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DVD Reviews: Futurama Season 2 Volume 2

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 28 April 2003
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox
Running Time: 437 Minutes

Futurama is the awesome cartoon series by Simpsons' creator Matt Groening and features the humorous exploits of Fry, a 20th century man in the 31st century. The story behind Futurama is simple, Fry the pizza delivery boy accidentally gets cryogenically frozen on new years eve in 1999 and then gets unthawed 1000 years later. Fry meets up with a distant and dotting relative called Professor Farnsworth, the sarcastic and extremely funny robot Bender and a sexy ex-policewoman called Leela who travel around the universe for Planet Express, a cargo delivery service. 

The show also contains a variety of other supporting cast members that include the extremely stupid and three stooges-esq Doctor Zoidberg and the strange but loveable Nibblet who together get up to a variety of wild anecdotes. Futurama is also one of those shows that anyone can start watching anywhere in the series as it is not a prerequisite to have any previous knowledge of the television show.

Some of the highlights from the box set is when Brannigan (the Captain Kirk rip-off) is accused of destroying an international alien conference and joins the Futurama gang with his sidekick Kip. An overweight and depressed Brannigan does just about everything before he lands back on his feet, male gigolo, bum and he even replaces Leela as captain of Planet Express. Another funny moment is from "Why must I be a crustacean in love?" episode where Professor Farnsworth makes the comment that Doctor Zoidberg is filled with male jelly in reference to his excited sexual state. Much of the humour on the DVD's is also visual and you really have to experience it. 

The picture quality on the DVD's are perfect and features a 4:3 conversion that contains some amazing vivid colours and brilliant picture quality. As the series was originally made for television, the boxed set isn't recorded in Dolby digital 5.1 but only Dolby digital 2.0 surround that still sounds impressive if you have the right audio and speaker setup. The boxed set of Futurama Season 2 contains the following episodes,

Disc One

  • I Second That Emotion
  • Brannigan, Being Again
  • A Head in The Polls
  • Xmas Story
  • Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love?

 Disc Two

  • The Lesser of Two Evils
  • Put Your Head On My Shoulders
  • Raging Bender
  • A Bicyclops Built For Two
  • A Clone of My Own

 Disc Three

  • How Hermes requisitioned his groove back
  • The Deep South
  • Bender gets Mad
  • Mother's Day
  • The Problem With Popplers 

 Disc Four

  • Anthology of Interest I
  • War Is The H-Word 
  • The Honking 
  • The Cryonic Woman

The extras on the collection are varied and include audio commentaries for each episode, deleted scenes, international clips and some great "making" of episodes such as "Why Must I be a Crustacean in Love? that is basically made up of pencil drawings of all the characters, minus the music and sound effects that is a great insight into the creation of cartoons. 

Futurama is a great cartoon series that unfortunately has just been cancelled in the US. Luckily a few seasons of this awesome cartoon were made and they are slowly making their way to DVD. If you enjoyed the Simpsons or love a good funny cartoon show, then Futurama is the perfect addition to your DVD collection. Check it out! 

Futurama Season 2 Volume 2 Features

  • 19 Episodes With Audio Commentary
  • 14 Deleted Scenes
  • Storyboards and Animatics
  • International and Sponsorship Clips
  • 4:3 Aspect
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
  • Region 4


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