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DVD Reviews: Nothing But Trouble

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 15 May 2003
Distributed by:
Warner Home Entertainment

With a great cast that you see at the very beginning in the credits, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase and John Candy I was expecting something special.  How wrong was I this is utter, dire, crap.  I can’t believe I watched the whole thing, not just that this is crap its BIZARRE crap and even takes the level of Hollywood bad taste to a whole new level.  It may have been made in the attempt to be strange but there are much better ways of doing this.  It will make you cringe at how inextricably weird it all is. 

Chris (Chevy Chase) is a financial banker who begins at the start hosting a party for his friends.  He meets Diane (Demi Moore) and invites her to his party for a drink to help her to relax from her busy, upsetting day.  At the party they chat about shop and decide to journey to Atlantic City for business.  Whilst discussing this venture, some Brazillians overhear and ask if they can come as well.  The four of them meet up the next morning and take the journey.  To make it a little briefer they get caught by the police and taken into captivity by an eccentric freak out in the country.   

Here they are subject to many strange adventures akin to some sort of weird nightmare.  J.P (Dan Akroyd) is the freak in this show and the movie ventures into the inane and tastelessness that you would expect maybe Marylyn Manson would enjoy.  The house they get themselves trapped in is full of secret entrances and trapdoors filled with creepy, stupid décor and characters.  For example the Bobo brothers are freaky, fully-grown, fat, babies wearing diapers and nothing else.  Don’t tell me this could be amusing because as it stands it is utter garbage.  The rest of the film is about these innocent victims trying to get out of the house and back to civilisation. 

The acting and the dialogue is pretty stupid too.  With a swag of great comedians you would not expect it to be as bad as this.  You may ask how these great actors got involved in this sorry excuse for a comedy.  I laughed once through the entire movie but this is not enough.  C'mon Hollywood who do you take the audience to be, do you take us as some fools that will be open-minded to the point of the extreme.  Maybe it was decided to make a film that ventured the audience away into a fantasy but why, oh why does it have to be this. 

There are no special Features on the DVD so hence the 0 for the score for extras.  The sound is good but what’s the point.  Complete cringe-worthy trash.  Do not see this movie, do not rent it or have anything to do with it.  It will make you shudder.

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