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DVD Reviews:  Revenge of the Nerds

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Running Time: 84 Minutes

Back in the 80's it was not cool to be a nerd. Since then things have changed and there is more of an appreciation for us Sci Fi Computer Loving geeks. Our nerdish stars for this fun movie are Gilbert and Lewis who are on their way to
college and eagerly anticipating their higher education.

After being the butt of all jokes during high school, this tradition continues with the jocks ruling the roost and our boys are soon out of their fraternity and on the street when the jocks burn down the frat house.

Admittedly the whole point of the nerds is to have their revenge, as is the title of the movie, so the team and the rest of the first years find a new place to stay, which they can make a computer geeks heaven. After that, it's all about setting up cameras to watch the chicks who would say hello to them and to get their "revenge" on the jocks who have always made their life so miserable.

Even though this is a movie that I still find funny after all this time there are going to be plenty of people for whom the comedy has not travelled well. Whilst the video transfer looks ok and is in full widescreen, the audio quality is atrocious and really hasn't been given the attention that it deserves, even for a B quality movie like this.

The soundtrack is not too bad for this flick and features songs by a number of artists including a personal favourite, Talking Heads.

There are no extras on this disc to round up or even boost the score somewhat, it would have been nice to get a commentary or something along those lines. I am taking a punt that the guys are not all dead who made it!

This is the sort of film which you can either take or leave. It's a nice piece of fun although the humour is pretty dated. If you are nostalgic for the 80's, check this one out. If you were not a child of the 80's, maybe give this flick a rent before making the commitment to a purchase

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