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DVD Reviews: Gangster Number One

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 08 May 2002
Distributed by: Columbia Tristar

Meet Gangster. He doesn't like you, nor will he ever. He's a hard 'un that Gangster is. Just don't get in his way and you might be able to leave unscathed.

From the very beginning Malcolm McDowell let's you know that this is going to be a very hard ride indeed. His name is, well he doesn't have a name, just call him Gangster. He's an old thug at the top of his game, stunned into reminiscing about a man who 30 years ago, Gangster set up to do time for a murder he did not commit.

This movie is relentless and brilliantly so. We follow the story of Gangster as a street hood who ruthlessly makes his way up the ranks in Freddie Mays gang. He is cunning, ambitious and terrifyingly frightening.

And when rival gang boss Lennie Taylor has a plan to kill Freddie Mays, Gangster has his own agenda to take over to British underworld once and for all.

I had a ball watching this movie and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who likes British gangster movies and the London Underground. Some may drawn comparisons to Snatch et al, however don't be misled by these. Gangster Number One is a fantastic movie in it's own right that will grip you until the end.

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