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DVD Reviews:  Thunderpants

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
DVD Extras Score

Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 88 Minutes

Thunderpants is the most farttastic film around that every man, woman,  and child should see.  Thunderpants is a modern day master piece; everyone should get out there and see it!  The movie is based around man's first joke; The Fart; back in the day I can imagine the cave man sitting in his cave, and when he lets one rip the first comedian is created.  Thunderpants is a story of a young boy who is born with a curse: the unwilling ability to call on the power of the fart at his discretion, the problem with that is that no-one can stand to be around him and he makes enemies fast; but fortunately there is one boy who doesn’t care Alan A. Allen, who quickly becomes Patrick Smash’s best friend.

Thought the entire movie Patrick always refers to good and bad situations in his life to be either the worst day of his life EVER, or the best day of his life EVER, this back and forth play of Patrick’s life makes for an entertaining story.  Patrick’s life has many a disaster, Patrick must eat special food to keep his farts to a minimum, but when Patrick is finally fed up with his life he takes his issues to Alan, a self proclaimed genius.  Alan calls upon his amazing talent and brain power to come up with a new invention to contain Patrick’s pants music to his…pants, thus is born Thunderpants 1, the new set of pants contains Patrick’s fart noise and intense stench making Patrick a functioning member of society for the first time ever. 

When Patrick’s pants are at their greatest the stench is contained in the lunch pale he carries around, but when a bully decides to rob Patrick of his lunch he gets more than he bargained for.  Soon after, the bully and his gang destroy Patrick’s fantastic pants.

While Patrick struggles to find his gift, Alan is taken away never to be seen again.  Patrick teams up with the second best tenor singer in the world, after discovering that when Patrick puts his arse to it, it can create a note that no tenor has ever reached before, the second best tenor exploits Patrick for his gift, and in return he takes Patrick all over the world in search of his best friend Alan.

After much searching Patrick eventually teams back up with his best friend, though Patrick’s dream of becoming a space man will finally be realized.  Alan has been working for NASA for the time that he was away and has created a space rocket.  NASA has been having some trouble getting a payload of supplies into space that they need to save a space station and their crew, but no known shuttle had enough thrust to get such huge amounts of supplies into space.  Alan has created a new design of jet that only one man and form of power can wield it; Patrick.  Patrick’s fart power must be imputed into the top of the shuttle and with Alan’s genius design will life the shuttle and it’s payload into space; finally Patrick feels wanted, needed, and most of all his dream of becoming a space man is fulfilled. 

You will notice quite a few actors in this movie, but most prominent would have to be Rupert Grint (Alan A. Allen) who’s most recent appearance came as Ron Weasley from the popular Harry Potter films, the head bully is also one of the Harry Potter stars (One of Draco Malcoy’s crew).  The sound quality had to be quite high thought he movie as Patrick’s arse produced some high notes that were important to the story.  Picture Quality through the movie was fantastic though a bit green, I don’t know if this was intentional or not though, but with great definition and no sound interference a great quality DVD all round. English for the hearing impaired subtitles was actually quite funny, put in for a bit of a laugh, just like in ordinary subtitles it not only displays the dialogue but it describes all Patrick’s farts, an absolute laugh and for sure nearly all the time they do a great job of describing the sound.

Other Extras include, video diary of Patrick, theatrical trailer, teaser trailer,  Deleted scenes, Cast interviews , video diary, storyboards, fart montage, photo gallery, audio commentary, all of which are worth looking at, at some points the extras can bring more side splitting laughter than the movie itself.


Thunderpants Features

  • Patrick Smash's Video Diary

  • Teaser Trailer

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Directors and Crew Commentary

  • Deleted Scenes


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