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DVD Reviews:  CKY Trilogy Round 1

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Andrew B
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The uninitiated to MTV's Jackass phenomenon may mistakenly believe that this was the original provocateur of skating, stupid stunts and really cool music but in actual fact, CKY was the original forefather. CKY Trilogy Round 1 stars the humble and semi-professional skater Bam Magera, the extremely amusing and thoroughly stupid Brandon DiCamillo, mister pain himself Ryan Dunn, the crazy Rake Yohn (just don't mention mustard), Bam's brother Jess and the baby of the group who will do anything for a laugh, Raab Himself. The premise behind CKY (named after Jess Magera's band... Camp Kill Yourself) is basically about a group of friends and tag alongers who perform outrageous stunts, jokes and basically try not to get injured in the process.

Highlights of this DVD include Bam falling down in a local fast food restaurant and spilling all his food on the ground to the amazement of patrons, Brandon DiCamillo performing a variety of hilarious voices and my favourite skit called Hill Billy bowling that is basically the guys just making an ass out of themselves. The DVD also contains a documentary about the making of CKY and how each cast member describes their initiation and life into the strange yet compelling world of CKY.  


The video quality of the CKY DVD is a little on the rough side as everything was filmed with handy cams but fortunately the gags that the guys do outweigh the poor video quality. The disc is also presented in the standard 4:3.1 format that really shows up the quality of the disc on high end entertainment systems.


For a string of handy cam skits put together, the audio quality is quite exceptional and also add a variety of Bam Magera's favourite music scores together and you have one pumping DVD.


This DVD comes with a CKY documentary that tells the tale of each member and although nothing special, fans of CKY and Jackass will get quite a few laughs from this. Apart from that, the DVD is a little barren when it comes to extras.

CKY (although rated R18+) is a fun DVD that doesn't impede anyone but themselves when they perform their hilarious sketches. It's basically about a group of guys who are filled with too much testosterone, having fun and filming themselves. Check it out!

CKY Trilogy Round 1

  • CKY Documentary - How to rob a house


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