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DVD Reviews: Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 28 June 2003
Distributed by:
Warner Home Video
Running Time: 91 Minutes

I am just a stickler for hot women in tight leather body suits, but its not just sexy Lucy Lui that makes this movie a hit.  The explosions and the special effects, also not forgetting the intelligent hero of our story, Ecks. 

Antonio Banderas plays a washed up FBI profiler (Ecks) who has lost his wife in an explosion a few years ago.  The problem is that an agent that has quite a lot of power in and out of the FBI is being tracked by another agency department.  Because of his illegal operations he is now under investigation, which makes him a very dangerous man and the appearance of Sever kidnapping of his son has given the rival department grounds for an open investigation. 

The good FBI department has no option but to seek the advice and the help of Ecks, because Ecks’ previous involvement with the evil agent means only he can track down Sever.   Ecks knows how the evil agent thinks and operates so really it’s their only option.  The department has told Ecks that if he helps them he will be told the location of his wife, upon hearing this Ecks jumps right on board and straight away they track down Sever (Lucy Lui).  Without any delay Sever makes short work of the opposing police forces in the most impressive way imaginable, but what Ecks doesn't know is that Sever is actually protecting the young boy she kidnapped.  Sever is held up in a remote location and can only be described as a real professional, she has just about every weapon you can think of and she’s not afraid to use them. 

Sever wants is an exchange, the evil agent dead for destroying her life for the life of his son, you see Sever is a disgruntled ex employee of the evil agent and she wants revenge.  The evil agent has betrayed Sever in the past and killed some people she cared about.  The evil agent has provoked the attack by running a high risk operation, leaving himself open for an attack.  Our bad guy has stolen a prototype microbot, now what this little fella does is he stays in the blood system of the victim and at any time the microbot can release a deadly toxin into the blood stream killing the host.  This is used to keep informants and also anyone you’re paying off to be on your side to co-operate completely, because they dare not double cross you, if they do a simple press of a button can kill them. 

The picture quality throughout the movie is top notch and at no time did I see any distortion of picture or sound glitches, for want of a better word the picture and sound quality was perfect.  The story is a little bit weak as far as plot imagination goes but it still performs very well and the actors are absolutely perfect in the roles that they’re playing.  Lucy and Antonio give very good performances as the mercenary type characters and the action is hot and heavy, explosions and martial arts scenes really set the movie up to be really action packed. 

Extras include a documentary which is very interesting don’t avoid it, it focuses on the special moves (martial arts) and the special effects and explosions, its not one of those boring ones, cast and crew listing, and of course the theatrical trailer.

Ballistic: Eck Vs Sever Features

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