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Vavalika Cosplay Interview


We caught up with Russian cosplayer Vavalika who is also a model, designer, poledancer and performer. With a passion for DC Comics and Star Wars, Vavalika takes cosplay to the next level and how amazing the cosplay scene is in Mother Russia.

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Vavalika so how did you become involved in cosplay?

Hi! In fact, the story is pure happenchance and magic! A long time ago, in the dark days of my anime past, I wandered into an anime party. It was truly mad and terrible. I was getting shock by the things happening around me when a completely drunk girl appeared from nowhere.


She grabbed my shoulder and asked “Have you ever cosplayed Madame Red? You should! It’s just you!” I came home, googled it and made a decision. Although I’m not cosplaying anime for a long time now, I’m still very grateful for this lady. Thank you dear!


Tell us which has been your favourite DC Comics cosplay?

Definitely Poison Ivy! She is my great love, although all DC characters are catching me.


Which comic universe do you like better, DC or Marvel?

DC and one more time DC! But Marvel is also interesting for me.

Who is your favourite character that you have cosplayed?

I think my favourite one is Poison Ivy so far. This costume never bother me and I never feel tired wearing it. It’s totally my cosplay! Sometimes I think I can put it on every day and be happy.


Which was the hardest costume to create?

Can’t say exactly… sewing is always a problem for me. I never can simply sew something on the first try. I always have to change patterns, re-cut and re-sew everything a few times. Maybe the universe is hinting at me that sewing is not my cup of tea and I should start making another craft! <laugh> I won’t give up!


What’s been your sexiest cosplay costume?

Hmm… all of them? You tell me! :)


Describe your perfect photo shoot?

Oh, that’s difficult! My favourite photos are those that combine action together with good composition and angles for the face and body. However, such a combination is extremely rare. No matter how many times I surfed the internet, I found only few photos, matching all these parameters. As for me, I like my Batman v Superman photo.


So what do you like about Star Wars?

The characters and their destiny! First I felt an interest to Star Wars fandom when I saw a figure of Darth Talon, she got my heart! I decided to re-watch the films and when I did, I found myself in love with this fandom. Also, the films have a lot of moments that touch me every time I watch them. Like Order 66, sad but so many emotions!

Who else will you be cosplaying this year?

I have a superstitious cosplay belief. Don’t tell anyone about you plans if you want to finish the costume. It’s stupid but works for me. However, I can tell that they’re something from DC and WoW. I really hope to finish it soon and share the results.


What about in 2017?

More games and DC! BTW, I am always happy to hear other people’s wishes. Who do you want to see me cosplay? :)

Can you describe the cosplay scene in Russia?

Developing. Every year there are more and more awesome cosplayers and worthy conventions but we need more!


Do you have plans to visit the US or Australia?

I have dreams to visit and I will! US Conventions are so perfect and I hope I will see them with my eyes one day.


What’s the coolest thing you own?




Hmm… a lightsaber and the Portal Gun :)

What else do you have planned for 2016?

Vacation! I love traveling. Warm and sunny place is what I need.


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