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Feature 7.0
Video 9.0
Audio 9.0
Special Features 8.0
Total 7.5
Distributor: Fox
Running Time:
96 minutes
Edwin & Shael Millheim


Aliens VS. Predator

Feature: One thing that I’m sure many Aliens and Predator fans have wanted to see for a long time was a film clashing the two together – Alien vs. Predator. This match up has all the impact of those big screen monsters of the 40’s. When it happens just about anything goes. Horror and monster fans waited with keen anticipation for years after rumors of there being a script in the works, it finally came out. The basic plot inter twines a lot of both the Alien mythos and the Predator mythos and even tries to give a little back story into both these creature entities. But talk about a fish out of water! This plot blows it out of the water that the Alien was only first encountered in the far future. In fact it sets the story in motion that the Wayland Corporation (industries) learns about the Alien creature and sets things in motion for the future…errr past Alien films. Scientists for the Wayland Corporation discover an underground temple under the ice in Antarctica. A team of explorers are brought together and soon an expedition sets out for the temple. What they find is more than they bargained for with both Aliens and Predators in a full scale battle and anyone in the way is just so much cannon fodder.

I think one of the last things Predator fans would have seen coming was the joining of a human and one of the mysterious predator creatures. In this movie, a woman named Alexa Woods who leads the team of archaeologists down into the. Alexa is the one who finds herself partnering up with a predator to try and stop the aliens. One of the features this DVD has is an alternate beginning that was never shown in theaters. This as a tad bit more to the story line in general; your best bet is to watch the extended version of the film. Is it less enjoyable watching the original theatrical release? No, not at all… But it’s an extra…enjoy it. All in all, the story has to pack a lot into it’s time limit and does so pretty well, even to the point of caring about some of the characters. One character the writers try to endear to the audience by having him talk about his kids.

But there is not enough time to establish much of an emotional bond or caring about too many of the characters. As they get picked off one by one by either Aliens, or a Predator you don’t always have a feeling of loss or dread at seeing a favorite character taken out of the picture. More times than not most of the characters are meat for the grinder for the Alien Vs Predator storm that rages around them.

The DVD has many special features, like commentaries, deleted scenes, and other things. This film has a run time of about 100 minutes, has English, Spanish, and French languages, and has subtitles in English and Spanish.

Audio: The sound really kicks it on a surround system and the nuances shine through enough to be an immersive sound experience. Audio: English DTS 5.1, English Dolby Digital 5.1, Spanish Dolby Surround, French Dolby Digital 5.1. Close Captioned: Yes

Video: This coupled with the film transfer to DVD with its vivid pictures that bring out the beauty in even some of the more gloomy places makes for a great viewing and listening experience. If you have not gotten surround sound as of yet, your missing the full DVD experience.

Extras: The bonus features for what they are, are pretty decent. I think this day and age most features on DVD tend to either have an over abundance of extras, not enough, or have some half baked static information pages they tell you are special features. With Aliens Vs Predator you come away feeling like the features are some what limited, after getting a small taste you can’t help but wish for more.
In the mix of extra features are two feature length commentaries and these are in the theatrical version only. One of these is by the creator/writer/director Paul W. S Anderson and also the actors Sanaa Lathan and Lance Henriksen. The second commentary is by John Bruno, he’s the visual effects supervisor and He is joined by Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff jr. who are the creature effects designers. The commentaries offer some insights to the world of the film and the processes it took to bring it to screen.

Included in the special features are three deleted scenes, these run a bit over two minutes, the choices are less than thrilling but Alien Vs Predator fans will appreciate them none the less.

The best part of the extras is “The Making of Alien vs. Predator”. This gives information on the concepts and the creation of this monster flick.
The last bit of items seems to be some filler that someone decided would be a good idea to just throw in there. They are wrong, a 30 second super bowl spot and some promo for Fox’s American Dad series does not catch much interest. If I want commercials I will watch Television, I don’t think I should have to buy them on DVD.

The last bit is some cover art for the Aliens Vs Predator comics from Dark Horse and some DVD-ROM stuff such as An Aliens Vs Predator comic, a back ground study and an exclusive preview of the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator. This extra content in DVD-Rom is like a double edged sword, here we go again. To view the extra stuff on your computer the disk tries to install some software called Hot Llama. There does not seem to be anyway to check out the extra DVD-ROM stuff without installing Hot Llama, You can watch the film and see the film extra features on a computer by canceling install of Hot Llama and simply using your default player (I’m using an NVIDIA movie viewing software coupled with an NVIDIA Card.)

The software "Hot Llama" is also found in a couple of other FOX titles such as "Day After Tomorrow”, some reports from other users state that the software Hot Llama interferes with normal playback. I did not have an issues, just some general slow downs. If you have an issue uninstall Hot Llama which some view as extraneous software. Believe me you can live with out the so called DVD-ROM Extras.

Final Say: In the end of it all Aliens vs. Predator DVD is well worth a place in your collection and is a great pop corn movie. If you’re looking for something deeper and a really compelling story…move along. Don’t stop here.

Have fun, Play games, and watch a movie!

Edwin and Shael Millheim


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