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DVD Reviews: Love Thy Neighbour

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 26 July 2003
Distributed by: Umbrella Entertainment
Running Time: 200 minutes






Take a step back in time and remember when political correctness was considered outrageous and comedy had no boundaries. Love Thy Neighbour the complete first season is the latest addition to the best of British that introduced the most politically incorrect "friendship" between trade unionist Eddie Booth (Jack Smethurst) and Tory supporter Bill Reynolds (Rudolf Walker). Easily one of the most controversial sitcoms in British TV, Love Thy Neighbour broke all rules of racism and was originally intended to bridge the barriers between whites and blacks.

The comedy (although now considered politically incorrect) had me in stitches at the way the two main characters interacted and shouted racist remarks at each other like "snowflake" and "jungle bunny". The main theme behind the entire season of Love Thy Neighbour was that if the two could shy away from their racist comments, the world would be a much better place to live in. Much of the comedy was based between the two houses of the Booths and Reynolds but when they ventured down to the local pub "I'll have arf", the racist comedy still continued between these two "best friends". Even though the comedy is a little dated, it still holds up to today's standards and will have you in stitches from laughter.

The video quality of Love Thy Neighbour looks a little inferior on today's television sets but considering how old the series is (1972), it is still quite watchable. It should be noted that the series was made for free to air television in Britain, which is why the picture quality may look a little rustic at the best of times. The sound quality of the DVD uses Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono so don't expect any amazing sound effects or music to come out of your entertainment system. Don't get me wrong, the quality is quite acceptable and this was the best that they had in those days.

The DVD is also littered with extras that contains the never before seen pilot, various hilarious broadcast ad caps, production notes and various other entertaining titbits. Love thy Neighbour isn't for everyone but you have a soft spot for the old days or wish to view a DVD for the "kitsch" value, then this is the DVD for you.

- Andrew B

Episode Listing

Trade unionist Eddie Booth's world is turned shattered when West Indian Tory supporter Bill Reynolds moves in next door.

A difference of opinion over dancing prowess leads Eddie & Bill to a limbo competition.

Eddie launches a campaign in an attempt to drive Bill from the neighbourhood - but will it backfire?

When Eddie & Bill go on strike over a new machine at work, Joan & Barbie form a stop work of their own.

Joan & Barbie put their husbands to the test by asking two of their friends to chat up Eddie & Bill.

To prove there is no discrimination against Bill, Eddie goes undercover at a London club.

Eddie becomes inflamed when he sees Joan in the arms of Bill on his couch.

Love Thy Neighbours Features

- Original Pilot Episode - Never Before Seen
- Original Broadcast Ad Caps
- Original "salute To Thames" Openings
- Production Notes
- Photo Gallery
- Scene Index
- Motion Menu
- Umbrella Propaganda


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