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DVD Reviews: Kath & Kim (Series 2)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: December 2003
Distributed by: Roadshow






The girls that made "footy franks" famous are back in one of the funniest Australian comedy series of all time called "Kath & Kim" Series 2 that promises to keep the laughs coming and coming. The series stars Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight, a true "Australian" woman that is the embodiment of every Australian "chick" cliché from neighbourhoods like Penrith, Broadmeadows and Corio.

Although Kath may have found and married the "hunk" of her dreams, Kel (played by Glenn Robbins), she has unfortunately lost her libido that has caused some hilarious onscreen moments. Visiting a sexual therapist, Kath and Kel rediscover themselves and decide to become nudists to help keep their libido up, unfortunately for Kath's daughter Kim (Gina Riley), she finds this one of the most disturbing things she has ever witnessed as she and her husband Brett (Peter Rowsthorn) try for a baby.

Kath & Kim series 2 features a variety of comedic anecdotes that must be seen to believed such as Kel's accident on an exercise bike while he is peddling in the nude or the way Kim "talks" to her best friend Sharon who is played by the talented Magda Szubanski. I must admit that I've never watched the original series on television but after viewing this entire DVD collection, I've realised that this is one show that I cannot miss as it is Australian comedy at its best.

Episode Listing

- The Announcement
- Inside Out
- The Moon
- Obsession
- My Boyfriend
- Another Announcement
- The Shower
- The Hideous Truth

Apart from the eight highly entertaining episodes, the DVD also contains a variety of special features entitled "extra humour" that contains a variety of "laughs" and "stuff ups" from the series. This special features include a bit of huffy puffy with Kath & Kim, more Yumour, more Wine Time philosophy and scenes that different, un-ewes-yew! The special features on this collection are relatively short but they are still extremely entertaining and make you wonder how these talented actors can be so "straight" while filming this amusing series.

The DVD quality of the title is exceptionally sharp but on the odd occasion, some of the reds seemed to bleed a little bit too much. Apart from this, there were no other video problems whatsoever with this title. The audio quality of the disc supports Dolby Digital 2.0 that is clear and audible. Even the theme song of Kath & Kim, written by Jeremy Smith and performed by Gina Riley helps get you into the spirit of this series.

In conclusion, Kath & Kim series 2 is a brilliant DVD Series that showcases Australia comedy at its best and I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to laugh at the Australian way. Some more "in-depth" extras would of been nice but the yumour... err... humour is what it's all about... highly recommended!

- Andrew B

Kath & Kim Series 2

- Widescreen 1.78:1, 16:9 Enhanced
- Dolby Digital 2.0
- PG
- 215 minutes
- Special Features (a bit of huffy puffy with Kath
  & Kel, more yumour, more Wine Time
  philosophy and scenes that different, un-ewes-

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