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DVD Reviews: Harvie Krumpet

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Jayne Levchenko
Review Date: March 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 22 minutes





Harvie Krumpet is a story of a man who from the time he was born was cursed with a lifetimes worth of bad lack. Harvie’s life consists of losing his loved ones, being struck with not only illness but also a bolt of lightning, and then to top it all off he has a testicle removed. Although harvie’s life seems to be a never-ending battle of misfortune, he manages to seize the day and enjoy everything the world and chance throws at him.  

“He finds love freedom, nudity and ultimately the true meaning of what it means to be human” 

I thoroughly enjoyed this, it’s not often a clay animation, let alone a short film comes along with such lovable characters and also such an informative storyline. It’s no wonder this little film won Oscar for Best-animated short film. Everything in this film is quite realistic (no talking animals singing show tunes down the street), from the obstacles Harvie overcomes, to the environment that surrounds him (who would’ve ever thought the Spottswood dump would be part of an academy award winning film!)


Picture quality for the feature is great, the other three short films however are a little lacking but is understandable as they were done very low budget. The entire disc however is shown in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen.


The film is done in Dolby Digital and sounds great. The feature is narrated by Geoffrey Rush and is extremely clear (a necessity as there is not much background noise in these films). As with the quality of the video in the other three short films the sound has a little to be desired for the same reason, the narration in these are not very clear and seem to be too distant (more of a background noise than a narration).


This DVD has a great set of extra features. It includes a trilogy of short films called Uncle, Cousin and Brother. These are great and basically give you a feel of where Harvie came from and how far Adam Elliot has progressed over the past years. There is a little bit of Harvie in each of these films and the story lines have the same darkness as the feature. 

Other extras include the Human Behavioral case studies, Director’s commentary (which is highly informative), the storyboard featurette and the Character model shots.  Not only is this DVD so entertaining but it is very much enlightening and opens our eyes to things we may not often think about.

The Final Say

A great little, lovable story that everyone would enjoy.

- Jayne Levchenko

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