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DVD Reviews: The Sleeping Dictionary

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 21 June 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment

The statuesque beauty of Jessica Alba (Star of Dark Angel) is hypnotic and some of the scenes from this film will have a man salivating all over the remote …ahem.  Yes this film is about love and passion and all things righteous in the laws of love. The message is clear, only marry the one person you love the most.  I think I have seen this done before and probably you may have seen it too, but these moral reiterations have not been done before quite as well as this.  It is set in the jungle of Era Sarawak in Malaysia and Truscott is in for the ride that will change his life forever. 

Truscott (Hugh Dancy star of David Copperfield) a British Diplomat is sent to Malaysia to educate the natives to become more civilised.  Whilst staying in the village he is offered a woman Selima (Jessica) to serve him an education in the local tribal language as well as the international language of love.  At first Truscott is hesitant about this arrangement but eventually he agrees.  When the pair fall hopelessly in love it sends the village into a spin.  Truscott becomes involved in something foolish where he lets emotion override logic and its either he marries the colonists daughter or be sentenced to jail.  This is about as far as I'll go so as to not spoil what happens. 

The performances all round were excellent, Bob Hoskins and Jessica Alba were brilliant.  Jessica’s accent was done particularly well and did not seem put on to any extent.  The only performance that was a little shady but probably intentional due to his evil character Noah Taylor remained colloquially Australian in his role as the evil easily corruptible colonist. 

The romantic scenes were both as educational as they were passionate.  It is due to this educational element that will make the audience assess their own lives and make them think about how their lives should be.  And that is to be with the one that you love the most and are most happy with.  Women will slowly learn that when marrying a man who does not love them and an attempt to change their partner will eventually end in disaster.  There is no way that a man's heart can be swayed from their one true love, and believing otherwise will spell emotional suicide to both parties. 

Anyway I am digressing from the point that this film is done exceptionally well in a number of ways.  The romance is not corny but inspiring and the cast being predominantly Australian will please most Aussie patriots. 

The sound and picture are crystal clear with an animated main menu to please weary eyes.  The Dolby surround set up is implemented well and has the sound of the jungle surrounding the viewer, giving a feeling of being there. 

Overall the film is an entertaining package and the dialogue is crafted well and will never be cringe worthy.  Anyone who enjoys romantic films will love this.

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