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New Movie & IMAX Reviews

The Turning <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
One Direction
<G> (Sep 2013)
Blue Jasmine <M15+> (Sep 2013)
The Smurfs 2 <G> (Sep 2013)
White House Down <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
Hidden Universe 3D <G> (Aug 2013)
Red 2 <M15+> (Aug 2013)
The Best Offer <M15+> (Aug 2013)
<MA15+> (Aug 2013)
We're the Millers
<MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Kick-Ass 2 <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Elysium <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Red Obsession <PG> (Aug 2013)
The World's End <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Beyond the Hills
<M15+> (Aug 2013)
Pain and Gain
<MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Now You See Me <M15+> (Aug 2013)

Movie Reviews

127 Hours <MA15+> (Feb 2011)
13 Assassins (Sep 2011)
The A-Team <M15+> (June 2010)
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter <MA15+> (August 2012)
The Adjustment Bureau <M15+> (Mar 2011)
The Adventures of Tintin <PG> (Jan 2012)
Adventures in Zambezia <G> (Mar 2013)
After Earth
<M15+> (June 2013)
Alex Cross
<M15+> (Nov 2012) 
The Amazing Spider-Man <M15+> (July 2012)
Anna Karenina <M15+> (Feb 2013)
Anonymous <M15+> (Oct 2011)
Another Year
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Arbitrage <MA15+> (Sep 2012)
Argo <M15+> (Oct 2012) 
Arriety <G> (Jan 2012)
The Artist <PG> (Feb 2012)
Attack the Block <M15+> (Nov 2011)
Bachelorette <MA15+> (Nov 2012) 
Bad Teacher <MA15+> (July 2011)
Bait 3D <MA15+> (Sep 2012)
Battle: Los Angeles <M15+> (Mar 2011)
Barney's Version <M15+> (Mar 2011)
Beasts of Southern Wild <M15+> (Sep 2012)
Before Midnight <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
Behind the Candelabra <M15+> (Jul 2013)
Bel Ami <MA15+> (May 2012)
Berlin Philharmonic 2011 <G> (Aug 2011)
Bernie <M15+> (August 2012)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel <PG> (March 2012)
The Best Offer <M15+> (Aug 2013)
Beyond the Hills <M15+> (Aug 2013)
Bill Cunningham New York
<PG> (Nov 2011)
Black Swan <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Blue Jasmine <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Blue Valentine <MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Bitiful <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Born to Be Wild 3D IMAX <PG> (April 2011)
The Bourne Legacy <M15+> (August 2012)
Brave <PG> (June 2012)
Bridesmaids <MA15+> (May 2011)
Buck <PG> (Feb 2012)
<MA15+> (October 2010)
Burlesque <M15+> (Jan 2011)
Burke and Hare <M15+> (May 2011)
Cafe de Flore <M15+> (May 2012)
Cairo Time <M15+> (August 2010)
Carnage <M15+> (Feb 2012)
Cars 2
<PG> (June 2011)
Catfish <M15+> (Jan 2011)
Cave of Forgotten Dreams <G> (Sep 2011)
Celeste and Jesse Forever <MA15+> (Dec 2012) 
Chalet Girl <PG> (Aug 2011)
The Change-Up <MA15+> (Sep 2011)
Chronicle <M15+> (Feb 2012)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away
<G> (Feb 2013)
The Company Men
<M15+> (Mar 2011)
The Conspirator <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Cloud Atlas <M15+> (Mar 2013)
The Conjuring <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
Contraband <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
Coriolanus <M15+> (March 2012)
Cosmopolis <MA15+> (August 2012)
Cowboys and Aliens <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Damsels in Distress <M15+> (Sep 2012)
The Dark Knight Rises <M15+> (July 2012)
The Darkest Hour  <M15+> (Feb 2012)
Dead Man Down <MA15+> (June 2013)
The Descendants <M15+> (Jan 2012)
Despicable Me 2 <PG> (June 2013)
Dinosaurs Alive 3D IMAX
The Disappearance of Alice Creed
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Don't be Afraid of the Dark <M15+> (Oct 2011)
Dredd 3D <MA15+> (Oct 2012) 
Drift <M15+> (Apr 2013)
<MA15+> (Oct 2011)
The Duel <PG> (July 2012)
Eat Pray Love
<M15+> (October 2010)
Elysium <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Epic 3D <PG> (June 2013)
The Expendables
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Fast and Furious 5 <M15+> (May 2011)
Fast and Furious 6 <M15+> (June 2013)
A Few Best Men <M15+> (Jan 2012)
The Five-Year Engagement <MA15+> (May 2012)
Flight of the Butterflies IMAX 3D <G> (Mar 2013)
Four Lions <M15+> (August 2010)
Frankenweenie <PG> (Oct 2012) 
Fright Night <MA15+> (Sep 2011)
Gainsbourg <M15+> (November 2010)
Gangster Squad <MA15+> (Jan 2013) 
Get Low <M15+> (June 2011)
Get the Gringo <MA15+> (May 2012)
The Ghost Writer <MA15+> (August 2010)
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Sep 2010)
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo <MA15+> (Jan 2012)
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Griff the Invisible <M15+> (April 2011)
A Good Day to Die Hard <MA15+> (Mar 2013)
Gone <M15+> (Feb 2012)
Gnomeo & Juliet
<G> (Feb 2011)
The Great Gatsby <M15+> (May 2013)
The Green Hornet <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Green Lantern <M15+> (Aug 2011)
The Grey <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
The Guard <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Gulliver's Travels <PG> (Jan 2011)
Hail <R18+> (Oct 2012) 
Hanna <M15+>
The Hangover Part II <MA15+> (May 2011)
The Hangover Part III <MA15+> (May 2013)
Happiness Never Comes Alone
<M15+> (May 2013)
Happy Feet Two <G> (Jan 2012)
A Haunted House <MA15+> (May 2013)
Head Hunters <MA15+> (March 2012)
Heat <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
The Hedgehog (Le Herisson)
<M15+> (June 2010)
The Help <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Hidden Universe 3D <G> (Aug 2013)
Higher Ground <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Hit & Run <MA15+> (Sep 2012)
Hitchcock <M15+> (Jan 2013) 
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D - 48FPS) <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
Holy Motors <MA15+> (August 2012)
Horrible Bosses
<MA15+> (Aug 2011)
The Host <M15+> (Mar 2013)
Hotel Transylvania <PG> (Oct 2012)
Hot Tub Time Machine <MA15+> (April 2010)
Hugo (3D) <PG> (Jan 2012)
The Hunt <MA15+> (May 2013)
The Hunter
<M15+> (Oct 2011)
Hyde Park on Hudson <M15+> (Mar 2013)
I Give it a Year
<MA15+> (Feb 2013)
Ice Age Continental Drift <G> (July 2012)
Identity Thief <MA15+> (Apr 2013)
The Ides of March <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Immortals <MA15+> (Nov 2011)
In Time <M15+> (Oct 2011)
<MA15+> (July 2010)
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone <M15+> (Mar 2013)
Indie Game the Movie <M15+> (August 2012)
The Internship <M15+> (June 2013)
Inside Job <PG> (Feb 2011)
Insidious <M15+> (May 2011)
The Iron Lady <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Iron Sky <M15+> (May 2012)
Iron Man 2
<M15+> (May 2010)
Iron Man 3 <M15+> (Apr 2013)
Jack and Jill <PG> (Dec 2011)
Jack Reacher <M15+> (Jan 2013) 
Jackass 3D <MA15+> (November 2010)
Jane Eyre <M15+> (Aug 2011)
John Carter <M15+> (March 2012)
Jurassic Park <PG> (Apr 2013)
Justin Bieber Never Say Never <G> (April 2011)
The Karate Kid (2010)
<PG> (July 2010)
Katy Perry Part of Me <PG> (July 2012)
Kick-Ass 2 <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
The Kid with a Bike <M15+> (April 2012)
The Kids are all Right
<M15+> (August 2010)
The King's Speech <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Killing Them Softly <MA15+> (Oct 2012) 
La Danse the Paris Opera Ballet <PG> (November 2010)
Le Chef <M15+> (July 2012)
The Last Airbender <PG> (August 2010)
The Last Exorcism <MA15+> (Nov 2010)
The Last Reef 3D Cities Beneath the Sea <G> (Dec 2012)  
The Last Stand <MA15+> (Feb 2013)
Legion <MA15+>
(June 2010)
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole <PG> (October 2010)
Les MisÚrables <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
Liberal Arts <PG> (Jan 2013) 
Life of Pi (3D) <PG> (Dec 2012)   
Lincoln <M15+> (Jan 2013)
The Lincoln Lawyer <M15+> (April 2011)
The Lion King 3D <G> (Sep 2011)
<M15+> (Mar 2011)
A Little Bit of Heaven <M15+> (March 2012)
Little Fockers
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
The Look of Love <MA15+> (June 2013)
Looper <MA15+> (Sep 2012)
Love and Other Drugs <M15+> (Dec 2010)
The Loved Ones <MA15+> (November 2010)
Mama <M15+> (Mar 2013)
Man of Steel
<M15+> (June 2013)
Man on a Ledge <M15+> (Jan 2012)
Mars Needs Moms
<PG> (April 2011)
Martha Marcy May Marlene <MA15+> (Jan 2012)
Marvel's The Avengers <M15+> (April 2012)
Me and Orson Welles
<M15+> (July 2010)
Megamind <PG> (Nov 2010)
Melancholia <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Men in Black 3 <M15+> (May 2012)
Midnight in Paris <M15+> (Oct 2011)
Moneyball <M15+> (Nov 2011)
Monsters University <G> (June 2013)
Monte Carlo
<PG> (Sep 2011)
Moonrise Kingdom <PG> (August 2012)
Morning Glory
<M15+> (Jan 2011)
Movie 43 <MA15+> (Feb 2013)
Mozart's Sister <M15+> (July 2011)
Mr Carey's Concert
(May 2011)
The Muppets <PG> (Jan 2012)
This Must be the Place <M15+> (April 2012)
Not Suitable for Children <MA15+> (July 2012)
Now You See Me <M15+> (Aug 2013)
Oblivion <M15+> (Apr 2013)
Oceans <G> (May 2011)
Olympus Has Fallen <MA15+> (Apr 2013)
On the Road <MA15+> (Oct 2012) 
One Day <M15+> (Aug 2011)
One Direction <G> (Sep 2013)
Only God Forgives <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
The Other Guys
<M15+> (August 2010)
Oz the Great and Powerful <PG> (Mar 2013)
Pacific Rim <M15+> (Jul 2013)
The Nothing Men
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Page One <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Pain and Gain <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Painted Skin: The Resurrection <M15+> (July 2012)
The Paperboy <MA15+> (Mar 2013)
Paul <M15+> (April 2011)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
Piranha 3D <MA15+> (August 2010)
Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides <M15+> (May 2011)
The Pirates! Band of Misfits 3D <G> (April 2012)
Pitch Perfect <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
The Place Beyond the Pines <MA15+> (May 2013)
<MA15+> (July 2010)
Priest 3D <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Prince of Persia Sands of Time <M15+>
(May 2010)
Project Nim <G> (Sep 2011)
Prometheus <MA15+> (June 2012)
Puss in Boots <PG> (Dec 2011)
Rabbit Hole <M15+> (Mar 2011)
The Raid <MA15+> (March 2012)
<PG> (Mar 2011)
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
<M15+> (Dec 2010)
Real Steel <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Red State <MA15+> (Sep 2011)
Resident Evil Afterlife 3D
<MA15+> (October 2010)
Red <M15+> (November 2010)
Red 2 <M15+> (Aug 2013)
Red Dog <PG> (Aug 2011)
Red Obsession <PG> (Aug 2013)
The Reef <M15+> (Mar 2011)
Red Hill
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Restless <M15+> (Nov 2011)
<G> (April 2011)The Runaways <MA15+> (July 2010)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Robot & Frank <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
To Rome with Love <M15+> (Oct 2012) 
Ruby Sparks
<M15+> (Sep 2012)
The Rum Diary
<M15+> (March 2012)
Rust and Bone <MA15+> (Mar 2013)
<MA15+> (May 2012)
Safe House <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
Safety Not Guaranteed <M15+> (Oct 2012) 
<M15+> (October 2010)
The Sapphires <PG> (August 2012)
Satellite Boy <PG> (June 2013)
<MA15+> (Oct 2012) 
The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos) <MA15+>
(May 2010)
A Separation <PG> (March 2012)
Scary Movie 5 <M15+> (Apr 2013)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
<M15+> (August 2010)
Scream 4 <M15+> (April 2011)
<PG> (Aug 2011)
The Sessions <MA15+> (Nov 2012) 
Seven Psychopaths <MA15+> (Nov 2012) 
Shame <R18+> (Feb 2012)
Shrek 4 (3D Shrek Forever After) <PG> (June 2010)
Side Effects <M15+> (Mar 2013)
Sinister <M15+> (May 2013)
The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito) <MA15+> (Dec 2011)
Skyfall <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
Sleeping Beauty
<MA15+> (June 2011)
The Smurfs <G> (Sep 2011)
The Smurfs 2 <G> (Sep 2013)
Snitch <M15+> (May 2013)
Snow Town
<MA15+> (July 2011)
Snow White and the Huntsman <M15+> (June 2012)
South Solitary <M15+> (July 2010)
The Social Network <M15+> (October 2010)
Somewhere <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Song for Marion  <PG> (Apr 2013)
The Sorcerer and the White Snake
<M15+> (Sep 2011)
Source Code <M15+> (May 2011)
Splice <MA15+> (August 2010)
Spring Breakers <R18+> (May 2013)
Star Trek Into Darkness <M15+> (May 2013)
Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace 3D (Feb 2012)
Step Up 3D
<M15+> (August 2010)
Stoker <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Storm Surfers 3D <PG> (August 2012)
Submarine <TBA> (Aug 2011)
Sucker Punch <M15+> (April 2011)
Super 8
<M15+> (June 2011)
The Special Relationship <M15+> (August 2010)
Take Shelter <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Take this Waltz <MA15+> (May 2012)
Taken 2
<M15+> (Sep 2012)
Tangled <PG> (Nov 2010)
Ted <MA15+> (July 2012)
That's my Boy <MA15+> (June 2012)
The Three Stooges <PG> (July 2012)
The Thing <MA15+> (Oct 2011)
This Is The End <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
<M15+> (April 2011)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy <MA15+> (Jan 2012)
The Titanic 3D <M15+> (March 2012)
The Three Musketeers 3D <M15+> (Nov 2011)
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse <M15+> (July 2010)
Tomorrow When the War Began <M15+> (August 2010)
Top Gun 3D <PG> (Apr 2013)
Total Recall <MA15+> (August 2012)
The Trip (June 2011)
Trance <MA15+> (Apr 2013)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon <M15+> (June 2011)
The Tree of Life <PG> (July 2011)
Trishna <MA15+> (May 2012)
Trouble with the Curve <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
True Grit <MA15+> (Jan 2011)
Two Little Boys <MA15+> (Nov 2012) 
The Turning <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
Underworld Awakening 3D <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
Unknown <M15+> (Feb 2011)
War Horse <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Wasted on the Young <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Waste Land <Rating TBA> (Nov 2011)
The Watch <MA15+> (Sep 2012)
Water for Elephants <M15+> (May 2011)
We Bought a Zoo <PG> (Dec 2011)
We need to talk about Kevin <MA15+> (Nov 2011)
We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks <M15+> (Jul 2013)
We're the Millers <MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Weekend <MA15+> (Jan 2012)
West of Memphis <MA15+> (Feb 2013)
What's in a Name? <M15+> (Jul 2013)
What's Your Number
<MA15+> (Sep 2011)
Where do we go now? <M15+> (July 2012)
The Whistleblower <M15+> (Sep 2011)
White House Down <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
Wild Target
<M15+> (November 2010)
Wish You Were Here <MA15+> (April 2012)
Win Win <M15+> (Aug 2011)
The Wolverine <M15+> (Jul 2013)
World War Z
<MA15+> (June 2013)
The World's End
<MA15+> (Aug 2013)
Wreck-it Ralph (3D)
<G> (Jan 2013) 
Wu Xia
<MA15+> (July 2011)
X-Men First Class <M15+> (May 2011)
Young Adult <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
Zero Dark Thirty <M15+> (Jan 2013)


Disney's A Christmas Carol (November 09)
African Adventure 3D (IMAX) <G>
Alice in Wonderland <PG>
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D IMAX
<M15+> (July 2012)
(Dec 09)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (IMAX) <G>
The Dark Knight (Review 1) <M15+>
The Dark Knight (Review 2) <M15+>
The Dark Knight Rises IMAX
<M15+> (July 2012)
Dark Shadows IMAX
<M15+> (May 2012)
Dinosaurs Alive! 3D
(Dec 09)
Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean
Fly Me to the Moon <G>
Flying Monsters 3D
<G> (March 2012)
Grand Canyon Adventure - River at Risk 3D (IMAX) <G>
Happy Feet Two
<G> (Jan 2012)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince <M15+>
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
<M15+> (November 2010)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D) <M15+> (Jan 2013)
Hubble 3D
<M15+> (August 2010)
Iron Man 2 <M15+>
(May 2010)
John Carter 3D <M15+> (March 2012)
The Last Reef 3D Cities Beneath the Sea <G> (Dec 2012)  
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol IMAX <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Monsters vs Aliens 3D <PG>
Mummies: Secrets of the Pharoahs (IMAX) <G>
Oz the Great and Powerful
<PG> (March 2013)
Prince of Persia Sands of Time <M15+> (May 2010)
Prometheus IMAX 3D <MA15+> (June 2012)
Prometheus IMAX 3D (Review 2) <MA15+> (July 2012)
Puss in Boots 3D IMAX <PG> (Dec 2011)
Santa vs the Snowman 3D
<G> (Dec 2011)
Sea Rex 3D: Journey to a Prehistoric World <G> (Sep 2012)
Shine a Light (IMAX) <G>
Shrek Forever After 3D (Shrek 4) <PG> (June 2010)
Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX 3D <M15+> (May 2013)
Sucker Punch (IMAX) <M15+> (April 2011)
Tilt <G> (Jan 2011)
Titanic 3D <PG> (Jan 2011)
Titanic 3D: Ghosts of the Abyss <PG> (May 2010)
To the Arctic 3D <G> (June 2012)
Tornado Alley 3D (IMAX) <G> (Sep 2011)
Tornado Alley 3D <G> (Sep 2011)
Transformers Dark of the Moon <M15+> (July 2011)
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (IMAX Experience)
Tron Legacy 3D IMAX <PG> (Dec 2010)
U23D (IMAX) <G>
Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D featuring Kelly Slater <G> (Feb 2010)
Under the Sea 3D <G>
Wild Ocean 3D (IMAX) <G>

What is IMAX? IMAX is the "abbreviation" of maximum image and is largest film format in the world. With crystal clear images that are ten times larger than the traditional cinema format, it also features digital surround sound, ensuring a powerful cinematic experience. IMAX also supports 3D using state-of-the-art electronic headsets, complete with infra red sensors to detect the left and right eye images, the IMAX 3D experience has brought 3D enjoyment a long way from the cardboard glasses of the 1950s. 

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