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DVD Reviews: Next of Kin

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 28 April 2003
Distributed by:
Warner Home Video
Running Time: ?

‘Next of Kin’ stars Patrick Swayze, Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Ben Stiller and Liam Neeson (what a great relief to go through the credits and find Neeson’s name – it was bugging me the whole movie). 

Swayze gives probably one of his best performances playing Truman, a city cop from ‘the hills’. When a man in Truman’s large hick family (one of their ‘kin’) is killed, any and every man in the family avenges his death. 

Years later, Truman’s brother Gerald (Paxton) gets caught up with the mafia and is murdered.  At Gerald’s funeral Truman’s family decide they must seek revenge.  They send the eldest brother, Bryer (Neeson) to avenge Gerald’s death the way that their kin have been doing for years – ‘an eye for an eye’. 

With Truman being a cop the conflict between the two brothers is set.  Truman pursues the killers in the ‘right way’ and Bryer in the wrong way (the ‘hills way’).  Bryer’s search for the killers leads him in the right direction, but with Truman right on his trail he can’t get too far. 

The search for Gerald’s killers goes on until both his entire family and the mafia family are drawn in.  With superior intellect and hunting skills, Truman’s family appear to have the upper hand in their war against the mafia.  The mafia, on the other hand, boast superior firepower, making this a bloody conflict. 

This is a good movie you’re in the mood for eighties action.  It’s better than the majority of action films made in this era. 

However, the DVD portion of the movie isn’t flash at all.  ‘Next of Kin’ may as well have stayed on VHS.  With no extras and just as good quality as any VHS tape, this isn’t DVD worthy.  If you are having trouble getting it on VHS, DVD is your only choice.   

The DVD version is not an upgrade in sound or picture quality from the VHS, so merely retaining the first generation of the film is worthwhile.  If you like the movie, don’t hesitate to buy it.  It’s still a good buy, though not one of the best in my collection.

Next of Kin Features

  • Babow!


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