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Elena Samko Interview Cosplay

We catch-up with the amazing Elena Samko, MUA Artist, cosplayer, costume creator and senior member of the jury. As you can see from the photos on this interview, Elena is not only one of the most unusual cosplayers around but her character creation is simply to die for! Besides cosplay, Elena’s hobbies include horror, make-up, creating costumes, medicine, history, mysticism, psychiatry, sex and death.


Welcome to Impulse Gamer Elena! We would call you a cosplayer but your costumes are as good as some Hollywood blockbusters, how do you create such amazing costumes?
Time, experience, money & patience!

Which has been your most expensive creation so far?

The most expensive cosplays are those which use a lot of makeup and latex!


What makes you explore the darker side of cosplay?

I’ve always liked monsters and other creepy creations! They are very cute ^^

You’re obviously a Witcher fan, what draws you to this series?

ALL! It’s simply a masterpiece!


Who is your favourite Witcher monster?

No one stood out and I liked them all!

What’s your favourite sexiest cosplay?

I think it’s Dryad Morenn from the first Witcher.


You’ve mentioned that you can be sexy and ugly and you do it well, which is your favourite and why?

Both… I’m not limiting myself to choose!

What’s the coolest thing you own?

A copy of The Witcher game with autographs of developers



The Witcherist

What other cosplays have you got planned?

I have many ideas but I don’t tell me plans! :)


Where do you get your cosplay inspirations from?

Games, comics & books!

Lastly Elena, what else does 2016 hold for you?


Want to learn more about Elena? Check out her social media sites below! Service) (VK) (Instagram)

Elena Samko Bonus Cosplay Gallery

elenasamkocosplay02 elenasamkocosplay03 elenasamkocosplay04 elenasamkocosplay05 elenasamkocosplay06 elenasamkocosplay08 elenasamkocosplay09 elenasamkocosplay10 elenasamkocosplay11 elenasamkocosplay13 elenasamkocosplay14


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