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Feature 9.0
Video 8.5
Audio 8.5
Special Features 7.0
Total 9.0
Distributor: Disney
Running Time: 849 Minutes
Reviewer: Josh Nelson


Legend of the Seeker

The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind are easily in my top three favourite series of all time. As opposed to some writers who constantly cash in on their creations without the love from their first books, Goodkind continued to provide high quality writing that really made you care for these intricate characters. With some familiarity to the Lord of Rings, The Sword of Truth series not only complimented the father of the original fantasy genre but truly added something unique and modern which raised the bar in this field.

With a healthy following of the series, Disney/ABC believed it to be fruitful to create a TV series based on the first novel and with that said, Legend of the Seeker has finally arrived on DVD in Australia. The creators of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert are the masterminds behind this current series and as opposed to the sometimes comedic episodes of these two cult hits, Legend of the Seeker is a much more serious endeavour which thankfully follows the first novel, Wizard's First Rule rather well. Dare I say almost perfectly for this medium?

However in terms of continuity and flow, some elements of the novel have been removed or changed in order for it to be more consistent with the main story. The series revolves around Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), a humble woodlands guide from the Westlands who is usurped to fight for a cause he never knew existed and eventually discovers that he is part of an ancient prophecy. Unbeknown to Richard, his grandfather is Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Bruce Spence), a powerful wizard of the first order who has erected a magical boundary to protect the Westlands from the magic and more importantly, the armies of D'Hara. The country next to the Westlands is the Midlands that ruled by the beautiful and powerful Mother Confessors and to the East, lies the vile country of D'Hara, ruled in tyranny by Darken Rahl (Craig Parker).

The series begins with Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan) stealing an ancient book called the book of Counted Shadows which contains the secrets of power. Only the Seeker can read this book which will also help him in defeating the strangehold of Darken Rahl. In his conquest, it will free the people of D'Hara and end the threat of war to both the Westlands and the Midlands. This prophecy talks of the first born male that will end the rule of Darken Rahl and as a result, this villain has ensured that all first born males of Rahl have been murdered.

During the first few episodes, the viewer is indulged with the history of Kahlan who is actually a Confessor, a holy protector of the midlands who has the ability to touch men and make them do what she wishes. Unfortunately for Kahlan, when Darken Rahl discovers that the Confessor has knowledge of this prophecy, he sends out his men to murder her in order to ensure that the prophecy remains hidden.

As Kahlan crosses the boundary that protects the Westlands from the Midlands, she meets Richard Cypher and discovers that he is the person the prophecy mentions and is the legendary Seeker. Kahlan is also shocked to discover that his grandfather Zed knew of this secret and did not assist Richard in preparing for his role and from there, both Kahlan and Zed give Richard a crash course on his powers and is given the Sword of Truth. This magical sword ignites the powers of the Seeker within Richard and together, Richard, Kahlan and Zed must find a way to end the reign of Darkan Rahl before his madness spreads across the world.

Legend of the Seeker is a classic sword sorcery TV series that contains action, drama and even romance. Watching the relationship between Richard and Kahlan grow is a joy to watch as is their budding romance which must never happen. Other highlights include Bruce Spence as Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, the over top wizard and Craig Parker as the nefarious Darken Rahl who at times goes over the top with his character and is oozing with evil. But we cannot forget Jay Laga'aia as the boundary ranger who is also drawn into this epic tale. Although each episode is a standalone tale, there is a main theme that crosses all episodes that leads to the reckoning at the end of the series.

Featuring 22 episodes, Legend of the Seeker contains some fun deleted scenes, a featurette entitled "Forging the Sword: Crafting a Legend" in relation to making this story come alive and my favourites, audio commentaries and a great interview with Terry Goodkind, entitled "Words of True: A Conversation with Terry Goodkind". Running at a whopping 849 minutes, this is definitely a must have series for those that enjoy this genre and best of all, the video and audio quality is perfect for DVD.

Highly Recommended!


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