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DVD Reviews: Undead                                                                                   Genre: Horror

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 104 mins





Undead is one of those movies that you just know should end up as a cult classic. Filmed in Australia, it tells the tale of  a small country town called Berkeley and what happens when a shower of mysterious meteorites decimate the town, turning the inhabitants into flesh devouring zombies! 

As the story progresses we find a small band of people thus far unaffected by the rain that is pouring around the countryside, it's acidic caress searing everything that it touches. As the people try to get out of town, they find that the entire town has been surrounded by a huge wall as far as the eye can see. Drawn by the smell of living flesh, the zombies make their way to where the survivors have holed themselves up in the ramshackle house owned by the town's fruit loop Marion. Marion has had contact with aliens or so he says and is the source of much ridicule. As a result though, he's more than prepared with enough firepower and weaponry to hold off an entire army of the undead and that's almost what they've had descending on them. 

Our party consists of the primary characters of Marion and hometown beauty queen Rene, who has just lost the family farm to the local bank. This is one great looking girl who plays the quintessential heroine that is a great counterpart to the stoic demeanour of the misunderstood Marion who feels it's his duty to get the job done. Add to that a young couple who are expecting a child, and a pair of cops that have had one too many cups of coffee and you just know that you are in for a good time. 

Undead is fantastic, with an extremely health sense of black humour. This film is full of the claret and zombie flesh eating and shooting fun that actually tries to go beyond what you would expect in a normal slasher film. I'm really loathe to go into it, however you will be really surprised if you watch this movie all the way through to the end. There's little twists all the way through that are pleasantly surprising and nothing really is as it seems. Special effects are great and overdone with buckets of blood all over the place. Makeup on our zombies looks great also with some realistic looking dead people gracing the screen. 

I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who likes a zombie film, it's an absolute pearler of a flick and certainly one that I highly enjoyed the heck out of. To put it simply, I loved it!


The disc has been shown here in 16:9 and looks sensational. Scenes have been fabulously lit for maximum effect to impact gorgeously, and the way that the zombies look is absolutely garish. I can't fault this disc, it's just great!


Audio has been played upon for this film and is in 5.1 Dolby. This film you'll be pleased to know gives your surround system a good workout and the audio itself is nice and clear to hear. There are no syncing problems here at all. Did I tell you that I really liked this film?


There's a comprehensive swag of extras here that are all well worth the watch. Of particular interest were some of the lighting tests that they did on actors made up as zombies and playing with different frame rates to see what sort of effect it would have in as far as how creepy it would be is great and neat to watch. I hadn't taken into consideration how you could make frame rates effect that general animation of a person, very cool stuff. There's also comparisons made between computer animated storyboards and the finished product and a great part about the zombies that was created for an internet featurette. 

I can also report that the audio commentary is great with almost everyone having something to say about the film. Informative, yet genuinely interesting to listen to, I like the format that the commentary took. Great stuff.

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