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MARK ANTHONY INTERVIEW – ELVIS – The Legendary Performer

We catch-up with one of the world’s best Elvis Tribute artists, Mark Anthony who is about to return to the King at THE STAR GOLD COAST for ELVIS – The Legendary Performer. Mark has toured throughout Australia, America, Canada, Malaysia, and Europe, wowing crowds everywhere he goes. His spot-on mannerisms, looks, voice and moves, allows you to get as close as possible to seeing the King himself. Through all of Mark’s experiences in show business, none has given him the gratification and fulfilment as paying tribute to Elvis.

Welcome Mark, so tell us – what drew you to King of Rock ‘n Roll?

I was kind of force fed Elvis when I was just a kid.

I know it’s like picking your favourite children but your top three favourite Elvis songs and why?

  1. If I can dream
  2. True love travels on a gravel road
  3. American trilogy

All 3 for the same reason. For the way the songs are delivered. With power and heartfelt passion.

What was the catalyst in becoming an Elvis performer?

It would have to be winning the numerous awards around the world.

How do you channel Elvis on stage?

I do whatever feels right. Whatever feels natural.

Favourite song to perform?

If I can dream

Most difficult song?

If I can dream – It needs to be presented in a certain way and getting my emotions to that point can sometimes prove a little difficult.

Best aspect of fans?

Meeting people from all over the world. Once while performing in Australia we had a couple that flew from South Africa just to see the show. I was blown away.

When you were officially recognised by not just Graceland USA but also Elvis Presley Enterprises, how did feel?

Amazed. Chuffed. Confused. LOL.

If could you ask Elvis one question – what would it be and why?

I’d ask to let me sit and watch a recording session. I’ve always been interested in the way he would have conducted a session. A little unorthodox but created great music.

What are you most looking forward to performing at The Star Gold Coast?

We’ve been there so many times now I guess I’m looking forward to the familiarity of it. Knowing where everything is. How it’s going to sound. Always a great show there. Can’t fault it.

For Bookings, please call (07) 5592 8130

Mark Anthony – Biography

Mark Anthony presents an exceptionally dynamic Elvis Presley tribute that exudes the raw energy and true essence of The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

As a young boy his ears and eyes were introduced to the music and styling of Elvis Presley. Immediately loving this phenomenon, Mark immersed himself in everything Elvis and quickly found that he had a natural talent for imitating the King. It wasn’t until 2004 that Mark decided to seriously, and professionally portray Elvis with as much respect as it deserved.

Mark got his chance to be on the “world stage” in 2007, when he won the title of ‘Grand Champion Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist for South Pacific’ and was flown to Memphis, TN, to perform. He won this title again in 2008, and placed in the top 10 in the world performing in the finals of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition, Presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Today, he is officially recognised by Elvis Presley Enterprise as one of the best “ETA’s” currently performing around the world.

In 2011 he was awarded the very first “Spirit Of Elvis” award presented by Elvis Presley Enterprises at the Ultimate Elvis Finals in Memphis, and received a letter of endorsement for his work and involvement with EPE and Graceland

Mark also received the “Heart of the King Award” in Las Vegas in 2019


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