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Element Cosplay Interview … Yennefer of Montreal!

Impulse Gamer catches up with the amazing Element Cosplay (aka Valerie) who is from Montreal Canada and has transformed herself into some amazing characters like Yennefer from the Witcher and Mercy from Overwatch… she’s also a hardcore gamer!

How did you become involved in cosplay?

I first got involved in cosplay with The Legend of Zelda. I was 19 years old and I randomly saw this girl (who is now a friend!) cosplaying as Princess Zelda on social media. I was so inspired by her, and I decided to make my own costume from scratch. I didn’t know how to sew but I managed to make it!

Valkyrie Mercy – Overwatch (Photo Narcissus Photography)

Valkyrie Mercy – Overwatch (Photo Narcissus Photography)

Tell us EVERYTHING about your amazing Valkyrie Mercy cosplay from the game Overwatch?


Haha, it was pain, blood and tears!

I first off started by making the classic Mercy, but I didn’t manage to make it how I wanted it. I was really sad and disappointed. So I switched to one of her skins (Valkyrie) because I thought this was less of a challenge. I was totally wrong! My Valkyrie Mercy cosplay was actually very fun to make, even if it was hard.

The wings are awesome, and to walk around that while people are just staring is also very awesome. All the hard parts are made out of Worbla. The staff is a PVC pipe that I wrapped in faux-leather. I love this costume. I remember wearing it for the first time and crying because it was totally a dream come true. It was my favourite Overwatch character for a day!

elementcosplay03Valkyrie Mercy – Overwatch (Photo Narcissus Photography)

elementcosplay04Valkyrie Mercy – Overwatch (Photo Narcissus Photography)

Who has been your favourite character so far that you have cosplayed?

Yennefer of Vengerberg, from the Witcher 3. I am her, she is me. Her personality is identical as mine. We do have trouble opening to others, we are deeply in love with some Witcher (heheh) and also very sensitive, even if we don’t show it. Yennefer gives the cold shoulder a lot, but once you get to know her, she is a sweetheart, a ball of happiness and cares deeply for the ones around her. I am like that! And cosplaying her made me feel like myself.

Yennefer from The Witcher (Photo Cyanotype Productions – Michel Castilloux)

Yennefer from The Witcher (Photo Cyanotype Productions – Michel Castilloux)

elementcosplay07 elementcosplay08

Most difficult?

Most difficult was Shyvana, from League of Legends. I remember my mother helped me paint, because I was running out of time. It was very stressful.

elementcosplay09Shyvana, League of Legends (Lexa One Photographie)

What about most expensive?

I think the most expensive was definitely Shyvana. All the Worbla I had to buy!!

elementcosplay10Shyvana, League of Legends (JwaiDesign Photography)

Where do you get your inspirations from?

I am a huge gamer. I spend my nights gaming with friends and I usually cosplay from the games I play. Because I fall in love with a character, and it makes me want to be them.


If you had unlimited money and time, who would you create and why?

I would make all the Witcher cosplays. I would also need infinite knowledge for that.

What’s the coolest thing you own?

I have a huge collection of prints.


My Witcher necklace <3

Tell us your funniest cosplay story?

Once, I was dressed as Fnatic Janna for a convention, and someone wearing a cloud9 shirt came up to me and screamed “FNATIC SUCKS” and literally ran away.

I laughed so much ahhah.

Fnatic Janna – League of Legends (Geek Inked Magazine)

Fnatic Janna – League of Legends (Stephane Laroche)

One cosplay secret?

I change my cosplay plans all the time. So much I don’t even trust myself about it anymore. Haha!

Who do you hope to cosplay in 2017?

I will be cosplaying for Katsucon 2017 Ana Amari (overwatch) and Yennefer alternative outfit (The Witcher). Beside that, I would love to cosplay a Wizard from Diablo 3.

Lastly what are you up to for New Year’s Eve?

Eating bunch of food, gaming, and watching movies with my friends and family. BIG TIME <3

elementcosplay13 elementcosplay14 elementcosplay15
Erik Paredes Photography

elementcosplay16 elementcosplay17

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