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Hikara Kat Interview … cosplay just got REAL!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer! So tell us what drew you to cosplay?

Hi! I’m H. Kat, from Barcelona (Spain). I started cosplaying 10 years ago (yeah, 10!). I was in love with cosplay and costuming then but I didn’t become a “cosplayer” until 2006, making my own handmade dress of Kairi, from Kingdom Hearts 2. I couldn’t stop making cosplay after that.

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To date what’s been your favourite cosplay character you’ve played?

Till now, I’m with Belle (Beauty and the Beast) because the gold dress was my dream since I was a child. Another one is Aria, from Mass Effect. I f*cking love that asari!

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Okay… tell us about your awesome Yennefer and kickass Judgement Day cosplay?

What can I say? I fell in love with Yenn since the first time I saw her in the videogame. She is such a badass, strong woman. And she can make magic! I have her pants and boots in progress but I was in love with the skirt she wears in the game. Such a beautiful mermaid skirt!

Can you walk us through your costume creation?

It is quite simple. I usually focus on characters and designs I love for one reason or another. I think how can I do one or another piece… I’m always looking to try and learn new skills and it’s easy making cosplay. I have to work more on prop making or armory (I’m a bit lazy with that, ahaha).

So I search for references and look which fabrics and materials I need, usually thinking about the costs. Then I look if I have something at home I can use for that and after that, I start looking for the materials with a good price. I think what I hate most about making cosplay is patterning. I’m such an ass at making patterns and I have very bad patience with that, so for that reason I’m usually lazy making cosplay lately (ahahaha).

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If you had an unlimited budget and time, which character would you create?

Unlimited budget and time…? Gosh, I don’t know right now. Maybe an Twi’lek (Star Wars) because I LOOOOVE if I could be Twi’lek someday… or something similar, Plavalaguna Diva from the Firth Element. She is someone I think I never will do but I wish I could.

What advice would you give new cosplayers?

Be patient! Patience is the key almost all the time. Start with little thing and make sure you have a lot of time. Ask other cosplayers or people if you have doubts about something. The internet is also full of tutorials, so search for it! Be polite with other cosplayers, and the most importantly, have fun, enjoy and love all you do.

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When you see yourself in costume, what goes through your mind?

Usually I start crying and making little jumps if it’s looking good and I’m not frustrated or something. But if I’m not in a good mood, I start thinking “why I am doing this. This is bad, you look so bad with that”. It depends of the day, but I try to wear it on my good days.

Which has been your favourite convention and why?

Japan Expo. I’ve only been to conventions in Barcelona (my city), Valencia, Paris and another in Blackpool (UK) and my favourite is always is the same, the French convention which is Japan Expo. It’s really a huge convention, beautiful and with a lot of people from all over the Europe. I had a lot of fun when I was there almost 7 years ago, and I wish I could go someday again.

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Who is favourite cosplayers and why?

I have a lot of favourite cosplayers for different reasons. I can choose one cosplayer but I admire a lot of things of a lot of cosplayers from around the world. Everyone have something different and I really appreciate these little things that make us unique. I can’t choose one cosplayer and for that reason I don’t need to pick names.

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Tell us the coolest thing you own?

Coolest thing… I own a lot of things that are special for me but cool, maybe the Gold Retro Lancer from Gears of War 3. I bought it time ago to a friend who was selling it and I LOOOOVE it. Another cool thing is my Mass Effect Asari head by The Mad Masker. I have a lot of things but these are quite good I think ;D

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What’s your favourite video game and why?

Always the Mass Effect saga. I love that universe, I love the concept, I love the plot, the characters, the design and the music! All of it!

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And worst?

Worst? I don’t know…! I don’t remember right now a videogame that I hate. Maybe I have some games I didn’t like it so much, but I can’t think of one right now.

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So what does 2016 hold for you with cosplay?

Well I really don’t know… I’m working right now on Lara Croft from the last Tomb Rider, the one that has chainmail and armor, ahahaha. I’m a little bit crazy but I love the design. I wish to make more costumes, maybe my own design of Helga Hufflepuff, from Harry Potter (Huffie pride!) for a BCN Potter Con, but I still don’t know…

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Thanks again H. Kat!

Thanks for the interview Impulse Gamer !! ;P

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