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Sammy J Interview (Symphony in J Minor)

Sammy J quickly catches up with Impulse Gamer to talk comedy and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival…

ready, set…


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the funniest comedian of the MICF?

David Quirk.

What drew you to comedy?

A deep seated desire to be loved, born of insecurity and fuelled by desperation.

As comedian, how do you collect your ideas and then present them in a show?

It all depends on the project, but …

Biggest challenge as a comedian?

Staring out at a room full of dead-eyed punters waiting for you to entertain them.

Most rewarding?

Seeing those same dead eyes transition into bulging discs of joy.

Talk us through your latest show?

This show is a collection of songs I’ve written over the last few years, all of which represent a specific moment in my life – like becoming a dad, or being stuck in a conversation with my Uber driver about sport and being desperately out of my depth.

Any surprises we should be on the lookout for?

I’ve got a brilliant cello player on stage with me, named Richard Vaudrey, although in answering the question I’ve ruined the surprise.

With Melbourne soon to be filled with so many comedians, what’s the vibe like?

I genuinely haven’t seen it this busy since pre-pandemic, which is really exciting. It took comedy to end Covid.

Lastly, what does the rest of 2022 hold for Sammy J?

I’m working on a musical with Delta Goodrem which we hope to tour in 2027.

Check out Sammy J at the MICF –

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