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DVD Reviews:  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season Three

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures
Running Time: 1181 Minutes

Deep Space Nine season three is a great addition to the series.  The fantastic thing about Deep Space Nine is that the stories don’t just include diplomatic issues and the Star Fleet trying to disarm a situation, but the ability to write stories that are funny and lead the viewers and the characters on a quest for self discovery. 

There are seven DVD’s to the series three collection and with four episodes on each except for the last which is packed with oodles of extras, this makes the entire series is a sight to be held high in anyone’s standards.  The episodes contained here on in are not all concentrating on the troubles of Bajor or the way in which the space station is run, but follows the whole crew one after the other, and sometimes all at once on their own personal journeys. 

The doctor is on his search for love on a lonely space station, though his many attempts at trying to hit it off with Dax are always met with disappointment, but his spirits stay high and his passion for helping people always prevails.  Quark the greedy Ferengi who’s only passion is to earn more and more gold pressed latinum, the raw monetary currency in the universe, not like credits that are just numbers in a bank but actual hard currency.  Quark would have to be my favorite character, mainly because he is thought of by everyone around him as small, insignificant, and just down right dishonest, but as the stories unfold you will find Quark to be a great business man and has much honor to be held to his name.  Quark does have other qualities such as his ability to sniff out a dollar in any deal, the Ferengi people have hundreds of rule of “Acquisition”, they come off as a second hand Confucius but the rules are all business rules and as a race that is only interested in making personal profit, these rules have made the Ferengi the richest and most business smart race ever, though the saying goes “Never trust a Ferengi”. 

The there are still episodes that tackle the real problems of the station, like the Cardassians returning trying to reclaim Bajor for themselves and there are also times where the Bajor cultural beliefs and religion plays huge parts in the outcome of the stations inhabitants.  The episodes that concern the goings on of the station give the entire show core material to run on, laying down a steady course of action for the characters and stations development, while still giving the viewers time to get to know each character, and I’m sure you all have your favorite.  Another great thing about Deep Space Nine is that because it’s not a ship that travels all over the universe there are families on board and never before has Star Trek battled the intricacies of family life in the Star Fleet. 

Each Series starts with a strong introduction but it isn’t just a episode that continues on from the previous series you will find that there are many episodes that continue on from each other giving you a real; almost movie like feel to Deep Space Nine.  I remember a time when I used to watch the series late at night and just when you realize that the episode has only got five minutes to go and you can’t stand the thought of waiting all the way till next week to find out what’s going to happen, comes the beauty of DVD, there is no need to wait for next week and there’s not chance that you’ll miss the end, you can watch the whole DVD and not have to wait giving you a great feeling when the two and sometimes three episode story finishes. 

Extras on the last disc are fabulous there are about six or so major portions where the managerial staff for makeup, storey creation, casting, not leaving out the assistant directors and directors who all take part to explain the creation of the series and the way in which it was constructed.  At times you find out that the producers only figure out key plot sequences in that morning.  There are also six hidden files around the menu system of the extra disc; see if you can find them.   The sound and picture quality is what I would have expected from the creators of the Star Trek series; absolutely flawless, with great music and audio levels and the special effects are always top notch.  You will find that many of the aliens that walk around on the station are all made “old style”, not with computers but with good old fashioned makeup, and a lot of it.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season Three Features

  • The Birth of the Dominion and Beyond

  • Michael Westmore's Aliens - Season Three

  • Crew Dossier: ODO

  • Time Travel Files: Past Tense

  • Sailing through the Stars: A Special Look at 'Explorers'


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