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DVD Reviews: Johnny Mnemonic

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: April 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time:
93 minutes





This was a move I loved as a younger bloke and was stoked when I got this disc to review. It was a movie that had it all, good looking women, cyberpunk scenario and the actor of the day in Keanu Reeves. Watching this disc so many years later surprisingly did not hamper my enjoyment of the flick and I could once again laugh at Ice-T dressed up as some techno rebel with the Anarchy A tattooed on his forehead. Also in this flick is another favourite performer of mine, Henry Rollins, he of the perpetual frown.

This is the story of Johnny Mnemonic, a courier from the future who transports dangerous data in a specially designed cavity in his brain. By attaching a special input device attached to a hard drive, customers can upload their vital data to Johnny who then takes it to the intended recipient. When someone overloads Johnny's brain, it will kill him unless he somehow finds a way of getting it out of his brain in time. To make matters worse this is data that everyone wants and could change the fate of the world.

Whilst a bit corny at times, this flick still holds up as a entertaining work, although even the average punter is going to look upon this as mildly entertaining fluff, which it is. Also featured is Dolph Lundgren who proves that he truly cannot act to save himself and possibly the only three films I have enjoyed him in are Universal Soldier and either the Punisher or He-Man. 

To be honest with you, I'd say this one is a renter to be sure. With a recommended retail of $24.95 at it's release date, I'd say that this one will be at what should have been it's initial price of $19.95 in no time flat. Fans of Reeves will enjoy this as much as I did, however possibly it's not enough to entertain our more savvy younger consumers of today. Give it a try and tell me what you think. The age of the title shows also with some reasonably hokey CGI and corny ending which obviously I can't go into here or I would wreck it.

For folks my age (31 or so), I think that you will get a kick out of this title, it is as cool as you remember it to be, it's the younger movie watchers that most of my concerns are directed toward.


Surprisingly clear given that the movie did come out quite some time ago. I really couldn't find too much to whine about as far as appearances go. Detail level is crisp and clear and it's an enjoyable movie as far as laying your eyes on the screen go. There are no annoying faults that will detract from this film.


Sound is fine for this title and although 5.1, you won't find your ears being assaulted on all channels. The occasional explosion will kick in on the subwoofer otherwise this movie is predominately a centre speaker affair.


A trailer for the title that looks bad unfortunately. It would have been interesting to see some behind the scenes footage, however this was filmed during a time where movie makers didn't keep or document everything. Still it's a shame that the video quality is so low.

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