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DVD Reviews: Stranded                                                                                 Genre: Drama

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: July 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 92 mins





This is the tale of a space station that is caught in the middle of an asteroid storm and is now out of control. Space Station Avna which reminds us of Mir, is badly built and due to financial constraints is falling apart, especially in areas of emergency systems. 

A shuttle crew is sent up for two reasons, one of course to rescue the co American/Russian crew and also to the get the secret of a prototype energy device that is being developed within the safety of space. This development is worth billions of dollars for both the developers and the people who would rather see it never in production. 

The National Security Agency sends one of it's agents up with the shuttle whilst another stays on Earth to figure out exactly what's going on as it rapidly becomes obvious that not all is as it seems.  

Ice T plays the part of the NSA agent who is  on the ground. I'm a fan of the guy and he does a very good job. :) 

All things said and done, this does feel to me like a bit of a telemovie brought to DVD. I can recommend it definately as a great rental that the gang will enjoy. A keeper? Not so sure about that, give it a shot and see what you think.


Whilst this is 16:9 it is not a movie that will knock your socks off. There is not a hell of a lot to it in terms of special effects, whilst at the same time there is not a great deal to complain about either.


Sound is solid and does not reinvent the wheel. Audio is in sync and clear and crisp.


Just a theatrical trailer which in and of itself surprised me to think that it ever made it to the big screen. I am aware that this sounds like condemnation, however as enjoyable as I found it, I did find that the entire production had "Made for Television" written all over it..

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