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New Action DVD Reviews

The Tower <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Revolution the Complete First Season <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary Commemorative Collection 
Oz the Great and Powerful <PG> (June 2013)
Lady Snowblood 1 & 2
<R18+> (June 2013)
Lone Wolf and Cub Ultimate Collection <R18+> (June 2013)
Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie
<MA15+> (May 2013)
Ace Attorney <M15+> (May 2013)
The Hobbit <M15+> (May 2013)
Nikita the Complete Second Season
<MA15+> (Feb 2013)
The Adventures of Merlin Season 5
<M15+> (Feb 2013)

Action DVD Reviews

20th Century Boys <MA15+> (October 2010)
30,000 Leagues under the Sea <M15+>
A Dangerous Man <MA15+> (April 2011)
The A-Team Season 3
Ace Attorney <M15+> (May 2013)
The Adventures of Merlin Season 5 <M15+> (Feb 2013)
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume 1
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume 2
Alien vs Ninja <MA15+> (May 2011)
All-Star Superman <M15+> (June 2011)
Assy McGee the Complete Series <MA15+> (Sep 2011)
Bad Girls <M15+>
Bangkok Dangerous (Jan 2010)
Bangkok Knockout <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Barbarian Invasion, The <M15+>
Barbarian Queen
Bastard Boys <M15+>
Batman the Brave and the Bold Volume 1
(September 09)
Batman Gotham Knight
Battle Royale Director's Cut <R18+> (March 2012)
Battle Royale II: Requiem <R18+> (April 2012)
Beyond Jurassic Park <G>
Bionic Woman Season One (2007) <M15+>
Big Man Japan <M15+> (October 2010)
Blade Trinity <MA15+>
Born to Rise Hell <MA15+> (May 2011)
Butterfly & Sword <MA15+> (June 2011)
Bruce Lee 40th Anniversary Commemorative Collection 
The Chasing World <M15+> (May 2011)
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian <M15+>
Cinema Asia <M15+> (March 2012)
Clash of the Titans (1981)
<PG> (March 2010)
Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold
Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustlin with Godmother (October 09)
Colombiana <MA15+> (Feb 2012)
Curse of the Golden Flower <M15+>
Danger 5 <MA15+>
Day of Wrath <M15+>
Death note Movie Collection <MA15+>
Death Race 2 <MA15+> (Dec 2010)
Death Proof
Devilman <MA15+>
Diehard 4.0
Doctor Strange - Sorcerer Supreme
Dragonball Evolution
Dragonlance - Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Dukes of Hazzard <M15+>
Easy Money <MA15+> (Dec 2012) 
The Expendables <M15+> (Nov 2010)
The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift <M15+>
Fearless <M15+>
Fireball <M15+> (May 2011)
Fist of Legend
(September 09)
Gabriel <MA15+>
Game of Death <MA15+> (June 2011)
George and the Dragon, The <PG>
Generation Kill (October 09)
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (Dec 09)
Gigantor the Collection Volume 1
Godzilla Heisei Collection
Godzilla Showa Classics Volume 1
(Jan 2010)
Godzilla Showa Classics Volume 2 (November 09)
Goemon the Robin Hood of Japan <MA15+> (June 2010)
The Good The Bad The Weird (Dec 09)
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights <PG> (June 2011)
Green Lantern First Flight <M15+>
Gwendoline Uncut <R18+>
Heart of the Dragon
Hell <M15+> (August 2012)
Hellboy II: The Golden Army <M15+>
Heroes of the East (October 09)
The Hobbit <M15+> (May 2013)
Hobo with a Shotgun <R18+> (Jan 2012)
I Am Number Four <M15+> (June 2011)
Iceman Cometh (Hong Kong Legends) <MA15+>
Ichi <MA15+>
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Inglorious Bastards
Into the Sun (Review 2) <MA15+>
Into the Sun
The Invincible Iron Man <PG>
Iron Monkey (Platinum Edition) <M15+>
Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit
(October 09)
Jim Jarmusch Ghost Dog <MA15+>
Johnny English Reborn <PG> (Jan 2012)
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D (Review 2) <PG>
Jumper SE <M15+>
Kamui <MA15+> (Sep 2010)
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Kill Switch <M15+>
King of Beggars (Hong Kong Legends) <M15+>
Kinsey <MA15+>
The Kite Runner
The Killing Machine
<MA15+> (October 2010)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang <MA15+>
Lady Death the Motion Picture (Platinum Edition)<M15+>
Lady Snowblood 1 & 2 <R18+> (June 2013)
The Land that Time Forgot (September 09)
The Last Legion <M15+>
Lawman Series 2 <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chezn Zhen  <MA15+>
Lockout <MA15+> (Dec 2012) 
Lone Wolf and Cub Ultimate Collection <R18+> (June 2013)
Life Without Principal
<M15+> (Jan 2013) 

Machete Maidens <MA15+> (June 2011)
The Machine Girl
The Master
The Mechanic <MA15+> (July 2011)
<MA15+> (Nov 2010)
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol <M15+> (April 2012)
Monkey Journey to the West <PG>
Motorway <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor <M15+>
Mutant Girls Squad <MA15+> (July 2011)
My Lucky Stars (Hong Kong Legends) <PG>
National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Collector's Edition
Nikita the Complete Second Season <MA15+> (Feb 2013)
No Mercy for the Rude <M15+>
Nomad the Warrior
Oba the Last Samurai <MA15+> (Nov 2012) 
One in the Chamber <MA15+> (Oct 2012) 
Ong Bak 2
(Jan 2010)
Outrage <MA15+> (Dec 2011)
Oz the Great and Powerful <PG> (June 2013)
Pirates: Stagnetti's Revenge
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
<M15+> (Oct 2011)
Planet 51
<PG> (May 2010)
Planet Terror <MA15+>
Prince of Persia the Sands of Time <PG> (October 2010)
The Protector <MA15+>
Red vs. Blue Season 5 <M15+>
Red vs Blue the Blood Gulch Chronicles <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Red vs Blue Recreation <M15+> (May 2010)
The Rebel: Dragon Dynasty <MA15+>
Rescue Dawn <MA15+>
Revenge A Love Story <R18+> (August 2012)
Revolution the Complete First Season <MA15+> (Sep 2013)
Robin Hood (2006)
Rome Season One
Robo Geisha <R18+> (July 2010)
Rubber <MA15+> (May 2011)
Ruslan  <M15+>
Samurai Jack the Complete Collection <PG> (Dec 2012) 
Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior <M15+>
The Scorpion King <M15+> (Feb 2012)
Season of the Witch <MA15+> (June 2011)
Severed Ways <MA15+> (October 2010)
She-Ra Princess of Power Season One Collection One <G>
Sherlock Season 2 <M15+> (March 2012)
Sliders Series 1 & 2 <M15+>
Speed Racer the Movie (2008) <PG>
Street Fighter the Legend of Chun-Li (Dec 09)
Superman Doomsday <M15+>
Sword and the Sorcerer Collector's Edition <M15+>
Terra Nova the Complete Series  <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
This Girl is Badass! <M15+> (Jan 2013) 
Thor: Tales of Asgard <PG> (Aug 2011)
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas <G>
TMNT (2007) <PG>
The Tower <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Transformers <PG>
Transformers Collection 1 Series 1 <G>
The Treasure Hunter (Jan 2010)
True Justice Season 2 Angel of Death <MA15+> (Jan 2013)
True Justice Blood Alley <M15+> (Oct 2012) 
True Justice Season 2 Vengeance is Mine <M15+> (Sep 2012)
Ultimate Avengers Movie
Ultimate Avengers 2 Rise of the Panther
Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie
<MA15+> (May 2013)
Under the Mountain
<M15+> (Sep 2010)
Undisputed III :Redemption <M15+> (July 2010)
Valhalla Rising
<MA15+> (May 2011)
Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl <MA15> (April 2010)
Vanquisher <M15+> (June 2011)
Voltron Lion Force <PG> (July 2011)
Voltron Force New Defenders Trilogy <PG> (March 2012)
The Walking Dead the Complete First Season <MA15+>
Wanted <MA15+>
War Games
<MA15+> (March 2012)
War Horse <M15+> (March 2012)
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter

Watchmen 2 Disc Special Edition <MA15+>
Watchmen the Complete Motion Comic <MA15+>
Way of War
<MA15+> (June 2010)
We Were Soldiers
Wonder Woman
Woochi <M15+> (Oct 2010)
Xena Season 6 <M15+>
Yatter Man <MA15+> (Jan 2011)

Archived Reviews

8MM <R>
12 Monkeys <M15+>
Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever <M15+>
Band of Brothers <M15+>
Beast Master, The <M15+>
Bichunmoo (Korean Language) <MA15+>
Black Hawk Down <MA15+>
Blurred <M15+>
A Bronx Tale <M15+>
Chronicles of Narnia, The <G>
Daredevil (2003) <M15+>
Die Another Day (007) <M15+>
Dungeons & Dragons <M15+>
Edge of Darkness <M15+>
Giant <PG>
Gone In 60 Seconds <M15+>
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone <G>
Hulk <M15+>
I, Robot <M15+>
Johnny Mnemonic <M15+>
Journey to the Centre of the Earth <PG>
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels <MA15+>
Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, The <M15+>
Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King <M15+>



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