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DVD Reviews:  CKY Trilogy Round 2

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Andrew B
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There baaaack! The guys from CKY have returned in an all-star Jackass presentation that is one of the most funniest and stupidest things that I have ever seen. CKY Trilogy Round 2 stars Bam Magera, Brandon DiCamillo, Ryan Dunn Raab Himself, Jess Magera and Rake Yohn who were made popular by MTV's Jackass. CKY predates Jackass and is a collection of amusing segments that have been pieced together by Bam Magera. The DVD contains some "happening" music, professional skating, various comedy skits and of course some quite dangerous and humorous stunts.

Although the CKY crew target more "innocents" in this incarnation of the series, it virtually had me crying from laughter at some of the stupidity that these guys get up to. For instance, the first sketch involves the gang playing "street" football on the road and basically kicking a gridiron ball into oncoming cars but the funniest seen in the entire DVD was entitled "SH@!* Dollar" and when Bam puts down a faeces covered dollar near a teller machine, the greed of a business gets to the better of him. He basically picks up the dollar (thinking that it's his lucky day) but realises that something else is on the dollar and lets just say things get "rough" from there. The DVD also contains some great skating scenes, Bam beating up his dad Phil and the guys making fools of themselves. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but it had me in stitches!  


As with the previous instalment of this series, CKY Trilogy 2 was solely filmed with cam corders but considering that none of these guys had any professional training, they do quite a good job on the vide quality. The disc is also presented in the standard 4:3.1 format.


The audio quality of the disc, although not supporting the latest whizz-bang sound formats is quite clear and audible  and Bam does a great job including a variety of different styles of music to accompany this awesome DVD.


Although this DVD doesn't come with any "real" extras, there are a few entitled "Him right here in my arms", "Kovenant College" and "Bran's Freestyle" that showcases the guys performing a variety of stunts and sketches.

CKY Trilogy Round 2 had me in stitches as I watched these loveable fools make "'jackasses" out of themselves (pun intended) and although not as refined as MTV's Jackass, it's a worthy purchase to anyone who loved the television series.  

CKY Trilogy Round 2

  • Him right here in my arms

  • Kovenant College

  • Bran's Freestyle


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