Wisdom & Robin Williams!

James Clark Comedy for Corporates: Work-Life Balance is for Losers

The brave corporate professionals of Australia just have to accept it. We can bear any meeting, email, call or presentation, as long as it gets us closer to priority boarding on overseas flights that aren’t to Bali. So stop fighting it, realise you chose ‘busy’ as your whole personality and do cool stuff in the minimal time you do have off.

Late night email to the team = power move. “Find some time in my schedule” = power move. Senior staff sending progressively shorter emails the higher up the ladder they are = power move. Who cares… just ok my leave next winter so I can get enough European summer to get me through the next 12 months.

So if you more than occasionally forget family/loved ones birthdays and you can’t relate to the weed-smoking, Centrelink-complaining, ironic t-shirt wearing comedy from your differently tax-bracketed contemporaries, this show is for you. Or if you can relate and just want to better understand your own class envy and eventually join us – this is for you too.

Stand-up comedy show with award-winning comedian and rich, white, corporate sell-out James Clark.

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