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DVD Reviews: La Dolce Vita (Italian Language film)

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 28 May 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 167 Minutes

Do you see the picture of the woman gentleman; this is the best part of the film because I sure for the life of me don’t understand the rest of it. Parties and decadent lifestyle reflecting the fashion of the era is mostly what this is about.  It is a great panorama of the lifestyle that many experienced during the 60’s.  There are no special effects, in black and white and last but not least, floridly in Italian.  There is even some things that are said that failed to be translated and you may find yourself thinking, did he say “Yes” or “No” or “Wow are they real?”.  

The films main character Marcello is part of the social framework of Italy with lavish parties, avant garde fashion, the works.  Marcello is a journalist jaded about the profession and a playboy to boot. He is with a girlfriend at the start but finds himself living for the thrill of the chase.  An American film star comes to town (the one on the cover) and Marcello is out chasing skirts once again until the whole cycle is repeated.  Well it seems that way to most viewers I kinda got lost about quarter way through it (sorry ed).  Marcello meets up with his father who attempts to re-acquaint severed ties. Later, drama ensues.  The confusing plotline had this reviewer scratching his head. 

This of course is the problem with this film and as it is so damn long you could haemorrhage from the concentration it requires for full comprehension (joke).  Mostly though, the film is about a guy (Marcello) womanising going to parties in Italy.  He has arguments with women that are interested in him because he does not seem to stay around any of them for long enough to establish any form of commitment. 

The special features are far and few between and do not really add to the experience much at all.  There is a bit of advertising and trailers about other films by Umbrella Entertainment.  Nothing extraordinary but isn’t that woman on the front cover a fox! 

Overall to all-young people don’t watch it unless you are studying theatre studies at school.  To older folk that might have been alive in the 60’s may be able to understand it.  The dry doer approach with this film may turn off people who are not affiliated with European culture. 

La Dolce Vita Features

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  • Filmographies
  • Trailer
  • Umbrella Propaganda


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