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DVD Reviews: The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 10 May 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 77 Minutes

IFritz the Cat, one of the most recognised cartoon figures of the 60's is back bigger and better in a new feature, however the story is not one of great magnitude and substance, but that of pure filth, and I like it. 

Fritz being a degenerate stoner who is absolutely sex crazed finds his nagging wife is hindering his ability to score weed and get laid.  Tied down by a marriage and a wife that nags all day, Fritz is forced to escape the nagging by scoring some 'cat nip' (weed).  Spending all his welfare money on weed he escapes to his other eight lives he could have had, more like the alternative future the infamous, rebellious and controversial cat Fritz explores the other eights lives he could have had.

With eight lives left to explore he uses his weed to fall into a deep trance and become transported into the other lives.  Fritz's current life and also the many others he could have had are all filled with naked women, drugs, fart jokes and a disgruntled gay Hitler. 

I was a little confused by Fritz's exploits in his new feature, it was very different from the original, not much of a story line, more like a running TV show with very little vision.

It had actually been a while since I've seen the original film but being a fan of the original movie I found The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat to be very entertaining.  There was only one problem, there I was sitting in a room of young adults (approximately six) and I was the only one laughing; how can people not laugh at poorly drawn cartoon porn and stoner jokes.  Somehow the humour of Fritz's antics were overlooked by my company, upon realizing this I was expelled from the lounge and watch that 'junk' some other time. 

I think you really have to be a Fritz fan before you  watch The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat.  Without any vision for the stories it's really a matter of weed and toilet humour jokes all the way through, but in my opinion; and I'm right it's fantastic.  I haven't been entertained like this for a long time, no need for me to pay attention or read the hidden messages the jokes were all laid out in front of me, the jokes are plain to see. 

A mindless entertaining show, don't strain yourself to understand the plot it's just a fill in for the jokes, if you're in the mood to sit back, have a good time and laugh your socks off The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat is the one for you.

Don't expect too much from the animation the clarity is sharp though the cartoon itself is drawn kind of sloppy.  As stated in the trailer The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat is nine times as freaky and nine times as funky as the original a must see.

Great trailer funny as anything and it will get you amped for the movie, but other than that there are no more extras, but it is a good trailer so the extra score will get a bit higher.

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat Features

  • Trailer
  • Scene Index
  • Umbrella Propaganda


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