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DVD Reviews

12 Oz Mouse: The Movie
(Dec 09)
13 Tzameti <MA15+>
17 Again
(September 09)
2:37 <R18+>
20th Century Boys
<MA15+> (October 2010)
27 Dresses <R18+>
30 Days of Night Limited Edition (2 Disc) <MA15+>
88 Minutes <MA15+>
101 Dalmatians 2 - Patchs London Adventure <G>
30,000 Leagues under the Sea <M15+>
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume 1 <PG>
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume 2 <PG>
'Allo 'Allo Series 6 <PG>
A Bit of Fry & Laurie Series Two <PG>
A Cinderella Story <PG>
A Dirty Carnival <MA15+>
A Perfect Getaway
(Dec 09)
A Very Long Engagement <MA15+>
The A-Team Season 3 <PG>
<M15+> (April 2011)
Acolytes <MA15+>
Adam SE
<M15+> (March 2010)
African Adventure 3D (IMAX) <G>
Affinity <M15+>
After Life
<R18+> (August 2010)
Agatha Christie: A life in Pictures <M15+>
Agatha Christie's Miss Marple - A pocketful of Rye
Agatha Christie - Marples - Why Didn't They ask Evans?
(September 09)
Agatha and the Storm <M15+>
Alexei Sayle's Stuff Series 2 <PG>
Aliens VS. Predator <M15+>
Alvin and the Chipmunks <PG>
Absolutely Fabulous the White Box <M15+>
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane <MA15+>
Alien Raiders <MA15+>
Alien vs Ninja
<MA15+> (May 2011)
All About Steve <M15+> (March 2010)
Apparitions the Complete 1st Series
(October 09)
Amelia <MA15+> (March 2010)
American Dead Season 3 <M15+>
America's Funniest Comedians Volume 1 <M15+>
American Pie Present's the Naked Mile <M15+>
American Pool <M15+>
An American Haunting <M15+>
Anchorman: The Legend of Roy Burgundy Super Special 2 Disc Classy Edition <M15+>
And Soon the Darkness
<MA15+> (Feb 2011)
And now Ladies and Gentlemen <PG>
Angel (Season 5) <M15+>
Anna Nicole <MA15+>
Anvil: The Story of Anvil!
(Feb 2010)
As Time Goes By (Series 5 & 6) <PG+>
Are you being served? Christmas Special <PG>
Archie's Weird Mysteries Collection Volume 1 Box Set <G+>
Artemis '81 <M15+>
Arrested Development Season 1 <M15+>
Arrested Development Season 1 <M15+>
Are You Being Served Series Four <PG>
The Army of Crime
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
Army Wives the Complete First Season <M15+>
Arthur the Invisibles <PG>
Asterix - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix <G>
Asterix - The Big Fight <G>
Asterix at the Olympic Games
Asterix the Gaul <G>
Astro Boy Collection 1
(October 09)
Astro Boy Collection 2 (November 2009)
Aunty Jack Show, The <PG+>
<R18+> (October 2010)
Avatar the Last Airbender - Book 3 Fire: Volume 1
AVP2 Requiem <PG+>
(Jan 2010)
The Baader Meinhof Complex (October 09)
Babel <M15+>
Baby Mama <M15+>
Babylon 5 the Gathering, in the Beginning <PG+>
Bad Girls <M15+>
Bangkok Dangerous
(Jan 2010)
Barbarian Invasion, The <M15+>
Barbarian Queen

Bastard Boys <M15+>
The Basics of Poker: A Guide for Beginniners <E>
Batman the Brave and the Bold Volume 1
(September 09)
Batman Gotham Knight <M15+>
Battle in Seattle <M15+>
Battlestar Galactica Season One <M15+>
Battlestar Galactica Season Three <M15+>
Battlestar Galactica Season Four Part 1 <MA15+>
Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Part 2
Battlestar Galactica The Plan
(Dec 09)
Be Kind Rewind <M15+>
Beautiful Kate
(Jan 2010)
Beached Az the Complete Az Collection
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Bedroom Mazurka Uncut
Being Human Series 1
(October 09)
Before the Devil Knows Your Dead <MA15+>
Bee Movie <G>
Ben 10 Alien Swarm
(Dec 09)
The Best of Bubbas Freak Circus <M15+>
The Bet <M15+>
Bewitched <PG>
Beyond Jurassic Park <G>
The Big Bang Theory Season One <M15+>
The Big Bang Theory Season Two
<MA15+> (March 2010)
Bionic Woman Season One (2007) <M15+>
Big Man Japan
<M15+> (October 2010)
Big Tits Zombie <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Black Dahlia <MA15+>
Blade Trinity <MA15+>
Blades of Glory <M15+>
Blake's 7 (Season 2) <PG>
Blake's 7 (Season 3) <PG>
Blinded <MA15+>
(September 09)
Blood Snow <MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Blood the Last Vampire <MA15+> (March 2010)
Blue Water High Volume 4 <PG>
Blue Murder Ultimate Edition
Blood Creek
<R18+> (June 2010)
Bobo, The <PG>
Bogan Pride
Bottle Shock
(September 09)
BoyTown <M15+>
The Boy in Striped Pyjamas
Bottom Series One <M15+>
Boxing Day <MA15+>
Bra Boys <MA15+>
Brave One <MA15+>
Brick <M15+>
Bridge, The <MA15+>
Break-up, The <M15+>
Breaking the Ice <G>
Bromwell High - Firedrill <M15+>
The Brother's Bloom
<M15+> (March 2010)
Brittas Empire (Series 3) <PG>
Broken Wings <M15+>
<MA15+> (Feb 2011)
The Business <MA15+>
Butterflies (Series One) <PG>
Butterfly & Sword
<MA15+> (June 2011)
Bystanders <MA15+>
Californication <MA15+>
Captivity <MA15+>
Casanova (2005) <MA15+>
Cassandra's Dream <M15+>
Camp Rock Extended Edition <G>
Camille <M15+>
<M15+> (June 2010)
Candy <MA15+>
Canterbury Tales <M15+>
The Catherine Tate Show Series One <M15+>
Cat's Eye
(October 09)
The Cell 2
(September 09)
The Chaser's Election Campaign <M15+> (Jan 2011)
The Chaser's War on Everything Series 2 (11 Episodes) <M15+>
The Chaser's War on Everything Series 3
(November 2009)
The Chasing World <M15+> (May 2011)
Choir of Hard Knocks <PG>
City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold <PG>
City of Men <MA15+>
Chanbara Beauty
<MA15+> (May 2011)
The Chaser
(November 2009)
Chestnut <G>
(Dec 09)
Children of Glory <M15+>
(November 09)
Chloe <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Christmas Time in South Park (Dec 09)
Chop Socky Chooks Double Trouble Volume 2 <PG>
Chuck the Complete First Season <M15+>
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian <M15+>
Class of 1984 <R18+>
Clarkson - The Good the Bad and the Ugly <PG>
Clerks II <MA15+>
The Closer the Complete Fifth Season
<M15+> (Nov 2010)
Closing the Ring <M15+>
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs <PG>
(May 2010)
Charlie Wilson's War <M15+>
The Children
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dicken's (1977) <G>
Columbo Season 3 <PG>
Copying Beethoven <PG>
Coupling the complete series <M15+>
Clarkson the Italian Job
<PG> (Jan 2011)
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold <M15+>
Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin with Godmother
(October 09)
Coogan's Run <M15+>
The Collector
<R18+> (Jan 2011)
Come in Spinner <M15+>
Constantine <MA15+>
Corpse Bride, The <PG>
Cow and Chicken Season One <G>
Courage the Cowardly Dog Season One <PG>
Court of Lonely Royals <MA15+>
Clash of the Titans (1981)
<PG> (March 2010)
Cracks <M15+> (April 2011)
Creature Comforts Season 2 Part 1 <G+>
<PG> (October 2010)
The Crazies
<MA15+> (August 2010)
A Crude Awakening <G>
Crusty Demons Hard Metal Collection Vols 1 - 10 <M15+>
Crusty Demons XII Dirty Dozen <M15+>
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button <M15+>
Curb Your Enthusiasm the Complete 6th Season <MA15+>
Curse of the Golden Flower <M15+>
Daddy Daycare <G>
Dan in Real Life <PG>
A Dangerous Man
<MA15+> (April 2011)
Dad's Army (Series 3) <G>
Dad's Army the Christmas Specials <PG>
Daria the Complete Animated Series
<PG> (June 2011)
Dark City Director's Cut <MA15+>
Dark Crystal Anniversary Edition <G>
Dark Ride <MA15+>
Dark Hours, The <MA15+>
Darjeeling Limited, The <MA15+>
Dave in Life
Days of Glory <MA15+>
Day of Wrath <M15+>
Dead Space Aftermath
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Death at a Funeral <M15+>
Death Race 2
<MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Dead Set
(Dec 09)
Dead Snow <MA15+> (March 2010)
The Dead Will Tell <M15+>
Death to the Supermodels <M15+>
Death note Movie Collection <MA15+>
Death Proof <MA15+>
Dear Ringers Season One <M15+>
Definitely, Maybe <M15+>
Definitely, Maybe (Review 2) <M15+>
Desert Flower
<MA15+> (June 2011)
The Devil Came on Horseback <M15+>
Devilman <MA15+>
Dexter Season One <M15+>
Dexter Season Two <M15+>
Diary of a Mad Black Woman <M15+>
Diary of the Dead <MA15+>
Diary of Anne Frank <PG>
Diehard 4.0 <MA15+>
District B13 <MA15+>
The Disappearance of Alice Creed
<MA15+> (November 2010)
Dirty Dancing Anniversary Edition <MA15+>
Disturbia <M15+>
Doctor Strange - Sorcerer Supreme <PG>
Doctor Who the Ark
<PG> (Mar 2011)
Doctor Who the Movie
<M15+> (Mar 2011)
Doctor Who A Christmas Carol (2010 Christmas Special)
Doctor Who Snakedance
<PG> (Feb 2011)
Doctor Who A Christmas Carol
<PG> (Feb 2011)
Doctor Who The Mutants
<PG> (Feb 2011)
Doctor Who the Complete Fifth Series
<PG> (Nov 2010)
Doctor Who - The Caves of Androzani
<PG> (Nov 2010)
Doctor Who the Seeds of Doom
<PG> (Nov 2010)
Doctor Who the Dominators
<PG> (August 2010)
Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 2
<PG> (August 2010)
Doctor Who Series 5 Volume 3 <PG> (Sep 2010)
Doctor Series 5 Volume 4 <PG> (October 2010)
Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special - The Next Doctor <PG>
Doctor Who Beneath the Surface <PG>
Doctor Who Battlefield <PG>
Doctor Who Bred for War - The Sontaran Collection <PG>
Doctor Who the Attack of Cybermen <M15+>
Doctor Who - Planet Spiders
<G> (May 2011)
Doctor Who Mannequin Mania
<PG> (May 2011)
Doctor Who - City of Death <G>
Doctor Who the Cybermen Collection
Doctor Who Dreamland
<PG> (July 2010)
Doctor Who the Deadly Assassin <PG>
Doctor Who - Delta and the Bannerman
(September 09)
Doctor Who - Fang Rock <G>
Doctor Who - Hand of Fear <G>
Doctor Who - Inferno <PG>
Doctor Who - Invasion of Time <PG>
Doctor Who - K-9 Tales <PG>
Doctor Who - The Beginning <PG>
Doctor Who - The Key to Time <PG>
Doctor Who - The Invasion <PG>
Doctor Who Mara Tales
<G> (April 2011)
Doctor Who Myths and Monsters
<PG> (July 2010)
Doctor Who - Planet of Evil <PG>
Doctor Who Planet of the Dead 2009 Easter Special <PG>
Doctor Who - New Beginnings <PG>
Doctor Who The Rescue/The Romans <G>
Doctor Who The Rescue/The Romans <G>
Doctor Who - The Time Warrior <PG>
Doctor Who - Trial of a Time Lord <PG>
Doctor Who - The War Machines <PG>
Doctor Who Revisitations Box Set
<PG> (November 2010)
Doctor Who the Space Musuem/The Chase <PG>
(May 2010)
Doctor Who - Revelations of the Daleks <PG>
Doctor Who - Voyage of the Damned <PG>
Doctor Who the Waters of Mars - Autumn 2009 Special
Doctor Who - Web Planet <PG>
Doctor Who Peladon Tales
<PG> (March 2010)
Doctor Who the Sarah Jane Adventures the Complete Second Season
Doctor Who the Sarah Jane Adventures the Complete Third Season
Doctor Who Season One Volume 4 <PG>
Doctor Who Revisitations 2 Box Set
<M15+> (May 2011)
Doctor Who - The Talons of Weng-Chiang <PG> (Dec 2010)
Doctor Who the Keys of Marinus (Jan 2010)
Doctor Who Volume 2 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1 - The Runaway Bride <PG>
Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 2 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 4 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 5 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 1 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 2 <PG>
Doctor Who Series 4 Volume 4 <PG>
Doctor Who the Masque of Mandragora <PG>
(May 2010)
Doctor Who - Robot <PG>
Doctor Who - Survival <PG>
Doctor Who Frontios
<PG> (June 2011)
Doom Generation <R18+>
Double Indemnity <M15+>
Doomsday <R18+>
Dorian Gray <MA15+>
(May 2010)
Doubt <M15+>
Down Terrace
<MA15+> (Jan 2011)
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Dragonlance - Dragons of Autumn Twilight <PG>
Dragonball Evolution
Drag me to Hell
(Dec 09)
The Duchess of Duke Street, The Series <PG>
Dukes of Hazzard <M15+>
Django <MA15+>
Eagle vs Shark <M15+>
East of Everything Series One <M15+>
East West 101 Season Two
(Dec 09)
The Echo <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Edukators, The <M15+>
Edge of Darkness
<MA15+> (June 2010)
Elizabeth the Golden Age <M15+>
Elite Squad <MA15+>
Emoh Ruo <M15+>
Enough Rope with Andrew Denton - Stirrers <M15+>
<M15+> (June 2010)
Endgame <M15+> (June 2010) (Review 2)
Evan Almighty <G>
The Evil Dead
<R18+> (November 2010)
Everybody Hates Chris Season One <PG>
Exorcist: The Beginning <MA15+>
The Expendables
<M15+> (Nov 2010)
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Extraordinary Measures <PG> (Sep 2010)
The Ex <M15+>
Fame (2009)
(Jan 2010)
Family Guy Season 8
Family Guy: Something, , something,  something Dark Side
Fandango <PG>
Fantastic Four/span> <PG>
Fat Albert <PG>
Fast Show, The (Season 2) <M15+>
Fat Pizza 2 Uncensored <M15+>
Fawlty Towers Volume 4 - The Germans <M15+>
Feast India <E>
Fearless <M15+>
Final Cut, The <M15+>
Final Winter, The/span> <M15+>
Fist of Legend
(September 09)
Fire of Conscience <M15+> (October 2010)
Fireball <M15+> (May 2011)
First Daughter <E>
First Snow <MA15+>
Five Minutes of Heaven
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
Flash Gordon Series 1 (6-Disc Set) <M15+>
Flashpoint <M15+>
Flash of Genius <PG>

Flashbacks of a Fool <MA15+>
Flu Birds <M15+> (June 2010)
Fly me to the Moon <G>
Flintstones, The (Season 1) <G>
The Fountain <M15+>
Frank Herbert's Dune
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Frailty <MA15+>
Freedom Writers <M15+>
The French Kissers
<M15+> (July 2010)
French and Saunders at the Movies <PG>
French Woman, A <M15+>
Friday the 13th (1980)
(September 09)
Friday Night Lights Season 2 <M15+> (June 2010)
Friends (Season 9) <PG>
Frontier (s)
<M15+> (October 2010)
Four Holidays
(Dec 09)
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, The <PG>
Fly Boys, The <M15+>
Flu Birds <M15+> (June 2010)
Funky Squad, The <M15+>
Funny Games, The <MA15+>
Furnace, The <MA15+>
Futurama Bender's Big Score, The <M15+>
Futurama the Beast with a Billion Backs, The <M15+>
Gabriel, The <MA15+>
The Game Plan, The <G>
Garbage Warriore <M15+>
George and the Dragon, The <PG>
Generation Kill
(October 09)
Getting On Complete Series 1 & 2 <MA15+> (May 2011)
Ghosts of the Abyss, The <PG>
Ghost Town <M15+>
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
(Dec 09)
Gigantor the Collection Volume 1
Glorious 39
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Godspeed <MA15+> (May 2010)
Godzilla Heisei Collection
Godzilla Showa Classics Volume 1
(Jan 2010)
Godzilla Showa Classics Volume 2 (November 09)
The Golden Girls the Complete Fifth Season, The <PG>
The Good Life, the Complete Series Four, The <PG>
The Good Night, The <M15+>
The Good The Bad The Weird
(Dec 09)
Gone Baby Gone, The <MA15+>
Gracie <PG>
Grace is Gone, The <M15+>
Grass Roots Series Two <M15+>
Gran Torino <M15+>
Green Lantern First Flight <M15+>
Guarding Eddie <PG>
The Grocer's Son <M15+>
Grudge 2 <M15+>
The Grudge 3 <M15+>
The Gruen Transfer Season 3
<M15+> (Nov 2010)
Gruesome <MA15+>
Gwendoline Uncut <R18+>
Hairspray (1 Disc Version) <PG>
Happy Feet <G>
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana <G>
<M15+> (April 2010)
Halloween 2 (2009)
<R18+> (March 2010)
Hamlet <PG> (June 2011)
Hannah Montana Complete 1st Season <G>
Hannah Montana Season 2 Part 1 (15 Episodes) <G>
Hannah Montana the Movie
(October 09)
Hard Breakers <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Hunter Prey
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Harsh Times <MA15+>
The Haunting of Molly Hartley <M15+>
He-Man & She-Ra, A Christmas Special <G>
He's Such a Girl
<M15+> (April 2011)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army <M15+>
High School Musical 2: Extended Dance Edition <G>
The Hills Run Red
(October 09)
Hitman <MA15+>
Home Improvement the complete fifth season <G>
Homicide: Life on the Streets Series 5
<M15+> (Feb 2011)
How Arnold Won the West <PG>
How to Eat Fried Worms <G>
How Not to Live your Life
(Jan 2010)
Human Trafficking <MA15+>
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Hush 7
(October 09)
Hush Your Mouth <M15+> (Mar 2011)
I Do <M15+>
I love you too
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Ichi <MA15+>
The i Inside <MA15+>
I'm With Lucy <M15+>
In the Electric Mist
<MA15+> (March 2010)
Infestation <M15+> (June 2010)
Inland Empire <MA15+>
Invictus <PG>
(May 2010)
Game of Death <MA15+> (June 2011)
Gardening Australia - the complete gardening box <G>
The Gathering <MA15+>
Going Straight <PG>
Good Hair
<M15+> (August 2010)
Gondoliers, The <PG>
Great White Hype <MA15+>
Goemon the Robin Hood of Japan
<MA15+> (June 2010)
Good Girl, The <M15+>
The Goodies... at last... back for more, again!
<PG> (Jan 2011)
Goodies Tasty Box, The <PG>
The Golden Compass <PG>
Gormenghast <M15+>
Ghost Squad, The <MA15+>
The Gradual Demise of Phillipa Finch
<PG> (May 2011)
Grumpy Old Men at Christmas <M15+>
Grumpy Old Women at Christmas <M15+>
Goodies Tasty Box, The <PG>
Happy Endings <M15+>
Half Light <M15+>
Hancock's Half Hour volume 1 <G>
Hannibal Rising <MA15+>
Harry Brown
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
Harvey Birdman at Law Volume 2 <M15+>
Harvey Birdman at Law Volume 3 <M15+>
Hawking <PG>
The Haunting in Connecticut
<MA15+> (July 2010)
He's Just Not That Into You <M15+>
Head On <R18+>
Heart of the Dragon <M15+>
<R18+> (Oct 2010)
Heartbreak Kid (2007) <MA15+>
The Henry Rollins Show Season One <M15+>
The Henry Rollins Show Season Two <M15+>
Henry Rollins Uncut from Israel <M15+>
Heroes of the East
(October 09)
Henry Rollins Uncut from NYC <M15+>
Heroes Season 2 <M15+>
High School Musical 3: Senior Year <G>
The High and the Mighty Special Collector's Edition <PG>
The Hills Season 3 <PG>
House of 1000 Corpses <MA15+>
House of Wax <MA15+>
HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury <G>
Hondo <M15+>
The Hurt Locker <MA15+>
(July 2010)
Hush <M15+>
Hysterical Blindness <M15+>
I Hate Valentines
(September 09)
I Know Who Killed Me <MA15+>
Iceman Cometh (Hong Kong Legends) <MA15+>
Idiocracy <M15+>
The IT Crowd Series 1 - 3 <M15+>
The IT Crowd Series 4 <M15+>
The Illusionist <M15+>
I'm Not There <M15+>
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark <M15+>
Inglorious Bastards
Inkheart <PG>
Into the Sun <MA15+>
Into the Sun (Review 2) <MA15+>
In the footsteps of Alexander the Great <PG>
Into the Sun <MA15+>
The Invasion <M15+>
Invisble, The <M15+>
Iron Monkey (Platinum Edition) <M15+>
Island in the Sky Special Collector's Edition <PG>
It's Alive
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
The Invincible Iron Man <PG>
Jackass 2.5 <MA15+>
Jackass the Lost Tapes
(Dec 09)
Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit
(October 09)
Jailbait <MA15+>
Jamie Does...
<G> (Nov 2010)
The Jammed
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
JCVD <M15+>
Jeff Green Live Back from the Bewilderness Live from the West End <M15+>
Jennifer's Body
<MA15+> (March 2010)
Jericho Mansions <MA15+>
Jim Jarmusch Ghost Dog <MA15+>
John Bishop Live
<M15+> (April 2011)
John Safran the Lost Pilot
(Jan 2010)
Jonathon Creek Series 1 <M15+>
Josh Thomas Surprise
<M15+> (May 2011)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D (Review 2) <PG>
Ju-On: White Ghost/Black Ghost
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
Jumper SE <M15+>
Julian Clary Lord of the Mince
<MA15+> (April 2011)
Juno <M15+>
Kaiden <M15+>
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
Kath & Kim Series 4 <PG>
Keeping Up Appearances Season 5 <PG>
Kenny <M15+>
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Kidnap and Ransom <M15+> (April 2011)
Kill Switch <M15+>
The Killing Part 1
<M15+> (October 2010)
The Killing Part 2 <M15+> (Feb 2011)
The Killing Machine
<MA15+> (October 2010)
(September 09)
Killers <M15+> (Dec 2010)
The Killer Inside Me <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
King of Beggars (Hong Kong Legends) <M15+>
Kinsey <MA15+>
The Kite Runner <M15+>
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang <MA15+>
Knife Edge
<M15+> (July 2010)
Knight Rider Season 3 <PG>
Kung Fu Panda <G>
L Change the World <M15+>
Labyrinth Anniversary Edition <G>
Lady Chatterley's Lover <M15+>
Lady Death the Motion Picture (Platinum Edition)<M15+>
Laid the Complete first Season
<M15+> (April 2011)
The Land that Time Forgot (September 09)
Lars and the Real Girl <PG>
Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure <M15+>
The Last House on the Left
(September 09)
The Last King of Scotland <MA15+>
The Last Legion <M15+>
The Last Kiss (Platinum Edition)<MA15+>
The Last Mimzy <PG>
The Late Show Presents - Bargearse and the Olden Days (Platinum Edition)<M15+>
Law & Order Season 2 <M15+>
Law & Order: SVU Season One <M15+>
League of Gentlemen the complete series <M15+>
Lee Evans 2005 XL Tour Live <MA15+>
Legally Blonde 2 <PG>
Legend of the Seeker
<M15+> (Mar 2011)
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chezn Zhen  
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man <M15+>
Letters to Juliet
<PG> (Sep 2010)
Let Me In <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Love Exposure <MA15+> (Sep 2010)
The Librarians <M15+>
The Life before her Eyes
<MA15+> (June 2011)
The Life of Brian the Immaculate Edition <MA15+>
Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan <PG>
Life As We Know It
<M15+> (April 2011)
Life's a Zoo Volume 1
(November 2009)
Like Stars on Earth (November 2009)
Little Britain Abroad <M15+>
Little Britain USA
Little Fockers
<M15+> (April 2011)
The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Beginning <G>
Looking for Eric
(Jan 2010)
The Loys Boys 2 - The Tribe <R18+>
Lord of the Flies - Director's Suite (Peter Brook) <PG>
The Lost Thing
<G> (Feb 2011)
Love and Other Impossible Pursuits <M15+> (April 2011)
Love Exposure
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Love the Beast
The Lover
<R18+> (Dec 2010)
Lost Season 4 <M15+>
Lucas <M15+>
Lucinda Brayford <PG>
Lucky You <M15+>
The Machine Girl

Mad Money <PG>
Made <MA15+>
Made of Honor <M15+>
Madea's Family Reunion <MA15+>
Magnum Season P.I. Season 2 <PG>
Magnum Season P.I. Season 3 <M15+>
Make it Happen <M15+>
(Jan 2010)
Mao's Last Dancer <PG> (March 2010)
Married with Children the Complete 2nd Season <PG+>
Martian Child <M15+>
Marty Feldman, The Best Of <PG>
MasterChef Australia Master Class - Series 2
<G> (Oct 2010)
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Volume 1
(Dec 09)
The Master <M15+>
Men Behaving Badly Six Pack
<M15+> (June 2011)
The Merrick and Rosso Show Season One <M15+>
The Mentalist the Complete Second Season
<M15+> (Nov 2010)
Metalocalypse Season 1 <M15+>
Metalocalypse Season 3: The Dead Man
<M15+> (Dec 2010)
McLintock! Authentic Collector's Edition <M15+>
Meet the Parents <M15+>
Meet the Spartans <M15+>
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
The Messengers <M15+>
MDA (Medical Defence Australia) <M15+>
Michael Clayton <MA15+>
A Mighty Heart <G>
Mikado, The <G+>
A Million
<M15+> (Mar 2011)
Millenium Season 1 <M15+>
Mind Your Language the Complete First Series <PG>
Mongul <MA15+>
Morning Light
(November 09)
Monk Season 1 <M15+>
Monkey Journey to the West <PG>
Monkey Puzzle
Morel Orel Volume 2
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
Monster Garage Season 4 <PG> (Feb 2011)
Mother <MA15+> (June 2010)
Mother & Son Volume 4 <PG>
Morel Orel the Unholy Version <MA15+>
Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium <G>
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor <M15+>
Mulan Musical Masterpiece Collection
(November 2009)
My Sisters Keeper (Dec 09)
My Year without Sex
Munich <MA15+>
My Bloody Valentine 3D <R18+>
My Blueberry Nights <PG>
My Silent Partner <PG>
My Lucky Stars (Hong Kong Legends) <PG>
My Life Without Me <M15+>
Oz Season Two <MA15+>
Oz Season Five <MA15+>
Nanny McPhee <PG>
The Nanny Diaries <M15+>
Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel <PG>
Nathalie <MA15+>
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Collector's Edition <PG>
Necessary Evil
<MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Neverwas <PG>
New Tricks <M15+>
New Tricks Series 3 <M15+>
Next <M15+>
Night Watch <MA15+>
The Night Listener <M15+>
Nigella Feasts <G>
Nighty Night <MA15+>
<M15+> (June 2010)
The Nines <M15+>
Nine Months <M15+>
No Mercy for the Rude <M15+>
No Country for Old Men <M15+>
Nomad the Warrior <M15+>
Norbit <M15+>
Noise <MA15+>
Not my Life <M15+>
Nothing but the Truth
(Dec 09)
Nowhere Boy <M15+> (April 2010)
The Number 23 <MA15+>
Observe and Report
(October 09)
Odd Couple, The <M15+>
Officekiller <MA15+>
Only Fools and Horses (Series 5) <G>
Operatunity <PG>
Once Upon a Time in America <R18+>
Orphanage, The <M15+>
Ong Bak 2
(Jan 2010)
Orphan (Jan 2010)
The Other Boleyn Girl <M15+>
Paul McCartney Really is Dead
<M15+> (November 2010)
Paper Man <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Paranoid Park <M15+>
Paris Je T'Aime <R18+>
Passengers <M15+>
Patience <G>
Peep Show <MA15+>
Peaceful Warrior <PG>
People Like Us <M15+>
Phone Booth <M15+>
Planet Terror <MA15+>
Pimp my Ride the Complete Second Season <M15+>
Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition <G>
Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge <>
Phat Girlz <M15+>
Phantasm The Tetralogy I-IV
<R18+> (June 2010)
Pigs <MA15+>
Pineapple Express <MA15+>
Police Story <M15+>
Postcard Bandit <M15+>
Plague Dogs, The <M15+>
Planet 51 <PG>
(May 2010)
Ponyo <PG> (July 2010)
Pride and Glory <MA15+>
Primeval the Complete Series 4 <M15+> (June 2011)
Princess Protection Program, Royal Best Friends Edition
The Princess and the Frog <G> (June 2010)
Prelude to a Kiss <PG>
The Princess and the Frog
<G> (June 2010)
Prince of Persia the Sands of Time <PG> (October 2010)
The Proposal
(November 09)
The Protector <MA15+>
<M15+> (June 2010)
P.S. I Love You <M15+>
Pulse 2: Afterlife <MA15+>
Pulp Fiction 10th Anniversary 2-Disc Collectors Edition <R18+>
Pure Pwnage
<M15+> (May 2011)
Quincy, M.E. Season 1 & 2 <M15+>
Quincy, M.E. Season 1 & 2 (Review 2) <M15+>
Japanese Story, The <M15+>
Journey in Italy (Director's Suite) <PG>
Journey to the Centre of the Earth <PG>
Rake DVD
<MA15+> (April 2011)
Rashomon, The <M15+>
The Rebel: Dragon Dynasty <MA15+>
The Rebound
<M15+> (August 2010)
Rescue Dawn <MA15+>
Reservation Road <M15+>
Rest Stop Dead Ahead <M15+>
Red Dwarf VI <PG>

Red Dwarf VII <PG>
The Red Riding Trilogy <MA15+>
Redacted <MA15+>

Red vs. Blue Season 5 <M15+>
Red vs Blue the Blood Gulch Chronicles <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Red vs Blue Recreation <M15+> (May 2010)

The Reaping <M15+>
The Reader
The Reef <G>
Remember Me <M15+>
Rendition <MA15+>
Resident Evil Degeneration <MA15+>
Retribution <MA15+>
Return, The (Special Edition) <M15+>
Review with Myles Barlow Season 2 <MA15+>

Ride on Stranger <M15+>
Ripping Yarns - The Complete Ripping Yarns <M15+>
Robin -B- Hood (October 09)
The Robinsons <M15+>
Robot Chicken Season 2 <MA15+>
Robot Chicken Season 4
(Jan 2010)
Robots <G+>
Rock: Profile <M15+>
Rogue <MA15+>

Ronnie Barker, the best of <G+>
Roswell Season 1 Boxed Set <M15+>

Roswell Season 2 Boxed Set <M15+>
Rooster Teeth Shorts Volume 1 - Do Not open until the future <M15+>
A River Somewhere <G>
Robin Hood (2006) <M15+>
Rome Season One <MA15+>
Robo Geisha <R18+> (July 2010)
Rubber <MA15+> (May 2011)
Rumour Has It <M15+>
Run Fatboy Run <M15+>
Running Scared <MA15+>
Russian Ark <G>
Ruslan  <M15+>
Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws (November 09)
Sarah's Key <M15+> (May 2011)
LA Ink the Complete Season One
<PG> (May 2011)
Chanbara Beauty
<MA15+> (May 2011)
Sauna (Dec 09)
Saxondale Series 1 <M15+>
The Secret of Kells (April 2010)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 1 (Dec 09)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 2
(Dec 09)
The Secret Garden <G>
The Secret Magic of the Gourd <G>
The Secret Show - UZZ Files Volume 1 <G>
Send a Bullet
Severed Ways
<MA15+> (October 2010)
Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy (October 09)
Sex and the City the Movie - Extended Cut <M15+>
Sex and the City 2
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
School for Scoundrels <G>
School of Comedy
<MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Scrapheap Challenge: Mudmonsters and other Challenges <PG>
Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior <M15+>
Scrubs Season 6 <M15+>
She-Ra Princess of Power Season One Collection One
Shotgun Stories <M15+>
The Summit (November 09)
Swift and Shift Couriers <MA15+>
Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs (IMAX) <G>
Send a Bullet
September <M15+>
Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby <M15>
Shadow Puppets <MA15+>
Shameless <MA15+>
The Ship of No Return: The Last Voyage of the Gustloff
The Shining (1997) <M15+>
Shooting Dogs <MA15+>
The Signal <R18+>
Silent Partner <MA15+>
A Single Man
<M15+> (June 2010)
The Simpsons Season 12 (September 09)
Sin <MA15+>
Six Feet Under Season One <M15+>
Showgirls <R18+>
Skinwalkers <MA15+>
<M15+> (Nov 2010)
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Shine a Light <M15+>
Shrek the Third <PG>
Shrek the Halls <G>
Scales of Justice <M15+>
School of Rock <PG>
Skins Complete Series 1 - 4 Box set <R18+> (Feb 2011)
Slacker <M15+>
Sleek Geeks <PG>
Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition <G>
Slither <MA15+>
Shooter <M15+>
Sin Eater, The <MA15+>
Sliders Series 1 & 2 <M15+>
Sling Blade <MA15+>
Snakes on a Plane <MA15+>
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2 Disc Set
(September 09)
State of Play Series 1 <M15+>
The Stepfather <MA15+>
(May 2010)
Street Fighter the Legend of Chun-Li (Dec 09)
Solitary Man <M15+> (August 2010)
Solaris <M15+>
Sound of Music <G>
The Sounds of Aus <PG>
Southland Tales <M15+>
South Park Season 4 <M15+>
South Park Season 10 <M15+>
South Park Season 11 <MA15+>
South Park: The Cult of Cartman
South Park Imaginationland <MA15+>
Space Buddies
Space Chimps <PG>
Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 2 <PG>
Space Ghost Coast to Coast the 1998 Episodes
Space Ghost Coast to Coast from the Kentucky Nightmare
Spanglish <M15+>
Spanish Apartment, The <M15+>
(October 09)
Speed Racer the Movie (2008) <PG>
Spiderwick Chronicles, The <PG>
Sports Movie <MA15+>
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring <M15+>
Spring Breakdown
(August 09)
Son of the Mask, The <PG>
St Trinian's <M15+>
Star Trek (2009)
(November 09)
Star Trek the Original Series Season 1 HD DVD <PG>
Star Trek V the Final Frontier
Stargate Ark of Truth <M15+>
Stargate Continuum SE <M15+>
Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods
Star Wars: The Clone Wars  Season 1 Volume 1
Star Wars: The Clone Wars  Season 1 Volume 2
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 Volume 3 (September 09)
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 Volume 4
(September 09)
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 2 Volume 1
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 2 Volume 2
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 2 Volume 3
Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 2 Volume 4
Star Wars Robot Chicken <MA15+>
Stay Cool
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
The Stephen K Amos Show <M15+> (April 2011)
Stomp the Yard Home Coming
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
Step Up 2 The Streets <PG>
Stephen King's Silver Bullet
(November 09)
Stoic <MA15+> (Oct 2010)
Style Wars <M15+>
Strangers, The <MA15+>
Strange Bedfellows <M15+>
Stranger than Fiction <M15+>
Street Kings <MA15+>
Subject Two <MA15+>
Suicide Club
<MA15+> (June 2010)
Survivors the Complete Collection (November 09)
Surveillance <R18+>
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody <G>
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Sweet Victory <G>
Superhero the Movie <M15+>
Superman Doomsday <M15+>
Supernanny Season 1 <PG>
Summer Heights High Series One <M15+>
Survivors Series One
<M15+> (July 2010)
Surfer Dude <MA15+>
Squidbillies Volume 1 <MA15+>
Sunshine (2007) <MA15+>
Sunshine Cleaning
(October 09)
The Switch <MA15+>
Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street <MA15+>
Sword and the Sorcerer Collector's Edition
Tape <M15+>
Tangled <G> (April 2011)
Tell Me Something <MA15+>
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2
The Tripods Series 1 <G>
Taken <M15+>
The Tattooist <MA15+>
Taxi <M15+>
Taxi (Review 2) <M15+>
Ten Empty <MA15+>
Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning <R18+>
That 70's Show Season One <PG>
That 70's Show Season Two <PG>
The Night Evelyn came out of the Grave (Uncut - Remastered) <R18+>
The Ten <MA15+>
Then She Found Me <M15+>
They <M15+>
Three Burials <MA15+>
Tightrope <M15+>
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! <M15+>
Tim and Eric Awesome Showm Great Job! 4
<M15+> (Dec 2010)
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas <G+>
Thank God Your Here the Complete Series Three <M15+>
Thank God You're Here the Complete Series 4
(November 2009)
That 70's Show (Season One) <G>
That Mitchell and Webb Look <M15+>
That Mitchell and Webb Look Series 2
(Jan 2010)
The Treasure Hunter (Jan 2010)
There Will Be Blood <M15+>
Things You Don't Tell <M15+>
Ticking Clock <MA15+> (April 2011)
Tim Minchin So Live <MA15+>
Titan Maximum Series One
<MA15+> (October 2010)
The Time Traveller's Wife
<M15+> (March 2010)
To the Ends of the Earth <MA15+>
To the Manor Born: Series 2 <PG+>
Tokyo Gore Police
Top Gear Stunt Challenge (Richard Hammond) <PG>
Top Gear Back in the Fast Lane - The Best of Series 1 and 2 <PG>
Top Gear Collection <PG>
Top Gear the Great Adventures Polar Special <PG>
Top Gear the Complete Series 11
<PG> (April 2010)
Top Gear Series 13 <PG> (Sep 2010)
Top Gear Challenges 4
<PG> (Sep 2010)
Torchwood Season One Part One <M15+>
Torchwood Season One Part Three <M15+>
Towelhead <MA15+>
The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift <M15+>
This is England <M15+>
Tom Goes to the Mayor <M15+>
TMNT (2007) <PG>
Trailer Park of Terror
(November 09)
Transformers <PG>
Transformers Collection 1 Series 1
Transsiberian <MA15+>
Trick 'r Treat  (November 09)
Tripod Live at Woodford
The Tunnel <M15+> (April 2011)
Aunty Jack's Woollongong the Brave <PG>
U23D (IMAX) <G>
Ultimate Avengers Movie <M15+>
(Dec 09)
Underbelly Uncut - Limited Edition (5 Disc Set) <M15+>
The Underbelly Files <M15+> (Feb 2011)
Under the Mountain <M15+> (Sep 2010)
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Undisputed III :Redemption <M15+> (July 2010)
Untraceable <M15+>
U.S. vs. John Lennong <M15+>
U.S. vs. John Lennong <M15+>
U.S. vs. John Lennong <M15+>
V the Complete First Season
<M15> (Nov 2010)
Valhalla Rising <MA15+> (May 2011)
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl
<MA15> (April 2010)
Van Wilder Freshman Year Uncut (Jan 2010)
Vanquisher <M15+> (June 2011)
The Veteran <M15+>
Violent Cop <MA15+>
Van Diemen's Land
(Feb 2010)
Vengeance <MA15+> (March 2010)
The Wallace and Gromit Collection
(September 09)
Wallis and Edward <PG>
Waltz with Bashir
Wanted <MA15+>
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep <PG>
Watchmen 2 Disc Special Edition
Watchmen the Complete Motion Comic <MA15+>
Wartime Drama <M15+>
The Wave
Way of War
<MA15+> (June 2010)
We Were Soldiers <MA15+>
We Own the Night (Preview) <MA15+>
<MA15+> (Sep 2010)
West Wing Season 5 <MA15+>
Where the Red Fern Grows
(Dec 09)
Wizard of Gore (Jan 2010)
Whore <R18+>
Weatherwoman <R18+>
The Wrestler
You Don't Mess with the Zohan <M15+>
The Young Victoria
(Jan 2010)
The Wackness <MA15+>
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter
What a Girls Wants
Wild Ocean 3D (IMAX) <G>
Weird Science
When a Stranger Calls <M15+>
Who Killed Nancy? (October 09)
Wind in the Willows (2006) <PG>
Winged Creatures
(November 2009)
Wish Gone Amiss <G>
White Lion <G> (April 2011)
Wild Target <M15+> (April 2011)
Wolf Creek <R18>
Wonder Woman
Woochi <M15+> (Oct 2010)
Worst Week of my Life Series 1
Zombie Stripers
Worst Jobs in History Season 2
Wire, The (Season One) <MA15+>
Xena Season 6
XII <R18+> (June 2010)
Yatter Man <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Yes Man
Yes, Prime Minister the complete series 1 & 2 <G>
The Year my Voice Broke 21st Anniversary Special Edition
Zack and Miri Make a Porno <R18+>

Archived Reviews

11'09"01 September 11 <M15+>
8 Women <M15+>
8MM <R>
12 Monkeys <M15+>
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About Schmidt <M15+>
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls <M15+>
Alien Quadrilogy <MA15+>
All About The Benjamins <MA15+>
All The Right Moves <M15+>
Amandla! <PG+>
Amelie (French Language - English Subtitles) <M15+>
American Misfits <MA15+>
American Pie <MA15+>
American Psycho <R>
Andersonville <M15+>
Anzacs <M15+>
The Apartment (French Language - English Subtitles) <M15+>
Arlington Road <M15+>
As Time Goes By <PG>
As Time Goes By Series Nine <PG>
Austin Powers in Goldmember <M15+>
Auto Focus <R18+>
Babylon 5 Season 2 boxed set <M15+>
Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever <M15+>
Band of Brothers <MA15+>
The Bank <M15+>
Basic <M15+>
Beast Master, The <M15+>
Blake's 7 Complete Series One <PG>
The Brady Bunch Movie <PG>
A Very Brady Sequel <PG>
Beneath Clouds <M15+>
The Best of MTV's The Tom Green Show <M15+>
Bichunmoo (Korean Language) <MA15+>
Black Hawk Down <MA15+>
The Blair Witch Project Special Edition <MA15+>
Blood Work <MA15+>
Blue Crush (Rental) <M15+>
Blurred <M15+>
Bones <MA15+>
The Boston Strangler <M15+>
The Bourne Identity (2002) <M15+>
Brides of Christ <M15+>
Bringing Out The Dead <R18+>
A Bronx Tale <M15+>
Callan <M15+>
Cambridge Spies <M15+>
Candyman <M15+>
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh <M15+>
Catch Me If You Can <M15+>
Cheats <M15+>
Chronicles of Narnia, The <G>
Cinema Paradiso (Italian Language - English Subtitles) <PG>
Citizen Kane <PG>
CKY Trilogy Round 1 <R18+>
CKY Trilogy Round 2 <R18+>
Class of 1999 <R18+>
The Club <M15+>
Core, The<M15+>
Coupling The Complete First Series <M15+>
Crackerjack <M15+>
Cradle 2 the Grave <MA15+>
Cradle of Fear <R18+>
The Craic  <M15+>
Crashburn Collection 2 <M15+>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 1 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 2 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 3 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 4 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 5 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 6 <G>
Crystal Voyager <G>
C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigations) Season 1 Boxed Sets 1 & 2 <MA15+>
C.S.I (Crime Scene Investigations) Season 2 Boxed Set 1 <MA15+>
Cube <M15+>
Dances with Wolves (Collector's Edition) <M15+>
Daredevil (2003) <M15+>
Dark Angel Season 2 Boxed sets 1 & 2 <G>
Dawn of the Dead (2004) <MA15+>
Donnie Darko <M15+>
The Day the Earth Stood Still <G>
The Dead Zone <M15+>
Die Another Day (007) <M15+>
Dirty Dancing <M15+>
Doctor Who: The Aztecs <G>
Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks <PG>
Doctor Who the Dalek Collection 
(Dec 09)
Doctor Who the Twin Dilemma  (Dec 09)
Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video <R18+>
Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video (Vol 2) - The Tour <R18+>
Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video - Out on Bail <R18+>
Dreamcatcher <MA15+>
Driving Miss Daisy <G>
Dungeons & Dragons <M15+>
Edge of Darkness <M15+>
Elephant Juice <M15+>
Elvis: Fun in Acapulco <G>
Elvis: Girls Girls Girls <G>
Enigma <M15+>
The Evil Dead <R18+>
The Experiment (German w/ English Subtitles) <MA15+>
Far from Heaven <M15+>
Fargo Special Edition <MA15+>
Fat Pizza <MA15+>
Fight Club <R18+>
Final Destination 2 <M15+>
Flesh and Bone <M15+>
Flirt <M15+>
Four Weddings & A Funeral <M15+>
Frailty <MA15+>
Freddy Got Fingered <R18+>
Frozen in Fear <MA15+>
Futurama Season 2 Boxed Set <PG>
Futurama Season 3 Boxed Set <PG>
Futurama Season 4 Boxed Set <PG>
Gangster Number One <MA15+>
Garage Days (Rental) <MA15+>
Gaslight <PG>
Get Carter <MA15+>
Ghost Ship <MA15+>
Ghosts... Of the Civil Dead <R18+>
Giant <PG>
Gigli <PG>
The Glow <M15+>
Godsend <M15+>
Gone In 60 Seconds <M15+>
Good Advice <M15+>
Goodbye Mr Chips <PG>
Goodies, The (8 Delicious Episodes) <PG>
Goodfellas <R18+>
The Grudge <M15+>
The Guru <M15+>
Halloween <R18+>
Halloween II <R18+>
Hamburger Hill <M15+>
Happy Tree Friends Vol. 1: First Blood <MA15+>
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone <G>
Harvie Krumpet <PG>
Hitler: The Rise of Evil <M15+>
Hooper <M15+>
Hulk <M15+>
Human Nature <MA15+>
Infernal Affairs (Cantonese Language Film) <M15+>
Insider, The <M15+>
Insomnia (original - Norwegian Language Film) <M15+>
Intacto (Spanish Language Film) <M15+>
I, Robot <M15+>
Jackass The Movie <M15+>
The Jimeoin: All Over The Shop <M15+>
Johnny Mnemonic <M15+>
John Wayne Big Westerns Collection: The Big Trail <G>
John Wayne Big Westerns Collection: The Comancheros <PG>
John Wayne Big Westerns Collection: North to Alaska <PG>
John Wayne Big Westerns Collection: The Undefeated <G>
Journey to the Centre of the Earth <PG>
Judas Kiss <MA15+>
Just Married <PG>
Kath & Kim Series 2 <PG>
K-Pax <M15+>
Kenny Everett: The Complete Naughty Bits <PG>
The Kid Stays in the Picture <M15+>
Killing Me Softly <R18+>
Kickin' It Old School <M15+>
Kolya <PG>
La Dolce Vita <M15+>
The Last Emperor <M15+>
League of Gentlemen, The (the entire first series) <M15+>
League of Gentlemen, The (the entire second series) <M15+>
League of Gentlemen, The (the entire third series) <M15+>
Leunig Animated <PG>
Like Mike <PG>
Linda Green (The Complete First Series) <M15+>
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels <MA15+>
Lolita (Special Edition 1997) <R18+>
Love and Human Remains <R>
Love Thy Neighbour: Complete Series I <PG>
Lovely & Amazing <M15+>
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, The <M15+>
Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King <M15+>
Made <MA15+>
Made in America <M15+>
Malcolm <PG>
Manchild Season One <M15+>;
The Man From Elysian Fields <M15+>
The Martins <M15+>
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World <M15+>
The Matrix <M15+>
Matrix Revolutions <M15+>
Memento <MA15+>
Midnight Vendetta <MA15+>
Miller's Crossing <M15+>
Monsoon Wedding <M15+>
Moulin Rouge <M15+>
Mullet <M15+>
The Musketeer <M15+>
Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) <PG>
My Big Fat Greek Wedding <G>
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation <M15+>
National Lampoons Class Reunion <M15+>
National Lampoons Vegas Vacation <M15+>
Next of Kin <M15+>
The Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition <R18+>
Nine Lives <M15+>
The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat <R18+>
No Man's Land (Serbo-Croatian - English Subtitles) <MA15+>
Nothing But Trouble <M15+>
The Nugget <M15+>
NYPD Blue Season One <M15+>
Ocean's Eleven <M15+>
The Omega Man <M15+>
Once Upon A Time In America <R18+>
One Crazy Summer <PG>
One Hour Photo (Rental) <M15+>
One Hour Photo (Retail) <M15+>
One Perfect Day <M15+>
Open all Hours Series One <PG>
The Pirate Movie <PG>
Plan B <M15+>
Planet of the Apes the complete television series <PG>
Pitch Black <M15+>
Comedy Series - Dave Chappelle <M15+>
Pluto Nash <M15+>
Point Break <M15+>
Porridge Series One <PG+>
The Prime Gig <M15+>
Princess Blade <M15+>
Puberty Blues <M15+>
Quads <M15+>
Rabbit-Proof Fence <PG>
Read My Lips <M15+>
Red Dragon (Rental Version) <MA15+>
Red Dwarf II <PG>
Red Dwarf III <PG>
Red Dwarf IV <PG>
Red Dwarf Back to Earth (Dec 09)
Reservoir Dogs Respiro <M15+>
Revenge of the Nerds <M15+>
Ring <MA15+>
Ring 2 <M15+>
Ripley's Game <M15+>
Ripping Friends <PG>
Rock N Roll High School <M15+>
Romper Stomper <R18+>
Scream Collectors Edition <MA15+>
SeaChange Series 2 (parts 1 & 2) <PG>t;
Searching for Bobby Fischer <G>
Serving Sara <PG>
Se7en (deluxe special edition) <R18+>
Seapower Vol. 1 <PG>
Seapower Vol. 2 <PG>
Sea Wolves <PG>
Secretary, The <MA15+>
Set It Off <MA15+>
Seven Samurai (Japanese Language) <PG>
Shackleton <M15+>
Shadow of the Vampire <M15+>
The Shield the complete first season <M15+>
Shiner <M15+>
The Shining (1997) <M15+>
Signs (Rental Edition) <M15+>
The Simple Life <PG>
Simpsons - Christmas with the Simpsons, The <PG>
Simpsons - Risky Business, The <PG>
Simpsons, The (Season 3 Boxed Set) <PG>
The Sleeping Dictionary <M15+>
Snatch <MA15+>
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em the Complete First Series <G>
Sons & Lovers <M15+>
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Two <PG>
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season Three <PG>
Stranded <M15+>
Streets of Gold <MA15+>
Swamp Thing <M15+>
The Swarm <PG>
Sweet Revenge <M15+>
Swingers <M15+>
Takedown <M15+>
Taffin <MA15+>
Terminator 2 - Ultimate Edition <MA15+>
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 25th Anniversary Special Edition <MA15+>
Them! <PG>
They <MA15+>
They Were Expendable <G>
Thunderpants <PG>
Tigerland <MA15+>
The Tom Green Show: Something Smells Funny<M15+>
The Tom Green Show: Subway Monkey Hour <M15+>
The Tom Green Show: Tonsil Hockey <M15+>
Tombstone 2-Disc Directors Cut <M15+>
Toys <PG>
The Best of the Two Ronnies Volume 2 <PG>
The Tracker <MA15+>
Traffic <MA15+>
The Transporter (Rental) <M15+>
The Turning <MA15+>
Two Hands <MA15+>
Two Weeks Notice <PG>
Undead <MA15+>
Underworld <MA15+>
The Vanishing (original - Dutch Language Film) <M15+>
Versus (Japanese Language Film) <R18+>
The Vicar of Dibley: The Complete First Series <PG>
Volcano High (Korean Language/ English Subtitles) <M15+>
A Walk to Remember <PG>
The Wanderers <M15+>
Waydowntown <M15+>
When in Rome <PG> (Sep 2010)
Who Is Cletis Tout? <M15+>
The Wicker Man (Director's Cut) <R18+>
Wildcats <M15+>
Wildstyle <M15+>
Wire in the Blood: Justice Painted Blind <M15+>
Wire in the Blood: The Mermaids Singing <M15+>
Wire in the Blood: Shadows Rising <M15+>
The Wisdom of Crocodiles <MA15+>
WWF: Divas Tropical Pleasure <M15+>
WWF: Funniest Moments <M15+>
Yojimbo (Japanese Language) <PG>
Young Guns <M15+>
Young Lions, The <PG>
Young Ones, The (Series Two) <PG>
Y Tu Mama Tambien <R18+>
X-Files Season 6 Boxed Set <MA15+>
X-Files Season 7 Boxed Set <MA15+>


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