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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4 DVD Review - -

Feature 9.0
Video 9.8
Audio 9.7
Special Features   N/A
Total 9.0
Distributor: Warner
Vol.1 running Time: 86 Minutes
Vol.2 running Time: 129 Minutes
Vol.3 running Time: 129 Minutes
Vol.4 running Time: 129 Minutes

Reviewer: Simon O'Donnell


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two
Volume 1, 2, 3 & 4

Please note that this collection is sold separately on DVD... which of course is not to be confused with the Separatists who are littered throughout this release as they attempt to dissolve the Republic... which is like only purchasing one or two of these discs. Seriously though, I took the prerogative to review all four volumes in one review because without each other, these discs are like a puzzle but together, they are a masterpiece of sci-fi entertainment.

With that said, the amazing TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars once again comes to DVD with the entire season available in four affordable volumes, thanks to Warner. Collecting all 22 episodes, each volume contains 6 episodes, accept the first which only has 4 as we get reunited with the colourful characters of the Star Wars universe.

For the uninitiated, this series takes place between Star Wars Episode II and Star Wars Episode III which saw the fall of Anakin Skywalker and his transformation into the villainous yet suavely cool Darth Vader. However, unlike the previous series, the episodes collected in volume 1 to 4 are a little darker and more action orientated due to space pirates and deadly, more specifically, money hungry bounty hunters.

The best element of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is that all the tales are official and these stories actually make up the rich tapestry of this intricate universe. Of course, it also helps that this premise was created by George Lucas, the man behind Star Wars and he happens to be the execute producer of this well animated TV series which is another thumbs up!

As most of the stories are self contained, some spill over to other stories and highlights the battle between the Republic's clone troopers and that of the Separatists who are attempting to overthrow the stronghold of the Republic and their Jedi protectors.

Apart from the amazing story, what sets this TV series apart from just about all animated films is the animation. Star Wars: The Clone Wars contains some of the best animation to ever grace our screens thanks to its stylised CGI animation that not only pays homage to this universe but helps define it. This is as close as you can get to reference material on a DVD, without making the step to Blu-ray. It may not be FULL HD but by Endor, it's close!

I should also confess that I wasn't really a fan of Star Wars Episode I and II, however I have no qualms with any of these stories or characters. This is how Star Wars should be written and brings back lots of fond memories from my childhood.

Although the actors from the movies don't lend their voices to these characters, the actors who they did get to voice them sound magnificent. From Matt Lanter (90210) as Anakin Skywalker to the spunky and cute Ashley Eckstein (That's so Raven) as the headstrong Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano to James Arnold Taylor (The Spectacular Spider-man) as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the voices are perfect. Boba Fett, Rex the Clone Trooper, Mace Windu and even Yoda are all perfectly voiced. Now, let's get to the crux of the matter!

Volume 1

Featuring four episodes, season 2 of the Clone Wars begins with a bang as we're introduced to the deadly world of bounty hunters.  Our friendly neighbourhood Jedi, Obi-Wan and Anakin are attempting to stop Cad Bane, an alien bounty hunter from stealing a sacred Jedi artefact from their temple.

But without spoiling the further episodes, the holocron, the sacred artefact of the Jedi is being misused by Can Bane and it is up to the Jedi to retrieve this item as Jedi younglings are being kidnapped. Mace Windu also guest stars in this storyline and like always is a joy to watch him interact with Obi-wan and co. Volume four finishes with the episode entitled "Senate Spy" that forces Padme to go behind the scenes in order to discover whether Senator Rush Clovis is actually working for the Separatists that causes a slight rift between Anakin and herself.

Episode Listing

Holocron Heist
Cargo of Doom
Children of the Force
Senate Spy

Volume 2

The next disc begins with "Landing at Point Rain", part 2 of the episode revolving around the nefarious Senator Clovis as the Jedi attempt to destroy a Separatist droid factory. The highlights of volume 2 include "Brain Invaders" that sees the clone army being infected by a Geonosian mind controlling worm which sees Ahsoka and Barriss attempt to set things right but when Barriss is infected, the resolution seems dim. It's almost like a classic 50's body snatcher episode.

"The Deserter" is another cool episode that not only involves General Grievous but also Rex, my favourite Clone trooper who is wounded in battle, only to come face to face with a deserter who does not wish to fight but rather stay clear of the war.

Episode Listing

Landing at Point Rain
Weapons Factory
Legacy of Terror
Brain Invaders
Grievous Intrigue
The Deserter

Volume 3

Volume 3 of this collection is almost like a breather before things heat up again and commences with Ahsoka hunting for her stolen lightsabre. Our sometimes reckless Jedi apprentice is forced to ask help from an older Jedi named Tera Sinube which proves the fact that you should never judge a book by its cover. There's also some great references to the world of Boba Fett in "The Mandalore Plot" and "Duchess of Mandalore" as the Duchess Satine seeks help from the Jedi to prevent her from being assassinated. Lastly, we have "Cat and Mouse" that tips the scales for Anakin as he draws out his darkside in an attempt to give the republic an upper hand with the Separatists that causes him a sense of a moral dilemma that is quite interesting to watch unfold.

Episode Listing

Lightsaber Lost
The Mandalore Plot
Voyage of Temptation
Duchess of Mandalore
Senate Murders
Cat and Mouse

Volume 4

The final volume of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two is where everything gets bigger, better and badder that includes space monsters and more importantly... more Boba Fett. Even though this volume is quite action orientated and features more bounty hunters than you can poke a stick at, it begins quite subtle and quite left our of centre as Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-wan join forces with a small group of bounty hunters to protect a group of farmers from space pirates. It's a very interesting take on when foes need to help each other to achieve a common good. Following "Bounty Hunters". we are then rewarded with the Zillo Beast, an unstoppable monstrous creature who has been wakened from its hibernation. Now awake, the Zillo Beast threatens the precious trade routes of the republic and the Jedi are forced into a dilemma of either destroying the last Zillo beast in existence or finding another alternative. Unfortunately when Coruscant learns of the beast, they wish to experiment on it in order to uncover its secrets of its impenetrable armor. The series ends with "Lethal Trackdown" as Ahsoka and Plo Kloon hunt Boba Fett across the stars as the series ends a climatic battle led by our favourite bounty hunter. A classic ending for a classic series!

Episode Listing

Bounty Hunters
The Zillo Beast
The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
Death Trap
R2 Come Home
Lethal Trackdown

What more can I say? If you're a Star Wars fan... than add this to your collection now! The only problem with the individual volumes is that there are no special features but thankfully the story truly kicks bantam butt! 


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