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George Hedon Interview, Founder of Pause Fest

On the eve of Pause Fest 2018, we catch-up with founder George Hedon who puts together some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.

Where did you come with the idea of Pause Fest?

Pause was meant to be a one night interactive, immersive and visual event – but we pivoted to a festival. Things you do… Pause is never static, it’s ever-changing and it reflects the current culture, society and fast paced industry we live in. I started Pause to collaborate with like-minded and passionate people and give us all an opportunity to build something new that we are proud to showcase. It still embodies the same elements but on a much bigger scale.

How would you sum up Pause Fest in a tweet?

You mean 140 characters or 280? Pause Fest is a catalyst for change and uniter of all industries to help future unfold. It’s a moment in time when we get together that focuses on the creative, tech and business.

What are you most looking forward to at the festival?

The fact that the World’s most influential and progressive companies will come to Melbourne to discuss smart futures. How can you beat that feeling? I like to build the local community and help the eco-system grow and prosper, that’s my number one priority.

Tell us your thoughts on VR and do you think it will take off or be another 3D TV?

Have you seen the ‘Ready player One’ trailer? Both, we are playing the Australian Premiere of ‘Ghost code’ by Patrick Defasten, that will send chills down your spine. Once VR hits mass market it will become another drug, next to our phone.

How do you think technology will drive us in 20 year’s time?

I’ll take a punt. Then you can quote me in 20 years’ time and tell me if I was visionary or not. Technology will take over everything in 20 years’ time.

I think there will be a birth of tech companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix, that will deliver short lived services. We’ll live in the constantly evolving and never quite perfect world – in beta. This is in a sense happening now but I think in the future there will be many more services competing that will come and go trying to win the market. Everything will be automated and predictive, activated by your voice or an eye. We’ll be plugging ourselves into the digital world, a version of Matrix for work, pleasure, games, telco. Everything will become decentralised, people will gain the power and there will be political unrest. Some countries will run only on the operating system, the first one will be Estonia.

Is there a speaker you’re most looking forward to at Pause Fest?

Too many! But ok here are few of my personal choices. I want to hear from Managing Director Dave Martin about how the hell Power Ledger raised (ICO) to lead the energy market by blockchain. From Kelsey Whelan, Product Manager, on how Netflix uses Ai to predict popularity of their original content and from Vince Baertsoen, Group CG Director on how The Mill is making the future of film realtime. I’m also looking forward to Debates each day and The Early Morning Show – those are the new sessions we introduced this year!

What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency?

Maybe a more interesting question is what happens when cryptos suck in all money?

Currently it’s a wild west with few rich youngsters creating the demand, which is my understanding to what’s happening. But it’s here to stay, like the internet in the dot com boom, after which it will stabilise and be the preferred payment online and possibly offline.

Lastly what is your go-to tech device?

iPhone wins but my new tech device is FujiFilm X-T20 mirrorless photo camera. Loving it!

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