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Iron Man 3
Reviewed by Andrew Bistak on April 22nd, 2013
presents a film directed by Shane Black
Screenplay by Drew Pearce & Shane Black
Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Guy Pearce
Running Time: 130 minutes
Rating: M15+
Released: April 24th, 2013



After a rather ho-hum sequel for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. returns to the mantle of Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) with a bang in the third instalment of the franchise. Also returning is Gwyneth Paltrow as his love interest Pepper Potts and Guy Pearce as the villainous Aldrich Killian in this huge superhero blockbuster.

Best of all, director Shane Black continues with the light-hearted antics of Tony Stark that makes this franchise far superior in terms of entertainment compared to the recent Batman series. Even though the movie interpretation of Iron Man has been quite light-hearted, Iron Man 3 addresses some rather serious issues which includes terrorism and a type of Gulf War Syndrome that in this instance should be renamed to Post Avengers Syndrome as Stark attempts to deal with the repercussions of The Avengers movie.

The story of Iron Man 3 begins in the late 90's that sees a young billionaire Tony Stark snub a rather eccentric and socially uncomfortable scientist by the name of Aldrich Killian. Fast forward to the present and America has healed from the recent alien invasion that was seen in The Avengers but now a new threat by the name of The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) has declared war on the United States. It should be noted that Kingsley is brilliant as The Mandarin and is played in a combination of Agent Smith (The Matrix) meets Osama Bin Laden plus a really great twist.

To compound the situation for Stark, The Mandarin has been using former United States soldiers to wage war on their homeland with the corruption leading back to the Oval Office itself. With the United States helpless to stop the threat of The Mandarin, Tony Stark publically challenges the terrorist on the TV and as a result his home is destroyed and Stark is left for dead.

Thankfully Stark had access to a prototype Iron Man suit, MK-42 which saved his life but unfortunately this suit is riddled with bugs that makes him useless as Iron Man. Ironically for a film about Iron Man, there is quite little Iron Man in it but thankfully Robert Downey Jr. more than makes up for this short-fall and once again proves that the hero is behind the mask not the costume itself. With that said, Downey has some brilliant one-liners in the movie for just about every character he meets.

With America under attack, the president orders James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) the War Machine, now re-badged as the Iron Patriot to hunt down The Mandarin which sounds easier than it really is. While Stark begins his investigation of The Mandarin, he is assisted by Richie, a fatherless young boy who inspires our Billionaire to face his demons that leads to the spectacular conclusion of the film with more Iron Man than you can poke a stick at. 

Iron Man 3 once again proves that superheroes, provided they are written correctly and stick to the original comic books can actually work in modern cinema. It is a very well written film that links perfectly to The Avengers and has quite an intelligent and funny script. Paltrow also has a shining moment as Pepper Potts in the film and Guy Pearce plays the clichéd mad-scientist villain perfectly with his holier than thou attitude and quest for power.

Sure there are a few loose ends in the film such as why The Avengers have not interceded with The Mandarin or fleshing out the Iron Man technology but somehow it amazingly fits together. From perfectly choreographed action scenes, brilliant special effects and humour that goes hand in hand with the Iron Man mythology, this is a movie that can be watched by everyone thanks to the stellar cast. Comic legend Stan Lee also makes an appearance as an excitable judge in a beauty contest which will bring a smile to all geeks.

A special mention should be made again to Kingsley’s Mandarin who is very cleverly written with a superb twist near the end that even caught me off guard. Hopefully we will see more The Mandarin in the future. Lastly, right after the credits is a great cameo from one of The Avengers which hopefully hints at the future of this franchise. Iron Man 3 is definitely one of the must see films of the year!



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