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DVD Reviews: Sea Wolves

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 21 June 2003
Distributed by:
Warner Home Video

Righto old chaps if its sea frolicking you're after then here you go.  Based in the Second World War when the German U-boats are sinking the vast majority of Allied army vessels inhabiting the Indian Ocean.  It is up to the English who are a rather old bunch of men, are out to stop the Germans in their tracks from causing utter destruction to the allied navy. 

At the beginning the main menagerie of famous faces including the late Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven.  All play important parts in the mission, which does not start until the British have gained the knowledge of where the enemy vessel is that is transmitting the location of all the British and American army vessels in neutral territory.  They have to be careful along the way because of this latter fact and with precision it is their job to stop the Nazis. 

Sea Wolves is a fairly dull film by today's standards but it does have its share of violence and espionage.  Sea Wolves is dedicated to the men who succeeded in saving many allied lives during the early 1940s.  This story is a truthful account of these heroic but vital volunteers to the British Army. 

There is not a lot to say about this film other than it is not a very interesting film, a little convoluted perhaps is the word.  It is not clear what the main characters are doing and subsequently creates confusion.  Gregory Peck stars as Colonel Lewis Pugh and his role is a pivotal yet suitable position considering his real life disposition.  If you are a fan of this mans work then go ahead watch away but the film as I said was rather mundane and dated.  The romantic scenes are done ok, Mrs Cromwell (Barbara Kellerman) with her beautiful alternate coloured eyes add a little sparkle but nothing revolutionary. 

The massive explosions and action scenes are done equally ok but nowadays if we want a film about espionage and decent action we will get James Bond and see Roger Moore in much more panache and style.  It just seems too soulless, all the action has been done before and much, much more.  The film industry has evolved too much to be haunted by these lacklustre efforts relying too much on the laurels of famous actors.

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