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Stephen Graham Jones Interview (CONAN: LORD OF THE MOUNT) @SGJ72 @TitanBooks

With another a new dawn of Conan the Barbarian novels, we catch-up with author Stephen Graham Hones to celebrate his new novel THE HEROIC LEGENDS SERIES – CONAN: LORD OF THE MOUNT.

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Stephen: Growing up, what was your fondest memory when it came to reading?

Reading through all my grandparents’ Reader’s Digests and National Geographics from 1957 through 1984.

Now, as an adult, which authors are your inspirations?

Louise Erdrich. Philip K. Dick.

Robert E. Howard created Conan the Barbarian, which was your favourite book from this author and why?

As a kid, I used to reader Usurper a lot. I think because I had that one—it wasn’t on loan from my uncle or anybody. Not sure how I had it, as I didn’t have many books, but I’m glad I did.

You are now part of the Conan mythology. Where did you get your inspirations from and what makes it different to the work that came before?

Only different in that it’s the realization of a dream I never guessed I’d get to make real. Was always a Conan reader. Never imagined I’d someday get to be a Conan writer.

Conan… What do you love about this character and why?

I like him best when he’s scaling a wall to steal a jewel. Feels like he’s sneaked down from the northern wastelands to plunder this unsuspecting world.

What is the most challenging aspect in writing Conan?

Even trying to rise to Howard’s energy on the page, in every line. His enthusiasm, his ebullience for Hyperborea and all its denizens—especially all magical and monstrous leftovers from previous eras.

Who are your top three favourite supporting characters in Conan and why?

Not even sure. Never thought to keep track of them all.

Tell us a little about LORD OF THE MOUNT

Conan wakes covered in blood—nothing new—and, to get to the next tavern and wear out his welcome there, he first has to carve his way through some ruins occupied by . . . what, exactly?

Lastly, where is our favourite barbarian heading?

The next battle, the next flagon of ale, the next mercenary gig, the next treasure.

Conan: Lord of the Mount | 9781803366333 | 26 September 2023 | $1.99  £1.99 | @TitanBooks

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