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Feature 8.6
Video 8.0
Audio 8.0
Special Features 8.5
Total 8.5
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Running Time: TBA
Classification: M15+
Andrew Bistak


Wonder Woman

I’m a huge DC Comics geek from long back and when I heard that an animated Wonder Woman cartoon was being created by Warner Bros., I was ecstatic as she was the first girl-power character of the 20th century, thanks to creator William Moulton Marston who also happened to create the world’s first lie detector. Parallels with Wonder Woman’s lasso of Truth?

Apart from fun facts, the cool cool factor of this latest Wonder Woman movie just keeps getting cooler as the film was created for mature viewers which means adult innuendo and quite a large amount of violence which is mirrors the original concept of this character.

On DVD, this is a modern interpretation of the origin of Wonder Woman or Princess Diana and begins in ancient times with the Amazons battling Ares and his almost unstoppable army. As the Amazons turn the tides of war, Hippolyte, the Queen of the Amazons is about to behead Ares, however Zeus and Athena intervene and request that she keep Ares in bondage.

Years past and Hippolyte gets her wish of a child and after she sculpts a baby from mud, the gods turn her into flesh and blood and Diana, Princess of the Amazons is born. Fast forward to the present and we have learned that the Amazons and the gods have made a deal to keep the mystical island of Themyscira hidden away from man.

As the Amazons grow bored from their solitude on this island, an army pilot named Steve Trevor crashes on the island and discovers a world of perfect women with his 13-year old dream finally coming true. Unfortunately for Steve Trevor, he finds out that these women are quite fierce and when Queen Hippolyte questions him with her lasso of truth, she finds him innocent and decides to send an emissary from the Amazons to escort him back to “man’s world”.

As Princess Diana was the first to discover Trevor on the island, she volunteers to escort him off the island, however her mother believes that she is not ready and decides to host a tournament to find the best warrior from the Amazons for this task. As Diana is forced to accompany one of her sisters on guard duty for Ares, another sister takes her place with Diana in order to give her heart what it desires.

Just like in the original comic and the various modern interpretations of the character, Diana wins the tournament and is given the costume of Wonder Woman to escort Trevor back to "man’s world". Unfortunately this is bitter sweet victory for Diana and she discovers that Ares has escaped, along with one of her Amazonian sisters.

Without spoiling the movie any further, this is an extremely well written and animated movie which features action, comedy, drama and romance that truly gives a unique and strong interpretation of Wonder Woman. Let’s hope that more animated movies will follow and hopefully a live action feature with the 20th century’s first girl-power heroine… Wonder Woman!

Keri Russell voices Wonder Woman is who perfect for the role and portrays a sense of strength and majesty to the character. There is a classic moment in the movie when Wonder Woman first uses the word “crap” which is a defining moment for her as she now bridges two worlds. Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) plays Steve Trevor who really lends his personality to the character with humour and razor sharp wit as he tries to continually chat up the princess.

Alfred Molina plays Ares who really immerses into the character and his English accent only helps adding to the nefarious nature of Ares which is even mentioned by Molina in the special features. Other actors include Rosario Dawson, Marg Helgenberger, Oliver Platt, Virginia Madsen, Tara Strong, John Di Maggio, Julianne Grossman, Vicki Lewis, David McCallum, Jason Miller and Rick Overton. The director of Wonder Woman is Lauren Montgomery who truly creates a great version of the character by keeping faithful to her original origin and ensuring that she fits into the modern world.

On DVD, the video and audio quality is quite exceptional and thanks to the Dolby Digital 5.1, the feature really makes use of the surround sound. Apart from the excellent movie, it features a wealth of extras that includes Wonder Woman through the ages and the making of the film, a great behind the scenes featurettes of the upcoming Green Lantern animated movie and the history of the Justice League of America which gives the viewer a great insight into the wonderful world of DC Comics.

Needless to say, this DVD comes highly recommended from Impulse Gamer.



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